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    posted a message on Display - When item frames are not fancy enough - [1.12.2]

    Ah thanks! I fixed the issues and I am uploading the new build any time soon. My bad, when I fixed the FPS Issue I forgot about some lines.

    It's alright :P everyone makes mistakes.. I can't how many times I miss using a semi-colon when I write C programs.
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    posted a message on Exploding Mobs- A death effect for vanilla mobs

    Hmm a nice mod you have there, I'll be keeping hold of this thread in my favourites if I ever do make a mod pack. I even made a showcase for you (sorry if its not that great, I tried to add some 'story' to my showcase this time)

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    posted a message on Display - When item frames are not fancy enough - [1.12.2]

    I've tried the mod out, it's quite a really good change from the traditional item frames. I'd like to see a redstone item frame though, but here is a mod review I made:

    I also quite enjoy the rotation more than a stationary item. But I did pick up a few bugs as seen in the video, sometimes you can't stop the rotation with the controls specified by your CurseForge page.

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    posted a message on Recipes+ Mod
    Quote from TrazorMCยป

    Thank you for making a showcase BuckwheatPeaktu! I'll look into adding your suggestions.

    No problems :) always happy to try something new on Minecraft!

    Bones are way easier to get earlygame than leather, so it would be useful.

    HOWEVER, bones don't exactly hold together well. What about Bones+Leather? Some kind of tribal themed armor?

    Yeah the bones would fall off if you just made armour out of them. So I guess the leather could hold it in.
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    posted a message on Recipes+ Mod

    Pretty good going, nice little fantastic mod you got there that can make Minecraft items more craft-able!

    Some minor suggestions might I ask;

    • Perhaps an ability to craft bone equipment; a set that doesn't have much durability but 'average' stats.
    • Maybe craft-able spawn eggs?

    I have created a mod showcase if you want to watch, I didn't cover everything but I made sure to cover the important stuff. I'm playing with your mod off camera - it's better to have 2 more varieties of armours!

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    posted a message on ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸMythical Factions - $250 REAL MONEY REWARD to the Richest Faction!๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    As stated before, we are working hard to resolve our conflicts with the EULA. We have removed crates from our store. Thank you, BuckwheatPaektu, for helping us further improve our server.

    If you want to make money without crates I suggest particle effects or disguises (DisguiseCraft).. since players (i used to buy a lot of them ._.) buy cosmetics and disguises, maybe titles too..

    but it's up to you to decide.
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    posted a message on Biome Specific Music.
    Quote from Giapet321ยป

    Since there is a bunch of music in the Minecraft OST, such as some of the music in Volume Beta that is just straight up unused. Maybe they could implement music that only plays in specific biomes, like the song Flake in Volume Beta would play in snow biomes.

    Would love this! I genuinely have to use jukeboxes sometimes since the game doesn't have really any music set that plays infinitely without breaks..

    I approve. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Better Coordinates + Improve Maps

    Yeah, I'd guess it'd be useful to know where some place is.. saying that I get lost on maps quite a lot. So it's just something to prevent yourself from getting lost. I also would like a middle-map (the one in the image) for the maps and the co-ords on the middle top region..

    I approve. :iapprove:

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    posted a message on A alternative for vegetarians/vegans players
    Quote from _Shen_TPA_ยป

    As we know, minecraft it's a game were you have to survive; improving your equipment, defending yourself of enemies and getting food. You can also do alchemy and enchant your equipment ..

    Where am I trying to go with all this "explanation"? Well, you need to do all of these things to complete the game, to beat the ender dragon and get all the achievements, but, there's no way to do this without killing animals (well, actually, you can beat the dragon, but it gets pretty difficult, and you still can not get all the achievements) you can say "but, it's just a game, you are not hurting real animals". Well .. That's true, but a great part of the public of this game, are kids, they see this more "real" than a adult, for example, I started playing minecraft at 11 years, in that time, I started to be vegetarian, and I tried to survive without killing animals, I did it, I even get to the end, but I stilled cannot beat the EnderDragon, and cannot crafted a enchantment table, or crafted arrows, or crafted a item frame.
    This it's not a real problem, and do not affect on anything to the regular players, but, adding a alternative craft to somethings (like the books), shows more cultural variety.

