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    IGN: Topguy999
    Sources: Minecraft Forums
    Why do you want to join:I want to join this server because RP styled servers are the best! These kinds of servers always gets people intrigued! I have been on many RP servers, but none of the have been a WOW to me, and I really hope that this server is one!

    IC (In Character)
    Name: Lucifer Dagon
    IC Age: 15
    Race: Humans
    Class Apprentice
    When I was a young boy, about 10 years old my father and mother were killed by a bunch of bad people! My father and mother were both high wizards! Ever since I learned how to talk and walk I wanted to be a high wizard! My father told me that once i was a bit more older (12 years old) he would send me to the school where he and my mother were taught. The school was called the Aeonis School of Wizardry. But after that cruel day, I was sent to live with my cruel uncle and aunt. They were dwarves, You see, my grandfather married a dwarf and had 2 kids, my father and my auntie. My uncle and auntie hated me for wanting to become a wizard. They put me in the attic by myself and a couple of skinny rats. I hated life up at the attic. One day, I received a mail from the Kingdom of Aeonis and they asked me if I wanted to join them! This was the happiest moment of my life! They told me to give some details about me, and I did! I sent a mail a couple of weeks ago and now I am waiting to be accepted! I hope to join the Kingdom of Aeonis for my parents to be proud of me! I vowed that day that I would become a High Wizard just like my parents!
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