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    That's looking real good, nice work!
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    posted a message on Huge mycelium biome at spawn
    Nice find on this one. That is definitely a huge shroom biome.

    (and before it's said...you might want to include a few pics)


    Little teaser:
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    Quote from VonGod

    Alright, that may be fine with you. But what about the people who do /legitimate/ big builds?

    Like the cathedral posted not too long ago. I'm sure having a million Endermen spawn and destroy something like that would just plain suck. :/

    ^Point of thread so far

    I've got big builds, small builds, legit, not legit...they are still only moving a small amount around. I had one wandering around outside my house for an hour and it never touched a thing.

    Sometimes they get into trouble, sometimes they don't. You always have the option to MOD this yourself too.

    And yes, I agree, it would really suck if something that beautiful was affected by them. But as with any of my builds or my friends...it's a risk now and we understand this so we adjust our building habits...we ADAPT.

    We had it too easy for too long.
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    posted a message on [Archive #4] Beta Survival Picture Thread
    This was an island I had created in MCedit then did all the surface work (planted trees, grass, built the house, small bridge, etc) after I loaded it on my test server.

    Now that I have a 1.8 test server going I decided to put it in.

    Everything is legit except of course for the island, that I brought in with MCedit. There is a spiral staircase going up inside that hill on the right that leads to the inside of the house at the top. Then out a door to the big staircase and across the bridge (I must have fallen about 15 times building that thing).

    I lost count on how many picks I went through...but after 2 days of hammering away (about 5-6 hours total time)...I'm done for now.
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    Living in NY (coastal) I've been keeping my eye on good ole Irene down south. Seeing as I'm going to be holed up for a bit on Sunday I decided to start a new world.

    Seed: Hurricane Irene
    Spawn: 0,0

    If you turn to your right after spawning you are practically standing in a surface dungeon. SWEET!

    Now...these 3 batteries for my laptop better hold out. It's going to suck not having my main rig for a few days.

    Be safe East Coast!
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    posted a message on Thought some of you might appreciate this...
    So I was messing around with some ideas I had about unique homes, using the terrain to "guide" you I guess. I wanted something big, but something that could also function with more than just a house. So...I took to flying around looking for the perfect place...and this is what I came up with.

    I first found a nice bowl in the landscape and built the house, all the interior sections, and the big tunnel that leads into it (upper-right you can see the bridge going out). I then erected a huge wall all the way around the rim.

    Here is a shot from inside the bowl. The previous shot would have had me flying somewhere in the upper-left and back some.

    Then, I went and cleared half a forest and dug a pit 10 deep into a sand bank to start doing this...

    About an hour later, I had this...HAHAH!

    And, here she is...my humble abode...and I moved my portal to somewhere a little easier to get too. Although...I think it's getting moved again, OUT OF HERE! My sub-woofer shaking scares the crap out of my cat every time the sound plays.

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    posted a message on Scored an 0,0 spawn...
    In search of the elusive 0,0 spawn I decided to put in my hometown name, Port Chester, to see what I got.

    I got an 0,0 spawn alright and was happier than a pig in ****...until I started exploring around. It is, in simpler terms, CRAPTASTIC! :angry.gif:

    I won't even subject you all to the screenshots.

    I'm going to give it another hour of walking around but I think I'm just about done with this one. Probably the best thing I've found so far is lots of surface coal and two lava lakes close to the spawn point. Who knows...it may get better the further out I go and the more people there are looking at it the better the chance is of it being useful.

    BUT...if you are in search of ANY 0,0 spawns for your collection, you can add this one to it.

    SEED: Port Chester
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    Seed: Mount Olympus
    Spawn: I tested it 4 times and it was random...bummer

    Reason I'm posting it though is because of this cave that it spawned me in front of my first time in. It is at X49 Y67 Z-317

    To start with the good, at it's lowest level I dropped to Y12 (eye level) so this bad boy goes far down.

    The really good is all this I found just before finding then digging through a big pile of gravel at the bottom of one of the branches off the main shaft. The main shaft in is at the top levels. There are 3 or 4 small passage ways that lead back outside at various points but the main one you can't miss...big black hole.

    These first two veins were before I hit the gravel pile

    And after the gravel pile

    And...here it is...exactly what I was hoping for after 20 minutes of clamoring down here...

    It was a little rough going in but seems like this system will produce nicely. Besides that redstone near the diamond there were some other spots in that area as well. Lots of coal down there, iron seems decent.

    If I decided to play this one there is no doubt I'd start all over...no way I'm trying to climb out of this hole now...

    LOL, no matter, I just fell in the damn lava.
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