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    posted a message on Spawn: Village in Valley

    Seed: Lannister

    Patch 1.10.2

    You spawn literally in a beautifully rendered village in a valley. Very much the feeling of a LOTR or Shannara hamlet.

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    posted a message on Epic AMPLIFIED Ice Spike Spawn (1.7.1 / 13w42b) Pics
    Sorry about that, got too excited to post the pictures and I forgot to put the seed X_X but there it is in the original post!
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    posted a message on Epic AMPLIFIED Ice Spike Spawn (1.7.1 / 13w42b) Pics
    Seed: 805516025834347901 (make sure to select Amplified in the world options)My Liege, your kingdom awaits.Sorry about forgetting the seed (derp), I was so excited to share the world and upload pictures that I forgot!
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    posted a message on [Whitelisted] [1.6.2] 100% Vanilla Server 24/7 || Mature Members!
    Part 1 - Getting to know you
    1. Name: John
    2. IGN: Six_two
    3. Age: 20
    4. Have you ever been banned from another server? (If yes, why?) No sir.
    5. Why would you be a good candidate for this white-listed survival server? I've been searching and searching for a reliable mature server that has a good community of friendly neighbors.
    6. Are you a mature sensible player? Aye, that I am.
    7. Do you understand that we have a zero tolerance policy for players using X-Ray texture packs and clients? Yes.
    8. Favorite biome to build in? Desert for the challenge and the way grass looks. Otherwise, a hilly Forest biome for castles/keeps (castle by definition, not a fort) and villages
    9. Strengths:

    10. Weakness's: Redstone. Never really needed to use it in my builds and never played Multiplayer very much.
    11. Key: o=r (If you get that, I'll be happy)
    Part 2 - Learning Your Skills (1-10 -- 10 is the highest)
    1. Fighting Mods: 9/10
    2. Building: 10/10
    3. Farming: 10/10
    4. Redstone: 3/10
    5. Social: 8/10
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    posted a message on NEW! [Hard] [Vanilla] [Mature 21+] Whitelist!
    IGN: Six_two

    Age 24

    I have a topic dedicated to what I've wanted in a server, which has been grueling trying to find one.

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    posted a message on Looking for Survival Server/Group.. (Forced to be specific)
    Quote from shizzle5

    Hey There Buddy,

    I don't know if you are still in search of a server, but if you are I think you might find just what you are looking for in our little community. I run a Survival Bukkit server called Minecraft Xtreme. We started up 2 years ago as of the beginning of this month, and have been running strong ever since.
    Here is how we meet your requirements:

    1.) We have a variety of different ages on our server, and I won't lie, not all of them are particularly mature but I think that is to be expected unless we wanted to really only target a certain age group. We do have our fill of older mature players. I myself am 20 years old, and our main staff team are all very mature, some of which are adults (in their 30s). We also have mature players that are very friendly.

    2.) While you won't see new players joining our server every day, we do get our share of new blood coming into the community. We have a voting system and several postings, so we can bump our server up on lists, and word of mouth seems to work well.

    3.) Our total player base is probably about 100 or so, but we really never get more than 10-15 people on at once, and our active player base is probably around 30 maybe 40.

    4.) We only do map resets when a major Minecraft update happens (i.e. something that would be added to the map that we couldn't get without a reset etc). As of right now, we are on our 5th map in 2 years, so we don't change that often, and right now we are only added different areas to the map instead of changing it so our current map will stay for a long time.

    5.) We have a good amount of plugins, BUT none of which really change YOUR game experience. Most of them are admin tools, such as world edit/guard, group manager etc. We have economy plugin, but it is completely up to you if you want to even use it. So as far as YOUR gameplay goes, it can be as vanilla as you like. :)

    6.) This server is currently hosted on one of my other computers, and is 24/7. Of course we do have crashes, but not too often and those are usually fixed quite shortly afterward. The advantage to having it hosted like this, is I have complete 100% over it, so it can be edited and changed however/whenever we like, which makes more a better experience in my opinion.

    7.) We have a total of about 6-8 total staff and you will always find one on at some point in the day, some are more active than others, and some live in Australia so they have a different time schedule, but still on during some US hours. Our forum also is available and questions usually get answered there within a day. If you decide to join our community, you can also feel free to add me on skype once you get settled in, and I can always answer any questions you have. :)

    I also really like what you have built! It is very good. I love to have on our server, it isn't every day we find someone with that kind of building talent!

    I hope you decide to take a look and like what you find!
    IP: survival.minecraftxtreme.com
    Website: minecraftxtreme.com


    I replied to you by PM, by the way.
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    posted a message on [Whitelist] SwitchCraft Vanilla Mind-Crack stlye community!
    Age: 20
    IGN: six_two
    Skype: buddymcfriend
    Why do you want to be a part of the community: I have a thread showing exactly what I want out of a survival server: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1893461-looking-for-survival-servergroup-forced-to-be-specific/
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since Beta 1.2
    First name: John
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    posted a message on Looking for Survival Server/Group.. (Forced to be specific)
    Quote from Vimmers_EoE

    Hi BuddyMcFriend! I'm from a server called 'Edge Of Eternity' and I think our server meets your criteria pretty well. Okay, in response o your description:

    1. EoE has been online for over 2 years, and until very recently had a strict 18+ rule yet the server remains very much a 'mature' server. We definitely fit the bill, our average age is probably 22-25.

