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    posted a message on Pencils
    Hi to all, I have a new idea.

    PENCILS. Yes, pencils to paint every place.

    Actually, dyes only can dye leather armors and wool. Why not pencils?

    To craft a pencil, we need: Dye (anyone you want) and a stick.

    We can craft them in the 2x2 inventory crafting. We put a stick and a dye under it. We created a pencil.

    But, there is a problem. We can´t fill the creative item selection with coloured pencils, so we can use a dying system like leather armors.

    Pencils will be displayed like "Pencil Dyed"

    Pencils must have a durability, for example, 15 blocks (of lenght). A player will can draw lines, curves, etc, but them will have a lenght; when the pencil reachs 15 blocks of use, it breaks and dissapear.

    I know that pencils and the drawing system will be difficult to create, but it will be very useful; people can decorate their walls, their floors, and they can make art or paintings.

    I don´t like painting or arts, but it is a nice idea for MC.

    TO MOJANG: If painting on any block makes difficult, create something to make paintings (like a in-game menu, using the "painting item". To paint something, a player should have the colours it want to paint on the painting, on its inventory. The paintings are saved on the server HDD, or in the player's HDD in case of playing on single player mode.
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    posted a message on Placeable books
    Hi to all I want to tell you my idea.

    Have you ever played on a server? I think so.

    Well, sometimes, we want to display a message in a wall, or somewhere. We have to craft large quantities of signs, and we have only a few lines to write.

    We have books, we can write them, and sign them. And... why not placing them?

    Once we have finished writing on it, we sign it. Then, we can left click on any block (except glass, signs, not-entire blocks, etc), and the book will "stick" on it.

    Then, we left click on it another time, and in our HUD we can read the book (like we actually do to read a book).

    We can break it to place it somewhere else.

    The advantage is that any player will be able to read it, and we only occupied a single block space to display a large message, while with signs, we would occupe, for example 10 or 15 blocks.

    That was my apport, I hope you like it.
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    posted a message on Firework Ring, Synchronized Detonation?
    You have to find the way to give each dispenser the same delay. If you want a "firework animation", you must NOT close the circuit; you have to make an incomplete ring, so the fireworks will can be deployed at different times.

    Use repeaters, like this


    L is the lever
    R is Repeater
    D id dispenser with fireworks.

    Give the circuit any shape you want.
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    posted a message on CD recorder
    Hi to all, well I have a short idea to tell to you.

    I don´t know if it is a good time for this, because we are nearer and nearer to an update, but that is not important.

    My idea is a "CD recorder", it can be useful if a player want to create his own music, and do not be limited to (i think) 8-12 actual CDs.

    The recorder would be crafted like this:
    It uses diamond because in real life, diamond is so hard, so it is used to engrave

    And when someone left-click the recorder, a GUI will be shown, it has one space for the CD (then I will show you how to craft), and 8 to 16 notes (mojang choice)

    The player can change the notes and their duration, so create a custom song. The CD max time is 2 min.

    The CD is crafted like this; and uses diamond because it has to be hard to obtain

    If a player press esc or E before engraving the CD, the data will permain until he engrave it.

    The player can listen the CD before engraving it, so if the song is not the provided, he is not going to lose the CD.

    Once he want, he click on "record" CD, and it takes a time to record the song on the CD.

    I hope you like my idea, it is no essential for the game, I know, but creating CDs would be funny, and you can exchange your creations with another people on a server.

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    posted a message on Palm Trees And Bananas
    Hey, nice idea, I support it.

    Ypu should think any use for bananas or coconuts, because for eating only, mojang will not create it... they are so lazy these times...

    If you give bananas and coconuts a use, like brewing or something, you plus chances.
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    posted a message on Redstone isolated wire
    But I am not talking about colored wires! I want placing the wires the way they were placed.

    As lots of people say; they would welcome it if mojang create it.

    Who said that mojang will have to create about a 1500 line code?

    As we can see on Repeaters or signs, they are placed depending of the side you are appointing/seeing

    They should create some codes, yes, but it is very useful, their effort would create an innovation.

