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    posted a message on Need players for New Server (WetardCraft)...silly name I know(SURVIVAL SERVER)




    Why WetardCraft-The name made me spit my coffee on my keyboard.

    Why Minecraft - It's all I play.

    Location(not specific)-Canada

    About you(optional but greatly appreciated)-Been playing every day for about 18 months. Seriously addicted. Not a YouTuber, but may be one day. Sometimes get tired of playing alone.

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    Username: BurntcowMP[/b][/p]
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since Jan 1, 2015[/b][/p] [p] Age: 44[/b][/p]
    Why we should accept you: Love the technical aspect of Minecraft. Joined to play with my 11 year-old son, and can't get enough. I'm playing every night and would like to build with and learn from a community that respects other players creations (anti-grief).[/b][/p]
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