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    posted a message on Mushrrom Biomes and Large Biomes
    Quote from Crisdoben

    >>> Person posts normal thread
    >>> Stupid babies whine about stupid stuff
    >>> Someone posts pictures
    >>> No more posting

    Some people are idiots.

    All has to do with the overall thought process of most people these days...the need for instant gratification. God forbid someone has to wait to see something, or for that matter have to actually work to get it.

    I saw the post and thought "I have to see this for myself". Fired up MC, generated a known Shroom Biome seed I have, and lo-and-behold there it was!! Took all of 1min 30 seconds.
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    Quote from Mr. B

    I have an easier solution: Don't use Windows 8. It's a preview OS; it's not suitable for regular use. It's pointless to waste time trying to get Minecraft to run in that environment.


    I've been in the business for far too long to use preview software for anything other than beta testing my company's custom software and any devices I'll eventually need to hook up to it. Preview it...don't "live" with it.
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    posted a message on Just finished...
    This little gem is the Town of Auburn for my friend's server. It's a combination of an NPC village that I modified out the rear with a lot of my own buildings mixed in (themed to stick with the original village).

    It's using Towny for the main borders and WorldGuard for the dock area. I got a bit creative with WorldEdit too. Threw those arches in and did a bunch of terraforming all around the area. Hopefully he'll get this thing off the ground and advertise it.

    Now...time for a lil green action...and I'm going to build my house somewhere.

    Enjoy! (lol, sorry so far away...I wanted to get the whole area in. I'll get more up if I have time tomorrow)


    Farm Area/Town Plot Area

    Coming up from the docks to the train station

    Past the station and into the main NPC village piece. I added a smithy and a small area for ChestShop shops.

    Back end of town and the Mayor's compound

    Basement of train station (well before knowing the dispenser news)

    Next step is to redo all the lighting because I don't like how most of it came out. I may move a couple of buildings around as well to try and improve the flow through the town. Seeing as I did all of this in 7 days though...I'm taking a break for the weekend. Just being a builder is hard enough...but to be the redstone guy, the permissions guy, the WE/WG guy...maybe I should just run the darn thing.
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    posted a message on Town center
    That's looking real good, nice work!
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    posted a message on My Thoughts on the new Cat behavior
    I'm so used to my own cat doing these EXACT things in my everyday life, I'm perfectly fine with it in-game. (naturally, this being just opinion)
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    posted a message on awesome 12w06a seed
    Quote from Vossmaster46

    Seriously? Try using it yourself. This dosent require pictures and WHAT IS TO CLICK ON!?

    ^^ This...seriously, it takes less than a minute to create a new world and check out the spawn point. I just chalk it up to this generations "gimme it now, I refuse to work for it" attitude.
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    posted a message on How hard is it for you to find Mooshroom Islands?

    Has anyone ever found one legit without using any seeds you knew had a mooshroom biome near -.-?

    Try the seed: Bubble Butt

    When you spawn, turn around and start walking...there is your biome.

    (I guess I should have added...I put this seed in as a joke when a buddy of mine was over at my apartment. I never expected to find that biome that close)
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    posted a message on Sever Help (Nodes)
    And one more thing, very important. Any plugins you use, be sure to read through the developer's notes about the various nodes available to you by using it. Most of them have default config files you can look at to see how certain things need to be set depending on how you have things setup (groups, etc).

    All in all, you are going to quickly realize just how much power you have in running your server once you get all this squared away and learn the ins and outs of it. Last weekend I converted my production server over to using Bukkit and I have no idea why I didn't do it sooner. Live and learn I suppose.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on I was exploring then...
    I almost thought I was going to open this and read: "...I took an arrow to the knee".

    LOL, poor pig...put that thing out of it's misery.
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    posted a message on This is insane...
    Nice, but just about every world I've created with the new generator has had mountains like this if I look hard enough.

    Here is a shot of the general area of the coords given by the OP (for those not wanting to download a ZIP file...me included (and yeah, I forgot to press F1, LOL))

    As an example...this is the view off the front porch of my house on my server.
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    posted a message on Villages...
    Messing around...random seed...and this is what I get. Enjoy!

    Seed: -3645282476229115157
    1 - My spawn
    2 - X5/Z132 - In nice shape
    3 - X-192/Z0 - Hammered up a bit
    4 - X-512/Z-143 - In nice shape

    2 and 3 are within eye shot of each other on far render distance and 3 and 4 can both be seen if you are at the middle point of the journey between them, again on far render distance.

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    posted a message on Fun with textures...
    Opps...I totally forgot I had turned that on for Skyrim. Nice facepalm moment there.

    Big ole thanks all!
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    posted a message on Fun with textures...
    I did notice that. I am using both of those so, one more time to humor myself, I did a fresh install...

    Nope...not happening.
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    posted a message on Fun with textures...
    So...updated to the latest and greatest...and now all my textures look like this...

    I tried it with my original install, fresh install, HD patched and not patched, and it still looks like this.
    All the flowers and stuff have very apparent X's crossing the tops of them and it doesn't matter how I set the options (OpenGL, etc)...still does it.

    Good times, I spend ALL day troubleshooting networks and computers and was so looking forward to just relaxing tonight and refreshing my server world. Now...back to troubleshooting.

    (edit: thinking about it...I'm not troubleshooting crap tonight...gonna load up Skyrim and continue on with the plan of relaxing)

    Minecraft 1.0.0
    Nvidia 9500gt 1gb
    Latest drivers
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    posted a message on Who else has the 100% CPU Bug?
    I gave it a shot across 2 different computers (for the client) against my server.

    Computer 1: (hooked to server by local LAN)
    Pent-D 2.8 (oc to 3.4)
    2gb RAM
    Nvidia 9500GT 1gb
    Latest Java

    Tested for 10 minutes: CPU peaked a couple of times at 100% but overall it was about 40%

    Computer 2: (5 miles from server)
    Core2 Duo 1.8
    2gb RAM
    ATI Radeon X1300 256mb
    Latest Java

    Tested for 10 minutes: CPU never went above 60% (and I've got Outlook, Excel, and Firefox going (I'm at work, LOL)).

    Server is a Core2 Duo with 4gb running Linux with Java 7 and in my testing last night I tried and tried but could never hammer it enough to get the CPU over 40%. I'll do some more testing on the server later when I can get a couple of more people on there.

    It sucks some are still having problems, but this has been a lifesaver for my server. No more listening to that damn fan kicking into afterburner mode because of the heat (my server is in my home office).
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