    It's like when they implemented the possibility of choosing if you are left-handed or right-handed, it was an unnecessary change, which did not really affect the game, but it made people feel more included (I, as a left-handed man, appreciated that change), why not make a change that makes people with a different diet feel included?

    Genuinely I could see if Mojang, Inc. did actually bring in some sought of different approach to the game for vegetarians/vegans (you can find string sometimes in dungeons - which I doubt did any killing of the in-game creatures.. using that string to create wool)

    If it had variety to the game, I could choose if I wanted to use 'string wool' for books instead of leather, somewhat turning it into a challenge.

    I'd rather have more variety (but not too much)..

    ehh, yeah I guess its a support from me :iapprove:
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    posted a message on ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸMythical Factions - $250 REAL MONEY REWARD to the Richest Faction!๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    We have resolved our conflicts with the EULA, but our server has virtually no Pay to Win experiences, Could you elaborate on that so we could further improve our gameplay experience?

    Do your crates have 100% purely cosmetic products inside?
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    posted a message on Babushka's Haven Factions | Fully F2P Server! | Child Friendly!

    Babushka's Haven Factions Server

    Babushka's Haven, the factions server that brings you a Minecraft world that has lesser restrictions and brings players free to play content! One of the first to have a subscriber-based point system, where the more videos you watch on our channel - the more items you get on our server! Remember there is always a code in some of our Minecraft videos so you can watch out for them!

    We also have a great rules system that makes sure users are being safe and protecting each other from rule breakers:

    By playing in our Minecraft server, you agree to these terms and the Mojang EULA. Breaking these terms of service will remove you from our server network.

    I. Selling soft currency, digital goods or accounts for hard currency is against the Mojang EULA and against our ToS. You may not sell anything on our network for hard currency and we may punish you accordingly to what you are doing. Selling cosmetics is also banned in this server, you may only buy cosmetics by donating through our website. Breaking this rule will include a mail sent to Mojang, Inc. and a permanent IP ban in our servers with recorded footage of you breaking the ToS and EULA.

    II. Using our server for illegal use or terror actions is an automatic breach of our ToS. We may permanently ban your IP from our servers and record you doing such actions and send it to a law enforcement company.

    III. Hate directed towards users is not allowed, and will cause you to get a probable permanent ban - but no IP ban unless you are using multiple accounts to do such action. Hate messages include:

    Hatred against a race, or posting anything that makes a race superior above another race.

    Hate towards a person because of their sex or sexuality.

    Hatred towards a person just because of their hobbies

    Hatred towards a person because of their fandoms

    Hatred against people because of their religions, or making a religion superior. Anybody (doesn't matter what religion you are) who shames people because of religion is still breaking the ToS.

    IV. Speaking in foreign languages on 'Global'. The server is an English server, you shouldn't post anything in any foreign language since we don't know what you're saying. This goes in the server but you may talk to people without using a shout in foreign languages or using the games messaging system.

    V. Dating or dates are not allowed on this platform. Babushka's Haven is NOT a DATING app.

    VI. Asking for personal information, or giving out personal information, is not allowed on our servers. This includes:

    Your email

    Your phone number

    Your password

    Your addresses

    Anything that could be considered 'personal'

    VII. Spamming on our forums, or in server, is a breach of our ToS and will reward you with a permanent mute.

    VIII. Scamming users on our forums or in the server will get you permanently banned. This requires footage, however.

    IX. Exploiting or using hacked clients (X-Ray is exempt from this) is against our ToS and will reward you with a IP ban.

    X. Creating anything inappropriate or creating NSFW (not safe for work) art or creations on forum or server will reward you with an permanent ban.

    XI. Cussing or swearing is not allowed on forum or server as we are a CHILD FRIENDLY server. Doing so will be a mute and clear chat.

    XII. Griefing your own faction is not allowed as it is taking advantage of a mistake by the guild creator and will make you lose your faction power.

    XIII. Glitching or taking advantage of bugs without telling an PMod or BMod is against the rules. If you do find a bug or glitch that also occurs in Vanilla Minecraft please send an email to Mojang, Inc.

