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    posted a message on I am making mods.

    1. make so that you can teleport to an enderpearl before it hits a block by pressing a key

    2. make so that clouds can take different shapes (like heart or creeper)

    that's all the ideas I have

    Have fun creating your mods

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    posted a message on Teleport to enderpearl (mod idea)

    A mod that allows you to teleport to the enderpearl mid air when you press Alt (or other key).

    You can only teleport when you have more than 7 hearts (to make it more difficult to run away from a fight)

    It has a 10 seconds cooldown (so the player can't use the enderpearl as a mean to fly)

    The cooldown does't prevent you from throwing another enderpearl or doing anything else like shooting an arrow, block placement, water, and so on.

    The enderpearl would dissapear when you teleport to it. (yes)

    edit: 1.6.1? I'm pretty sure I put 1.16.5. oh well.

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