    To create anvils, and new biomes they have to create codes too, but in all the updates they have to work, life is like that.
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    posted a message on Furnaces can be upgraded into Forges and Ovens
    I posted a similar idea, but laughed on my face... Now, I am going to support your one, because I like this idea.

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    posted a message on 12w41b Snapshot Ready for Testing
    I like the anvils, In my server only the "kings" (rank) could repair items, and the users with low probabilities.. I like this idea, let´s see how it works.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w42a Available For Testing! Early!
    Nice, I am going to test it.. The next week it will officialy developed?

    ... I want mojang reading my topic, lots of people likes this idea, and it would be great if you put it in minecraft, specially for redstoners.

    Click on my signature to see my topic
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    posted a message on More Ores
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    Bronze - There's no uniqueness here. This is just a copy of gold but weaker, watering down the want/need to get this stuff. I think the higher enchantability should stick with just gold. There's no need for another material to share that spotlight.
    Tin - This is just a copy of iron...
    Copper - We already have plenty of Redstone devices that get the job done. What originality does copper bring? Wood and string already gives us our tripwires.
    Sulfur - Again, what makes this original and unique? You're taking gunpowder and just slapping it in the Nether.
    Nether Gem - I will admit that I can't think of a better name at this time, but "Nether Gem" is extremely bland. Putting a "Nether" prefix on things isn't creative at all.

    So yeah... All of what you suggested doesn't bring anything original or interesting. All of these new ores are just simple tweaks of ones we already have, so there's no point in adding extra cave clutter and wasting programming time for any of them. Sorry that I had to bring my negative suggestion-bashing attitude for the 1000th time. No support.

    First, It is a nice idea, I support it.

    Then, I had an idea a few weeks ago, "redstone isolated wires"

    We can replace redstone or iron for copper, it brings the wire conductivity.

    Please, share and support my idea, click my signature!
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    posted a message on Gold Wire

    It was MY idea, Isolated wire, crafted with iron, redstone and iron...

    Click on my signature, SUPPORT my idea, I made it before, and it has images.

    I support your one too, I want more compact circuits. CLICK MY SIGNATURE, SHARE!
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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    It would be a nice Idea, Crafting motors, the shape you want, nice....

    I can imagine a cruiser, carriers or floating-houses....

    If they can create boats and ships, they have to be able to create machines, like trucks, mining trucks, planes, combine hervasters, etc, all for doing MC works easier.
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    posted a message on Torch in Hand is Lit and Glows
    It is a nice idea, but, as tjohn6401 said, It would be buggy. Don´t answer me why, but it is difficult to illuminate different areas, or change the luminosity fast.

    Try making 4 frequency generators, with 4 different frequencies between them, and connect them to redstone lamps, in a Multi-player server.

    It makes a lot of lag, not too much, but it is annoying.

    Nice Idea, I would like Mojang fixing or making it less buggy/laggy.

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    posted a message on Redstone isolated wire
    Thanks, Talons7331. How he says; I am talking about something WITHOUT mods, something that can be used by everyone, in all the servers, without installing mods or plugins.

    Coloured redstone Is not a bad idea, but I prefer all the redstone of a same colour.

    EDIT: Another thing: Redstone can´t be placed on a wall, or under a roof, isolated wire can, and I like it because It can be very useful, and actual redstoners (I am) can continue using redstone, and we are going to see that isolated wire is useful for a lot of things more. I want to remember this:

    It can resist water
    It can climb walls
    It can conduct upto 20 blocks, instead of 15.
    It can be placed UNDER a block
    It resist fire and lava (new)
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    posted a message on More space in item selector HUD.
    Hi to all. Well, I wanted to do a short suggestion:

    What if in creative mode, we could have more than 9 items ready to use?

    Sometimes I am building something, and I have to open the inventory, move blocks, search and more.

    I know that we have 9 spaces in RTU (ready to use) because our numeral keyboard has 9 numbers (without 0), but a lot of users uses the scroll mouse wheel...

    In options there should be an option which say: "ready to use spaces: (1-15)" you can choose between 1 and 15 spaces, and it is set in 9 by default.

    And now I am thinking, in survival it can be used too.

    I hope mojang read this, and put this option in 1.4.

    And another thing.. Support my idea!!! |

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