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    posted a message on The Diamond Dimensions Modpack - New Dimensions, Mobs, Weapons & More! [9,400 DLs/35,000 Players!]
    If you guys want i am downloading all the mods manually then I will put it in a .rar file then I will post it on mediafire so you can play the diamond dimensions!
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    Hello guys,

    at the moment i have been modelling and coding and things like that and i randomly made a bigger on the inside feature so I decided to tell everybody i am making a Bigger On The Inside Client Mod!

    Very Big Doctor Who Client Mod Reference

    Very glitchy and so I can not release a public version and whenever i take screenshots my game crashes because of inter-dimensional thing and it also deletes the image so if it was allowing me to take pics i would post it up straight away!

    This is now officially the BOTICM (Bigger On The Inside Client Mod) Team so if you want to apply just msg me on minecraft forums and just to let you know it does not mean you get the BOTICM just because you are in the team. You can code using programmes and i will decide who gets the Client Mod.


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    posted a message on Doctor Who Client Mod - Open Alpha Now Available to play NOW! (Bigger on the Inside, TARDIS Flight, Planets, Sonics & way MORE!)
    You know what

    people stop asking for download

    and ikingsSGC thank you so freaking much (from peter capaldi!)


    (i actually met peter capaldi (the twelfth doctor) and I told him about the dwcm and he said my freaking gosh i seriously can't believe they are making an in game mod based on me thank them from me!)

    God it is so exciting telling me to tell you thanks for a mod for a game!!!
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