    XIV. Talking about real life events that happened within 50 years is against the ToS since some users may be offended by the talk of these.

    But aside from all the rules here and there, just remember to follow them and not break them. We also are accepting people in the ranks of 'PMod' and 'PAdmin'.. but if you'd like to apply please check our website:

    Here are more details:

    Server IP:


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    posted a message on ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸMythical Factions - $250 REAL MONEY REWARD to the Richest Faction!๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    Be aware this if this is a pay to win serve running a rewards scam.

    They also break the Minecraft Eula, since selling crates that alter the game experience is breaking the EULA..

    • Items or perks that affect gameplay or give the player an unfair advantage, even if they are also available through soft currency purchase, or just by playing the game for a certain time.
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    posted a message on Improved Biomes, Taiga, Deserts, and Oceans
    Quote from WyrIzยป

    Snow biomes are pretty boring, considering all you see is just white until the end of your render distance.

    So anyway, I decided to add some stuff that might make it better

    This is kinda generic, but we should have reindeers. Yes, I know, it's a really weird idea, but it's kinda decent since it's turning X-Mas and all :P

    They should have 8 hearts of health (16 HP) and are used to obtain venison.

    Venison is basically exactly like steak, so that's kinda boring.

    But it's at least something

    Anyways, you can also get antlers, which you use to make spikes.

    Spikes can be activated like redstone, and much like Evolcation Fangs, they rise from the ground and stab you.

    Though, they base block of it looks like wood, with a hole on top, which the 3D spikes come out of.

    Anways, dumb idea and all, but let's move on to deserts

    Wait wait I'm not done

    So, in snow biomes you should have a chance to find a 'Ice Temple'.

    You can download the model here : (Not yet released)

    Inside, you can find Yetis, which will defend the loot, which you get like iron gear or even BETTER.

    You can find the gold every so and then, but you'll mostly find potions.

    So about Yetis, they are kind of like Iron golems, where they flip their arms and it throws you in the air,

    Except they have less health points, and obviously they look much different.

    Also, if you're far away, they pick up snow blocks and throw it!

    That's kinda good I guess :unsure:

    Anyways, they have about 50 HP, (25 hearts) and do 4 hearts of damage in melee.

    Thrown snow blocks do 5 hearts of damage, (remember this is all without any armor) and also inflict slowness on the victim.

    Now onto desert biome improvements.

    You are able to find 'Sandcastles' which is an outer wall surrounding a more like modified sandstone village.

    You find sandstone trading posts, and also sphynxes,

    Also a giant pyramid in the middle, which has a maze and stuff in the middle.

    Also, let me talk about the new blocks.

    Blocks in the Snow Biome should have a 'Tumbling Rock' and also 'Sliding snow'

    Sliding snow is an avalanche simply.

    If placed, will slide in the direction that leads downhill.

    They also break trees, which breaks the actual blocks and drops it.

    Also, tumbling rocks are similar, where they fall downhill.

    The look like more bulky stone blocks, and don't just teleport down the hill, they have a falling animation and all.

    Also, leaves of any kind should actually drop leaves, (About 2 per block) when not using shears.

    Like not leaf blocks, actual


    So, with these you an stack them, in a pile of 10, which is kind of like you know in Autumn where kids just make leaf stacks and jump in them

    Yeah like that

    So, they break your fall, so if you were to jump (at the maximum) of 15 blocks high onto it, they leaves will break your fall then burst apart.

    Now, sand deserts contain Sand Traps, which basically is a block update.

    You know when you have floating sand but if you update the blocks it will fall?

    It's like that, but you can place it so it falls when something is nearby

    Also, they should add quicksand, which is in the pyramid mazes.

    Now, we only have rain, thunderstorms, and snow, so I decided some stuff we should add to those, too.

    When it rains elsewhere, in deserts there are sandstorms.

    Basically, if you don't have leather armor on, you will start to suffocate. Much like underwater, there's a bar which goes down.

