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    posted a message on 1.9 Survival Vanilla Whitelist

    IGN: MrBudderTaco

    Age: 15

    Why do you want to join?: Well, my old whitelist just shut down, and I love small servers like this so.. here I am.

    Tell us about yourself: Depends what you wanna know ;) Seriously though. I'm just a casual gamer looking for some friends. I'll probably always b streaming the server on twitch. (Same name as my IGN)

    What do you have to offer for the server?: Extensive redstone knowledge, personality, and poor building skills. (Jk)

    How active do you plan to be?: Very

    (Optional)What is your name?: Jake.

    What is your quest?: To seek the Holy Grail. (Was that the reference? Haha)

    What is your favorite color?: Red/Black


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    posted a message on Cool piston redstone clock! (Noisy though)

    Aside from the noise, this is a really good idea! Not sure, but it shouldn't break between startups like standard redstone clocks, right? I'm about to go find out.

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    posted a message on ´╗┐CureCraft SMP. Looking for Real Dedicated Players!! Hermitcraft Style Server!!

    In Game Name: H4ywir3
    Age: 15
    Do You Have TeamSpeak: No, but I can get TS if needed.
    Skype: live:buddertaco
    Country And Time Zone: USA // EST

    What Makes you Stand Out: My personality, and knowledge of the game
    What Are Your Specialities In Minecraft: In depth knowledge of the game's mechanics, redstone, anything large scale and/or team based
    What type of player are you, how will you spend your time on the world: Working with others, trading, but also spending private time on personal projects.
    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: Since BETA 1.6.6
    How Active Will You Be: Very. Once I find a server, I am very dedicated. I spend at least 2 hours a day on the server, usually more.

    Sorry the application is so breif. I'm running short on time, but if you have any more questions feel free to contact me on skype.

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    posted a message on Free Hosting Mc $0/Year Powered By Multicraft

    My skype is live:buddertaco

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    posted a message on Free unlimited server!

    How old are you? (age won't really affect my decision): I am 15 years old.

    Do you have any past experience owning a server?: No. This would be my first.

    What are your plans for the server?: A small, SMP vanilla server. I want to be able to manage my own community, as the ones I play on now I do well in, and I've decided I want to take charge.

    Do you have any existing players willing to play?: Yes. I have some IRL friends as well as online ones I've met over the years.

    Why should I pick you?: My server would be a truly unique SMP experience. My style of play is different, but I also stay true to survival. I feel I would manage a server, and with it being a small white listed community, would only run into a few, if any, minor issues.

    Are you willing to talk over Skype? (Please don't post your skype here, we can share contact info if you're picked): Yes.

    I'm not trying to guilt you, I just thought I would be nice as to give background as to why I am not willing to pay for my own server; I am a 15 year old high school student. I currently do not have a job, and money is tight for personal use. I love playing MC and as stated thought it would be fun to gather my own little community of people in a HermitCraft similar fashion.


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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!
    Quote from Affe┬╗


    Dunno whether I worded it confusingly or people just lack some reading comprehension.

    Both. Most definitely both.
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    posted a message on AngelCraft Looking for New Members || White-listed || Small Based-Community || Mature || Active ||

    I had a few questions regarding my status of my application, if you don't mind please check your PM inbox. Thanks.


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    posted a message on AngelCraft Looking for New Members || White-listed || Small Based-Community || Mature || Active ||

    No problem. Thanks for considering me as a future member, and I look forward to hearing back with your desicion!

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    posted a message on AngelCraft Looking for New Members || White-listed || Small Based-Community || Mature || Active ||

    Age: 14

    Country & Time zone: USA / EST

    IGN: Preferred Name: MrBudderTaco [Pref; just call me Budder]

    What are your specialties in Minecraft: Redstone, automation etc

    How often would you play?: Two+ hrs a day minimum

    Why should I let you on the server (What do you bring to the table?): I bring a strong sense of the game, as a player since nearly beta 1.6. I work a lot in communities and love meeting people. I get along well with others and want to work to make the experience good for all.

    Why this server appeals to you: I like the idea of a small 10 person whitelistedd server since you'll know the community inside and out.

    How much will you play a week / day?: 2+ hours a day almost every day

    Will you be able to record other things, with us?: yes

    Do you record, and will you do a YouTube series on this server?: No, I stream on and would be willing to stream the server

    What is your YouTube user name?: My twitch is MrBudderTaco

    Do you have an "urge" to play Minecraft?: Just recently started playing again and really love the survival aspect in any game of this genre, so yes. For sure.

    Will you be 110% dedicated to this server?: Absolutely

    Please provide some pictures of your Minecraft builds: I just got a new computer, so unfortunately I have no builds to provide. While I am not the best builder, i do put effort into 100% of my builds to make everything appealing to the eye.

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    posted a message on Whats a better way to go about this?

    So I just finished my first house in my new survival world. I made it two stories, but the second story is a layer smaller in all dimensions. this means I cant have a clean ladder up the wall, and a staircase would make the first room extremely claustrophobic. For some reason forums won't let me upload pics, but here's the imgur link:

    Anyone have any ideas on how to clean this up? It would be appreciated.

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    posted a message on Strict Vanilla Server!

    Skype is live:buddertaco (if it doesnt work PM me yours)

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    posted a message on So I'm making a game, and I need some help
    Pizza-Star ~ Essentially an ultra powerful ninja star, but made out of Pizza. Will bounce of up to three objects then explodes, temporarily paralyzing all enemies nearby. And no, if it kills by direct impact to an enemy it will not explode.

    Babyfier ~ Essentially a shot gun that turns everyone into defenseless babies. Extremely short range. Bannot actually kill.
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    posted a message on Brand New SMP Server! Accepting applications now!!
    1. What is your minecraft IGN? BudderTaco69

    2. Age? 13

    3. Why do you want to join Ultra-SMP? I need to find a new server to play on.

    4. What is your favorite thing about minecraft? The community

    5. What do you hope to bring to the server if you are accepted? Small yet useful community builds, and a new and unique build/play style.

    Please contact me on skype (tacos_and_unicorns_ftw [long story behin the name]) to let me know if i have or haven't been accepted.
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    posted a message on vBlocks Survival Server [100% Legit] [Near-Vanilla] [Whitelist] [/help + /spawn + LWC][All Ages Welcome!][Community]
    Ign: BudderTaco69

    Why do you want to play: Vanilla Survival is my game. Nothing else.
    Why should we let you play: I believe thats rhetorical, as the above question is almost the same.
    How many years did you play minecraft: 3
    What is your maturity level 1-10: 8.5
    What blocks and how many do you need to make a Iron Golem: $ Iron blocks, as well as a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern
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    posted a message on Creepy things going on my world
    Quote from MonkeyDonk
    I do find the gravelpool a bit hard to believe since you are litterally holding gravel in your hotbar

    Thats cobblestone. If you open the picture in full screen you can easily tell.
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