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    posted a message on Suggestion: glass over dispensers, droppers or pistons should make them immune to quasiconnectivity.

    Several times has quasi connectivity ruined my day (and I'm guessing many others') when building a machine. I understand that sometimes it helps and it is really interesting, but I think we can all agree a way to stop it in some cases would be nice. I suggest glass since transparent blocks do not transmit power downwards, and as such it would be intuitive that they stop quasi connectivity (which consists of power being ""anomalously"" transmitted downwards to those three blocks).

    However, if you do want to use the bug feature, this change should not hinder it at all since any other blocks, including air, would still behave as they do now.

    If there is a workaround which doesn't increase size of the device, I don't know about it. I feel many people starting with redstone are especially frustrated by this, and I think making redstone more friendly while not reducing challenge and originality is a purpose that stands by itself.

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    posted a message on Shulker Device Tutorial - Efficient mob farms, traps, and escape routes with little or no redstone

    I know this post is from 2017, but I find that discovery amazing, as it would have been a very powerful, end-game, multi use tool, that would have been really balanced, as there are a more or less limited number of shulker boxes you can actually get in an average gametime. I said would because I tested it and doesn't work anymore, at least in 1.13.2. Now, the bounding box of the shulker just updates and you, or whatever that is above, just gets pushed upwards a bit. Sadly, this (freakin' amazing mechanic) has been nerfed/fixed.

    In fact, I think this could have been worked on or just kept, like that redstone block activation bug of the pistons, that started as a bug and has finally become vanilla as it was milked by the community. But, a pretty rare block, very hard to get and that can temporarily get untangible? Would have been neat, even if the mechanic had been ported to another block. Pistons don't work any similar to this at all, they are far more easy to spot and hear, they make miniaturisation harder and sometimes their aesthetics just don't work.

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    posted a message on Escape routes

    Hi! I've been building a escape route from a castle in 1.13.2, using a datapack that adds a fancy bookshelf secret door (it is very easy to see because it's not as thick as a real bookshelf, but even then it should take time to bypass it without the key book). Behind the door, there is a small corridor that leads to a minecart station. My question starts there. I'd want, just for the sake of boredom, make as difficult as possible to a possible follower to... well, following me. As I've seen sprinting can be similar in speed as a fully redstone powered minecart, I've tried to avoid long straight sections, and I've also spammed cobwebs (I have tested that they affect you while walking rather that in a minecart). But your followers could also have minecarts of their own, so I have set a couple flip-flop traps that would make them have a romantic affair with lava. Whatever; that would possibly work for a single one, but let's say there are several and the third one has enough time to dismount the minecart and avoid the lava. My next idea was to have detector rails activate pistons that would push blocks into the rails, destroying them as well as blocking the way. The real problem is, that could buy me a hell lotta time to escape, but I want the escape route to be as automatic as possible, plug and play and voilà, your (almost) unreachable panic room. But, your pursuers (seems you made them reeeeally angry) would eventually mine the blocks and not lose the path due to the presence of the pistons. Using TNT would wipe them, but would as well create a very nice corridor that would be very easy to follow, allowing for reinforcements to continue the chase.

    How would you make a system/circuit (or preferably several ones, as the route to the shelter is very, very, very long) that would disorientate as much as possible/kill any follower later and then, or completely block the path, or in general make sure NOBODY can get to your shelter using the same path as you? Mobs could be used as killing devices, but not as a full blocking trap, as a smart group of enemies could probably get easily rid of them. I'd appreciate full descriptions as well as snapshots, but pretty much any idea would be fine. No cheating if possible (barriers/bedrock/commands/end crystal bombs/wither spamming (I'd consider that as cheating)).

    NOTE: no, I'm not schizophrenic. I'm just bored and love redstone ;)

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