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    I have the same problem... I uploaded to Kn3.net, in jpg, and png.

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    Great idea!!

    It would be great, and I have another idea:

    What if the birds can send messages, or explore maps? I don´t know how can they do it, but it would be great that they could do things that aren´t just for decoration.

    Bye, luck with that.
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    Hello. After anything, I want to tell you i´m from Argentina. we speak spanish here, and I don´t speak english very very well, so, tolerate my errors.

    OK, let´s start with my Idea.

    I have a creative map, where I can (and I make) all my New circuit/machine/etc. Ideas.

    When I had to connect a lot of redstone wires, I was forced to make a lot of bridges, where place and cross wires. It was more difficult to make these bridges, than thinking and making the Mechanical/funcitonal part of my machine (exactly, a 2x2x2 Piston Elevator)

    So, I had this Idea: Have the possibility to Craft a wire, with 9 Redstone dust (in the 3x3 Crafting table) which have the possibility to be connected, firstly to 2 points, determined by the player. Also, the max distance of these points should be of 9 blocks in all directions. If player tries to overcome that distance, he mustn´t be able to move. Then, if you put a redstone wire (crafted) and add a wire crafted with 6 redstrone Dust, you will get a 15-block redstone wire.

    The redstone should be able to be bifuracted, and make a node, so the current flow will go to another point.

    If anybody is Interested in this idea, please send an e-mail to [email protected] , with the thread "Redstone wire", and i will send you images of my idea.

    Thanks for reading.

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