    Also, it gives you slowness, because we don't see people in real life with some clothes running at max speed in sandstorms


    Now onto Ocean improvements

    I know, we're already getting 1.14 coming soon to update oceans, (Known as the Aquatic update) but I want to suggest some things BEFORE they make that happen.

    Instead of Elder Guardians effecting you with Mining fatigue, in a 50 block radius (filled, not 50 blocks away, 50 blocks fully filled) is filled with "Waste water". Waste water gives players Mining fatigue, so this can be used for some things :

    • Traps that players make for other players,
    • Alerting a player that a sea temple is near by

    Also, you can pick it up with a bucket, too.

    Also, you still get the Curse Elder Guardian Particle and sound, so you don't have to remove it.

    That would be some small stuff for this Ocean section, (which some of you were probably waiting for some actually good ideas) so there's more.

    You know Mojang is adding Sunken Ships and all that?

    Well this is kinda related to that

    I dunno I didn't read the whole entire aquatic update announcement (or hear it) so I don't know if this is already there.

    It would be good if parrots spawned at sunken ships, you know the pirate feel and such :)

    Also, random chests should be spread across the ocean containing general ocean-like loot.

    There should be waves that come up when near the entrance to an ocean, (when you're at a beach for example)

    Scuba gear should be craftable, but has pretty low durability so that it doesn't beat the purpose of water-breathing potions

    Also there should be "Fins" you can attach in your chestplate slot, which make guardians passive for a few seconds upon encountering them.

    Anyways, I'll add more stuff sometime soon, (or not) but mostly those downloads for those buildings and such, but besides that, thank you for reading.

    Cool, you got some reindeers! I believe that we should be able to ride them too!

    Yeah I don't agree with the antler 'spikes' since it would break too easily.. antler is a bone marrow, so if they did add spikes they'd have to add the bone variation, yeah?

    How many Yeti's spawn when you enter the temple, if its too much then it'd probably just kill the player instantly depending what they're wearing.

    About the 'sandcastles' I think you mean a 'Masada' a better name for a sandcastle since its a wall.

    I can see where you're going with the sandstone trading posts.

    About the pyramid, what's the 'stuff in the middle'. Clarify for me.

    Who wears leather armor? Most people wear iron or diamond.. nothing else unless they've just started. The sandstorm is too extreme, I don't want to be suffocating just because I don't wear leather.

    Urmm.. parrots spawning at sunken ships?? eh.. they'd drown right! A sunken ship is found underwater - no parrot should spawn underwater its un-natural!

    How would you craft the fins?

    Uhh.. well 15% support - the kindest I can be here.
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    posted a message on Better writing/reading stuff
    Quote from Clen_ยป

    Boring introduction you can skip :

    While trying to create adventures maps, I was worried by the lack of RP when it comes to the reading : you're forced to use a chest to store the books ; even if the text you wanna give to the player is short you'll need to give him a whole book, the bookshelves are just a decoration...

    Here are my suggestions to make minecraft writing/reading system better :

      • The "writable paper" item (crafted with 1 paper, 1 ink and 1 feather) is like a writable book, but with fewer room to write (~140 letters only)
      • When crafting a bookshelf block, it will be empty. If you have a book in hand and you left click on the bookshelf block, then your book will be placed inside. If your hand is empty and you left-click on a book placed in a bookshelf block, then you'll take the book.
        • Books can be colored to appear differently in the shelves
        • The title of the books could appear on the spine of their "in shelf" texture
          • Enchanted books should be recognisable. I personnaly think it should be a colored drawing on the spine, but I await your ideas !

    Additionnal ideas to discuss :

    • Shelves can also store discs ?
    • What would trigger the enchanting table upgrading effect ?

    A book in total is 12,800 characters long, and only has 50 pages. 12,800/50 = 256. We should make the paper have the capacity of 256 characters, mathematically.

    Also can the paper (writable) be stored inside of a shelf? I mean in its flat position?
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    posted a message on Mud Block

    Quote from Mancu32ยป

    Using a bucket of water or rain fall on a block of land. It has the same duration of blows as a block of slime

    Quote from C1ffยป
    And he never said anything about rainwater

    Eh.. he did. Rain water comes from the rainfall cycle.

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