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Stalking is illegal and you know that. You know who you are.

The minister for education could never dance.

If you can't see the pictures, Blame Muny.


Good hello to you,

Welcome to my page which is surprisingly about me.


I'm Budgeh, I live in Brisbane, Australia. I like long walks on the beach.

I'm interested in computers and gaming like many of you here, I would like to work in the IT industry, anywhere's good.


As you know, I am a gamer. I like to play strategy, MMORPG, Free-Roam and Sandbox. I have been interested in computers for years now. I even still remember playing on dial-up internet thinking that was fast. That was when I was like 4. Oh how I don't miss those days.


I am a video editor and record for fun. If you want me, add me on skype or pm me.


I am a moderator on picBox, if you haven't already noticed, it's a image hosting site ran by my good sexy friend, Muny. Even though been a moderator at the moment gives me no extra privileges yet except for blue colour but what ever.I recommend using picBox as a much better alternative to other crap image hosting sites. It's free!

I also have the privilege to be recognized by Muny himself for my advertising in my signature.

Kevin Smith: Joshy
Kevin Smith:
Kevin Smith: Every week, the minecraft forum is on the top referrers list
Kevin Smith: and it's mostly because of your signature
Kevin Smith: danke

I should get some reward or something!

I've being on picBox for over a year!

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