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    posted a message on ---=RisenIsles=---★Skyblock ★ 1.6.2
    Refused to let me on. IGN Six_Two
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    posted a message on Looking for 4-5 lost souls who want to play together
    Hey again, I'm still looking for a group of people, at least 3-6 people to play all together on a brand new server. Doesn't have to be a paid 24/7 server, I just want some cool people to hang with and be neighbors with.

    Please don't advertise your servers here and start chatting about it, I'm looking specifically for people who want to start something new, that's the whole point of this.

    Let me know if you're interested! We can talk about it here.

    As for requirements, Skype isn't one of them (right now).
    Building skill, minimal, I'll just laugh at your square houses (in a friendly way of course :P )
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    posted a message on Wondering if someone would help connect to this server and looking for friends :)
    Geez, if we all got together, all of us who are interested, I think we'd have one great bunch of people to play with!
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    posted a message on Pokemon Kanto Region 1:1 Scale, LF Help!
    Hello Trainers! I've been creating the Kanto region on a 1:1 scale of how it is in Fire Red version and I need some help because of how immense the project is.


    I've seen a few "Pokemon in Minecraft" creations, but they were all pretty flat, almost lifeless
    (no offense to creators! I understand the motives), so I wanted to create a more realistic
    environment, yet still very close to the game. I've based a few areas off of real life influences as well
    as influences from the anime and pictures I've seen.

    Post here if you'd like to assist or if you'd like to share your thoughts =)

    What I am doing for each interior of every building is turning them.. basically into TARDIS using command blocks and teleportation to coordinates far away.
    (if you don't know what a TARDIS is, Google it ;) BUT one of the basic facts of a TARDIS is that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside; like every darn building in the Pokemon gaming universe).

    ^I will definitely need help on that eventually.

    (P.S. Will be adding pictures throughout the journey of creating this region!)


    Pokemon World Completion:
    Pallet Town (x)
    Route 1 (x)
    Viridian City (x)
    Route 2 (x)
    Viridian Forest (x)
    Diglett's Cave ()
    Pewter City (x)
    Route 3 (x)
    Route 4 (x)
    Mt. Moon (x)
    Cerulean City (o)
    Route 5 ()
    Saffron City ()
    Route 6 ()
    Vermillion City ()
    Route 7 ()
    Celadon City ()
    Route 8 ()
    Lavender Town ()
    Route 9 ()
    Route 10 ()
    Rock Tunnel ()
    Power Plant ()
    Route 11 ()
    Route 12 ()
    Route 13 ()
    Route 14 ()
    Route 15 ()
    Route 16 ()
    Route 18: Bike Path p.1 ()
    Route 19: Bike Path p.2 ()
    Route 20 ()
    Seafoam Islands ()
    Cinnabar Island ()
    Route 21 ()
    Route 22 ()
    Route 23 ()
    Victory Road ()
    Indigo Plateau ()
    Elite 4 Building ()
    Route 24 ()
    Route 25 ()


    The meteor within Mt. Moon.. Took my own little spin on it, the actual in-game area is behind the camera

    Here's a top-down view of Viridian Forest. Here are some updated photos on the project to whet some appetites:Route 1 Quick snapshot of Viridian Forest, my own custom grass textures matching that of in-game textures Custom terrain, more like a real forest Looking towards Route 2 from Viridian Forest, custom glowstone texture Looking towards Viridian City from Route 22More Viridian ForestDiglett's Cave Entrance (bottom right) and Pewter CityPewter City (night)

    Route 3

    The Entrance to Mt.Moon and the Pokemon Center. Decided to make it more 'mountainy' while still adhering to what the game was, a slope up to the entrance.

    Entrance to Mt. Moon and the meteorite area (my own spin on it)

    Exiting Mt. Moon. Decided to have some fun with a cavern under the mountain leading to Route 4, so what if it's not to the exact specification, shoot me.

    Behind Route 2, working on the "exterior" environments so if you 'happen' to escape the designated areas, you won't fall onto a flat field 50 blocks below. Plus it's fun filling in the blanks that the game doesn't ^_^

    Making sense of it all.. There is a whooole lot of ocean in Kanto.

    Road to the Daycare House (still to be fiddled with a bit, but tossin' up the pic anyways)
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    posted a message on Making it harder to go to sleep
    I don't know, I actually like to go out at night at purposely face the baddies, so the game isn't 'hard' anyways if I can run out my door with blocks of steel and bring the fight to them.
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    posted a message on Backpack (Extra Storage, New Gear Slot)
    Hey everyone, I've been thinking about this a lot because I travel a lot in my worlds and more often than not need more space for items.

    This is a very simple notion, allow the creation of a "Backpack".

    Crafting the Pack:

    (Thank you Mulan15262 for the website to create the image)

    The top line of leather would be the top of the bag including the flap.
    The middle bit of iron would be the clasp
    The two iron bits on the lower corners would be the buckles for the straps.

    Accessibility:steve_wink: :

    ~ This would require a new gear slot in the GUI for the pack.

    ~ Concerning the GUI we have a few options:

    :Pig: ) Right clicking the pack in the inventory screen opens up a 3x3 backpack grid (Thank you
    Badprenup for making sense of my thoughts and thinking of a better way of saying this than I did.)

    :Pig: ) When a backpack is equipped a new tab is available (much like that of the Creative Mode GUI)

    ~ Left clicking the pack enables movement of said pack

    ~ Shift-right click transfers all items from the pack into your inventory when not in the backpack screen

    ~ When a backpack is dropped the items that were inside will first fill your inventory then the rest will be dropped on the ground. (Thanks again, Badprenup)


    1) Adds another 9 slots to your person

    2) A nice, visual implement that would go on your character's naked back.

    (Think of more if you fancy this idea, I'd like to get others opinions)


    There are two current ideas about durability:

    1) The pack would only have a certain amount of uses before getting too worn out torn, rendering it useless, or broken.

    2) The pack takes damage just like other gear, leaning more towards leather durability (Credit: Badprenup)

    Please let me know what you think of this idea, I'd like to see it happen, and I'm sure everyone would like to have a few more slots in your inventory (there never seems to be enough space, is there? If only I had one more slot.. I don't want to drop this stuff..)
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    posted a message on More Food+Recipes?
    Heeeello everyone, I have a nice prosperous farm with pretty much everything but melon (unfortunately :steve_tearful: ) and I was wishing there was "Corn" as a new crop.

    I have wheat fields galore just for fun to make it look like a real farm land and I would love to have corns stalks growing as well.

    The basic idea is to have Corn as a crop which starts as a seedling and has four stages:

    1) Basic seed stage

    2) 1 block high

    3) Two blocks high, corn husks have started to appear

    4) Three blocks high with corn slightly sticking out of the husks

    :steve_wink: With Corn, we can do so much! Simply eating it raw can have the same effect as eating a raw carrot.

    You can bake the corn in an oven to be able to restore the same amount as a Baked Potato for example.

    I would love to see even more variation in the crops system because I'm loving it already. I was so happy when potatoes and corn were able to be farmed along with wheat, melon and pumpkin.

    Please let me know what you think, I'd like to see what kind of response we can get to this.
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