    2 & 3. We have quite a steady stream of new players, but also a lot of players who simply don't leave, we have two admin, two reps and a couple of mods who actively recruit for the server. Our average players online is between 6-15.

    4. We only reset our map with a big MC update. Since I joined in April 2012, we've reset the map twice. We do however allow players to bring over one or more of their builds to the new map using WorldEdit.

    5. We are mostly vanilla and all of our plug-ins are easily avoidable. We use: Lockette, TreeAssist, Towny, Chestshop & iconomy including the most comprehensive anti-griefing measures available and a zero tolerance policy.

    6. We have a very reliable host that is located in Germany.

    7. I can 100% say that the staff on our server really enjoy helping players out and there is almost always at least one staff member online, failing that the fellow players are also very open to helping other players out, one of the many reasons I've stayed on EoE for so long.

    I'd also like to mention that we have a creative world, we are non-PVP, we have a creative contest world which holds regular contests & if you'd like to see more or apply to be whitelisted you can do so at www.eoemc.com/mainhome

    Any questions feel free to msg me on here, hope to see you at EoE soon!

    Good luck! :)

    P.S nice builds

    I submitted an application, enjoyed it, by the way. And thank you for complimenting my builds!

    (To anyone else who may post here, I may still be looking. And to Vimmers, don't take it personally, I just need to find the right home).
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    posted a message on Looking for Survival Server/Group.. (Forced to be specific)
    Alright, I've seen over probably fifty servers by now within the last two weeks. Most of them claim to have good communities and attentive moderators and admins, but from what I've seen it's not exactly that.

    This is a kind of, "what I'm looking for", and I'm forced to be specific because I'm running out of options here with servers on either "Looking For" and "Survival Servers".

    Survival Server Criteria (that I'm seeking)

    1) A mature community, it doesn't matter if you're fifteen or thirty nine. I'd like to have some good neighbors and good conversations. I'd like to make friends, and people with brains and grammar seem to make good ones.

    2) A steady stream of new players. This is the truth of servers; people quit. All the time. Servers become stagnant if the players don't take action and bump their threads and SEEK OUT new players. Many stinky-stagnant servers think they can add players weekly and end up having much less than 10 players online average (which brings me to my next point).

    3) A small community is a good thing! Even a maximum of 28-30 players is satisfactory in the beginning, I enjoy having one or two good neighbors whom I can see building from a long distance while also seeing people acquaint themselves in the chat and have a good laugh.

    4) A server that doesn't reset it's map. Sure, make a new hub, a new world, that's cool, but by God don't reset everything that many people have been working on for days/weeks because you got a new host.

    5) Not too many plugins/mods. Honestly, I am very satisfied with a near-vanilla Minecraft. Of course, take your measures with grief protection and essentials, that's understandable (and pretty much a tool that you can't have a server without), but I don't want anything grindy or restricting.

    6) A RELIABLE HOST. I don't care if you leave your 6 gig computer on all night for the rest of time or it's some server in Albuquerque, if I can play when I'd like to, I'm happy. Crashes are understandable, it happens, but I'd like to see mods and admins that want to get that thing running again as soon as possible.

    7) Attentive Mods/Admins. Nothing es me off more than asking the same question for either hours or days and not getting an answer (yes, days: mc.skyblocked.com..).

    8) I'll think of more as this topic gets drowned by other topics.

    What I have to offer: I'm a creative mind and a "big-thinker". I've played Minecraft since around Beta 1.2. I have a lot of experience with the game and it's aspects. By this time I've lost interest in applications because of the countless that I've filled out for disappointing servers, so here are a few pictures of my builds; I pretty much have only worked solo, my experiences in servers being the inspiration for the specific search.

    This is a large two-floored tavern/inn.

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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival Server 1.6.2 -Dedicated Community - Whitelist-
    IGN: Six_two

    AGE: 20

    DO YOU LIKE LIONS? Well I guess I never really thought about it, but yeah I guess.

    WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A SURVIVAL SERVER? I'm looking for good neighbors, friendly and exciting people. I want to be able to build of my own accord while also having a steady stream of new players join in; a stagnant server is very unappealing when trying to make a home in one. I would rather the map not be reset since I don't have all the time in the world to start my builds over and over. I'm a big thinker and a creative mind.
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    posted a message on Making a Medieval World
    All my usernames besides my IGN are "buddymcfriend". My IGN is Six_two
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    posted a message on [Semi-Vanilla][1.6.2][24/7][Mature]White-Listed]*Survival Community Server*
    Age- (We are looking for mature players and want a mature but fun community): 20, this is very important to me. I am looking for a great community that will grow (hopefully not too enormous, those servers usually end up dying after a while without proper care)

    Ingame Name- Six_two

    Why You Would Like To Join-

    Maturity Level- (On A Scale Of 1-10): 15. If you want to really check my maturity just have a conversation with me (these questions are a bit silly honestly :P )

    Tell A Little About Yourself- I'm very experienced with Minecraft, have been playing since the Beta, around 1.2. I care about community, about good neighbors, trustyworthy hosts and mature players.

    I built this in Creative mode, standard, no mods.

    Skype- Buddymcfriend
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