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    If Notch decided to jump into my server and destroy everything simply because he didnt like it. I would move the **** along and make a better server. Because I did something wrong.
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    Bry's World
    Bry's world is a new server I started up about 3 days ago.
    The original plan was for this to be a private server but I wish to open it up.
    So if you would like to join. Please apply with the following format
    The server is pretty relaxed. But I have a ZERO tolerance policy on griefing.
    My policy is you get 1 Warning, 1 Temp Ban, 1 Perma ban. In that order. Serious Griefing will jump to Perma ban, No exceptions.

    Server Ip:

    Have you ever been banned?:
    Why do you want to join the server?:


    BigBrother: Anti-Griefing tool

    Essentials: Adds many features like /home and /warp

    FLTDetector: Disable placement of Fire, Lava, and TNT

    LWC: Lets you lock your chests, doors, furnaces, etc.

    Worldedit/Worldguard: Allows me to easily change terrain for projects like towns and is also an Anti-Griefing Tool.

    Other Info

    There is no Whitelist but users cannot break or build blocks until I approve of your application and you've read the rules.

    I would also prefer anyone applying to be age 14 or older but I can make exceptions. PM me if you are under 14 and we will talk about your application.
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