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    posted a message on LINUX Sucks :(
    Clearly a rookie. Linux is not for the inexperienced as it usually requires a lot more work than just installing the OS. Once you understand the OS, lots of potential comes from it.
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    posted a message on Scotland votes NO
    Quote from AppleEater01»
    The Scots are lucky they even got a choice. Us Irish never had a choice for hundreds of years and we were starved. And the Scots say no?

    You Irish wouldn't know what to do with your independence.
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    posted a message on Ice Bucket Challenge flawed?
    The Ice bucket challenge did just how the person who started wanted it. It has raised MASSIVE awareness and has raised so much money.

    Most people I know have been challenged (and did it). They all mentioned ALS some saying where to donate and more. Even mentioning ALS is help as it is. So many people didn't know anything about ALS before this challenge (Honestly, I was one) and this has raised so much awareness.

    There is nothing wrong with this challenge. It has done what it was made for. The world knows about ALS now, but there is more than ALS in this world that is causing grief.
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    posted a message on Are my dreams.....normal?
    Why would you want normal dreams anyways?

    It's the best part of sleeping, going into a whole new world being able to do what ever the hell you want.
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    posted a message on Rock Simulator
    I'm sick of games like this.

    No effort, Nothing special. There is no such thing as a good game these days, they are either half assed half completed games with 500 bugs or they are like this.

    Have you seen the kickstarter for this? Literally all they will send you is rocks. If they are going to have a kickstarter, it should at least have decent awards which people will actually benefit from for giving them their money.

    Hopefully this is the last for this "crappy simulators" trend.

    It's a shame when there are very good indie games out there which get knocked about and rejected because games like this come up.
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    posted a message on Blockscape: the "next" voxel based building game?
    Game looks nice but the title of the game is ridiculously bad.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - 1.7.10 Pre-Release, New Minecraft Forum & More!
    I wish you did text news... can't load the video
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server Changes, EULA - A Brief Look
    Quote from Ringoster

    After watching Vox's video, reading responses on this thread and on the opposition thread, I'm still not sure what exactly is going on here...

    This is really confusing. :unsure:

    • Mojang want to stop servers from using "Pay to Win" modules for donations
    • Servers require donations to run since it comes out of the server owners pockets. Servers can get REALLY expensive
    • People believe this may be to reinforce the Minecraft Realms
    • Grum started threatening lawyers about the situation
    • R.I.P big servers
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    posted a message on Please remove me
    So.. You made this account last year.. What difference is there between 8 and 9?

    OT: Post in the 'Contact an Administrator' section. You will get a better response there.
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