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    posted a message on Looking for a Bedrock Realm to join

    Well I don’t have a realm but I’m looking for people to play Minecraft with. I’m 30, right now I just play this game with my wife. I have played Minecraft on and off for years, now we are playing this on the switch. Feel free to send me a message or add me.

    Minecraft Gamer tag: ComicPants70979

    Friend code: SW-3479-3629-9868

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    posted a message on Looking for a mature realm to join

    hey everyone, me and my wife are getting back into Minecraft since the new major update and was hoping to find a realm to join. I’m 30 and she is 28, hoping to find people to play with that’s 21+ or at least mature people. Also we are playing on the Nintendo Switch.

    My Gamertag: ComicPants07979

    wife's gamertag: BlockedTooth131

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