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Hey, I'm Buckwheat Paektu, a buck who likes to use the Minecraft Forums to find mods to enhance my gaming experience and help fellow modders or those learning to code create good mods. Though I'm no Java expert, I have experience in C.

My experience in showcasing mods will be advantage to those who want to find that fun mod that they can use to play with friends! I also will work on making mod packs that will benefit small modders to make them get more 'seen'.

Send me your mod thread and I'll review them! (or hak packs, as some call them :P )


I like to listen to Teresa Teng and do karaoke to her music, it's really fun though I'm not a good singer! I also like to play on games like EverQuest 2 and sometimes roleplay! Learning other languages also make me happy and I enjoy coding in C and making art!

Location Ichinoseki, Iwate

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