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We are LifeBoat's content Building Team and we create Minecraft Marketplace Maps, BedWars Maps, SkyWars Maps, Lobby Maps, Hub Maps, Spawn Maps, Faction Maps, Servers Maps, Videos for both ourselves and LifeBoats YouTube Channels and so much more! we are striving to become The MC Build Team for Minecraft its one heck of a goal maybe not in our lifetime but hey we only live once so why not shoot for the sky and build bigger, and more creative than anything you could have imagined in your biggest dream.

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Email: [email protected]

We always have our applications opened for new members to join our team so if you want to apply go on ahead because we look at every application we get and typically very soon after receiving it.

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We are currently looking for any Builders, World-Painters, Resource-Pack-Developers and Add-on developers to join are ever expanding team that continues to grow constantly and we need members to speed up the progress of current projects that are in motion.


We are LifeBoats content build team and we create Minecraft Marketplace Maps, BedWars Maps, SkyWars Maps & more!   |
we also take request via commissions.

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