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    posted a message on NO LONGER ACCEPTING. PLEASE DON'T APPLY.
    Hey, I read, but are you longer accepting?

    IGN: BrunoARG
    Age: 16
    Country: Argentina (GMT -3:30)
    Redstone Knowledge: 7
    Skype(Yes,with skype name or No): Modem00 (actually my mic is broken, but I'll try to fix it soon)

    If you are accepting, I can explain my creations to you.
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    posted a message on 2x3x1 Memory Cell (Vertically Stackable)
    Check if you can add a block at the back of the piston, and another at its side, but 1 block higher, so you can place a wire to read the cell, and another to write, being them insulated.
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    posted a message on why not redstone villagers
    Villagers are only useful to get rare things, like XP-bottles, emerald, enchanted books; enchanted items, chain armors, etc etc.

    As you see, redstone is not difficult to obtain.. if you mine at 12 layer, you will find redstone 1 or 2 minutes after starting.

    I don´t want Mojang doing this; it is too much effort, to something is not reeally useful.
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    posted a message on Useful "dispenser"
    I was thinking... Why not make Dispenser using an item on the block in front of it? In 1.5 we have a dropper... so; Dispenser, as it can be able to throw arrows, lava and water, it should be able to use the rest of the items... If I want to drop an item to pick it up, I should use a dropper, not a dispenser; right?
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    posted a message on Useful "dispenser"
    Hi everyone.

    I approach posting this, before 1.5 redstone update being official, and not a pre-release.

    Well, I got a great idea a few weeks ago, but I don´t know how it will be called. (Notch, please think this block name).

    For example, when you right-click a block, with some items, you get a result; for example: Sapling and bone meal; you get a tree.

    My idea is a kind of useful block like a dispenser, but instead of dropping the item it has inside, use it on the block adjacent to it.

    For example, I want to grow a sapling up; I place this new block next to the sapling (not on it, because tree isn't going to get enough space to grow).

    Then, I open this new block menu or inventory, and place bone meal (which is used to grow up the sapling). Finally, I place the sapling (why not with another "useful block") on a dirt/grass block and Send a Redstone signal to the "useful block" which has bone meal inside it.

    I will get a grown tree.

    But it can't only grow up trees.. it can be used to create complex and useful machines, to simplify the hard work.

    Can I explain myself? I hope yes.. If you didn't understood, please let me know, I will give more examples to make you understand my idea.

    Please, reply what do you think about this, and please post a name to give to this "useful block", because I don´t know how to call it.

    Bye, thanks for your time.
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    posted a message on Nether quartz dust
    Hi everyone. When I noticed that nether quartz was going to be developed in the next update, I had this idea:

    Why not crafting nether quartz dust, with nether quartz? (NQ=Nether quartz)

    Because NQ is used to create electronic components...

    It is like: You obtain NQ, put it in one space of a crafing table (or inventory crafting). You will obtain 1 nether quartz dust every 1 nether quartz mineral.

    But it is not all: NQ dust has a particularity: It will not join redstone dust (normal redstone wires), so we will be able to create smaller circuits and machines (more compact).

    To join NQdust with redstone, we will need a redstone or NQ block (any of them) between the wires we want to join.

    I don´t know if it's a good idea that NQ dust could conduct signals upto 20 blocks instead of 15, NQdust would be more used that redstone.

    Another idea: Why not crafting non-delay repeaters with nether quartz?

    I gave this idea, because official update is going to be developed.

    I hope you like my idea; bye.
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    posted a message on Flares/ Flare Guns
    I like the idea of mob-scarer flare.. so useful.
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    posted a message on aquatic hostile mob
    You are right; we have ground mobs, air mobs (wither and ender dragon) but anything no the water.

    I think that in ocean or sea biomes, mojang can put sharks, and at rivers, piranhas and crocodiles (low chance of spawning), but they can hurt you.. and why not, killing you.
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    posted a message on Permanence Block
    Sorry for the delay!

    Now i entered again to MC forums, I have a great great new!! I don´t know if mojang read this, but magicly, a new block is going to be added to the next upádte: Hopper; items dropped on it, can be stored in chests and at in-hover inventory.

    Well, my idea was to drop a book and quil (with a message written on it) on this "block". Because it is not going to disappear 5 miuntes after (like al items), another player will be able to collect it when he connects. He will be able to read my message.

    Someone said that it can be possible with chests.. but in my server there is not police.. People would steal another people messages, it would be a mess!.

    Fortunately, mojang created Hopper block... mailing, automatic farms, etc

    Bye, thanks for "supporting"
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    posted a message on More Uses for Nether Quartz
    I don´t like the idea of plexiglass... we have glass, that's all, and it works good.

    I have a use for nether quartz: Lamps. Not redstone lamps, another kind of lamp, with more range, like 20 or 25 blocks.

    It would be crafted like:

    | Glass | |
    | | |
    ________ | _____________ |__________ |
    Glass | nether quartz | Glass |
    | | | <<-------Crafting table
    ________ | _____________ |__________ |
    | | |
    | | |
    Iron nigot | Redstone | Iron ingot |

    These lamps can illuminate large areas, larger than glowstone or torches can.

    This crafting has to do with electronics... but mojang is not going to create new metals, like copper or tungsten.. so, we can use this new mineral to craft new electronic things.

    And I don´t know if supporting or not your concrete idea, because we have lots of blocks to build.

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    posted a message on Permanence Block
    I was thinking... why not create a block, where items don´t dissapear?

    For example; a block hard to obtain in the nether or the end.

    It would help to create useful things; mails (dropping a book and quill), and more things.

    I will edit this later, I have not time.
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    posted a message on Piercing Arrows! Now with pictures!
    I support your ideas, but:

    Just an idea; Why not putting normal arrows into furnaces, to anneal, like made at real life with metal pieces, like swords, saws, saw blades, etc.

    And, Why not more range? You said For SNIPERS; If you add iron (heavier than stone or flint) the arrow should get more kynetic energy (basic physics). And, WHY NOT a craftable optic sight? I know that mojand is not going to create a "Optic sight" Item, but a kind of crafting, or enchanting would be good.

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    posted a message on New Blocks (Walls Mainly)
    We need better things; not just walls. Do you know? Walls are like fences; if you make a wall with "walls" you will get holes at the middle, not a wall. If you want one, put normal blocks, and that is all.
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    posted a message on Revolution in Piston Mechanics: Cars, Infinite memory, Piston Robots and More!
    Everithing very nice, but... say hello to robots and computers, and good-bye to automatic farms and so used mechanisms that works with actual piston behaviors.

    Don´t support
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    posted a message on Rotator Block!(Rotating blocks,rails ,redstone items and over Ton More Uses!)(Has lots of Pictures)*150+ Supporters!*-Control Th
    Do you want a useful application for this?


    Yes, like we craft golems, we should be able to build machines, like auto harvesters, mills, mining machines, cars, SHIPS, etc.

    It would be a great advance for minecraft; using energy, machines, fuel... MC must progress in time, or not? we are using arrows and swords, while in advanced MC we could use guns and machines.
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