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    Quote from nightraider364

    IGN: assasin12364
    Age: 12
    Jobs I want: assassin
    Why you want that job and the experience you have in it: I want to fight against the monsters that try to destroy our worlds
    How long have you had minecraft: Since April the 2nd 2011
    Have you been in any other clans? No, I only started to want to join clans
    About yourself: I am really into minecraft and will mostly be on it

    I hope you will recruit me and I will fight alongside your clan forever
    I can assure you won't be accepted
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    Quote from Pheenixm

    player.fallDistance = 0.0F

    +1 please :smile.gif:

    +1 <3
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    Doesn't work for me :sad.gif:
    any help? it just had a red cross in the interface and when i clicked it it sayed something was wrong :/
    Quote from SemanticUK

    Hi, I REALLY want to use your program, but I hit a bug every time i load it up. I get an error saying 'Unable to load overlay image "overlays/thumbs.db" is resoloution a power of 2" I click okay past that and the program appears with no edit box, just the character preview. Any help or a fix would be great, I checked the FAQ but to no avail.

    Just like him if im not taking wrong...
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