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    Hey! My name's Bulls, I am one of two admins for our Survival Minecraft server. We're looking for highly active and loyal members to join our close-knit, whitelisted server. This freshly rebooted server is played on 1.8.3 with a few, minor, plugins: Dynmap, LogBlock, Sleep. and World Border.

    If you are interested then you must read this short list of rules/requirements for our server:

    There will be zero tolerance for both griefing and stealing. Skype is also a must, all members will be a part of our group chat. And most importantly, have fun!

    Now for the application form:



    Time zone:

    Your hobbies in real life:

    How often do you play MC:

    How long have you played MC:

    What is your specialty in MC (building, redstone, etc.):

    Have you played on any other servers before? If so, how many? How long did play on that/those server(s)?

    Do you prefer to take MC seriously or do you prefer to have as much fun as possible?

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