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    Quote from An0mAIy

    Very nice map. I've been playing for 3-4 hours and I had a lot of fun.

    But I'm now stuck, could someone help me ? I'm in the big place where you have to disable the security measures.
    I know what to do, but it does not work... I hit the "Security measure 1" button, then the "Red" button, and when I hit the "Orange" button in Mr. Olivier's office, the redstone lamps reset. If I continue the security measure by hitting the next buttons (yellow, green,...) nothing happens.
    I think it just does not work, am I the only one to have this problem ?

    To be honest, I just went creative and smashed the door that opens after disabling security. The puzzle was too hard for me, lol
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    I'm so excited for Cube Inc 2! fvedrsv I can't wait. :(
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