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    Application Format to Join OneStep :
    IGN : BozoHimSelf
    Age : 13, almost 14.
    Gender : Male
    Experience in Raiding / PvP on Minecraft : I have previously been in several different clans like Semper Novum, Brotherhood of the creeper and one other "military" clan which I can't seem to remember the name of. Which in all of those I've had a pvp oriented job. I have been to several raids, but I have missed out on some of them because of my timezone (+1 GMT, Norway), I hope timezones won't hold me back from the action, but I'm mostly here for the social fun within the clan. I took a break from Minecraft for 6 months, so I might be somewhat rusty, but I'm eager to learn and hopefully I can reach the same standards as I once had.
    Have you ever known us or heard of us from before? : No, I just found you through the clan section and your thread/clan looked unique.
    What are your specialties? : Mostly pvp, however I know pretty much all potion recipes and I quite like making them. I'm social, like joking with people and hardly get offended so you can pretty much joke about anything. I'm quite experienced with mob traps aswell.
    If you want the job of Builder or Artist, Please include Screenshots here :
    Skype name? (PM me if you want) : Gaute Bozo
    Do you have a mic? : Yes, but only at my dad's house. My mum doesn't like me talking to "strangers" over the internet.
    Have you ever used a hacked client? If so, which ones? (This question doesn't really matter, just wondering) : No, I've never really understood the "joy" of it.
    Anything else (In this section, you may include other games you play, things that make you interesting, etc.)? I play several other games than Minecraft, I play DayZ, WarZ, BFbc2, Planetside 2, Counter strike 1.6 (I might get CS:GO) and APB Reloaded. I'm Norwegian so english isn't my primary language, but I understand you perfectly and I shouldn't be too hard to understand myself. After all I often end up talking more english over the internet than I would speak norwegian IRL. Lately I've been trying to learn HTML, which I'm learning, but I'm still a noob. Hopefully I'll be able to make propper websites. Unfortunatelly there's a problem, at my mum's my pc is equivalent to a toaster so I can't really pvp on that one, however at my dad's I have a beast of a computer. So I'm only able to help pvp wise every other week (I will get a new pc at my mum's asap, so don't worry too much about that.)
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    Quote from voloder2

    Great app! Accepted!
    You for serious?..
    you must be kidding.
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    posted a message on What Did You Think Of When You First Saw MineCraft?
    I thought that it wasn't too much of an interesting game, but then I saw videos on youtube where I realised that this game isn't really about the graphics but about the gameplay, I begged my dad for it and eventually he let me buy it... I think I started in early beta and I'm still in love with the game even though I'm running out of ideas to build, therefore I joined a minecraft clan called the brotherhood of creepers, great clan you should join it, wow I'm allready promoting my clan ^_^ Btw we have cookies and milk..
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    I would like to see a disco/rave with this ^_^
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    Quote from TAMASHIxSOUL

    IGN: Wizim

    Age: 15 (16 on the 18th of July)

    Job(s) you want: Miner, Builder/Architect, Assassin

    Why you want that job and the experience you've had in it:


    Miner: It's the simple thrill of mining and finding those oh-so-precious ores.
    Builder: I thoroughly enjoy building, and would like the job because of that fact.
    Assassin: Well, I'm very observant, and can be a great asset in this job. I'd be on the server for many hours a day, and could most definitely be a spy.


    Miner: I've spent 95% of my time in singleplayer underground mining. I've dug out enough to know-how, and make it look good.
    Builder: I'll let my actions speak louder then words. http://www.minecraft...6#entry16040546
    Assassin: I've had some experience in this type of class. Spying is one of my..er..specialties. I've used it to infiltrate many a factions bases, and leave with all their supplies.

    How long you've had minecraft: around 2 years now

    Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, although they've all died out now.

    About Yourself:
    Hmm..Well for starters, I'm a megabuilder. From the U.S.A. and slightly proud of it. I'm on minecraft 95% of my day(when not in school). I've been mass building for servers for a year now, and so far so good. I am handy with photoshop, which I've been using almost a year and a half now. I do have a skype(will not tell unless i get in). I've never run a server, due to the fact my router is stupid about portforwarding. I can record LPs or short commercials for you. I do have a youtube account, though nothing has been uploaded yet. I change my MC skin often, though if asked I wont. I've been in 3 MC clans before this, and achieved second in command in 2 of them. I'm a devoted clan member, and will be online 95% of the time. I'm also an avid writer. Sorry I'm not good with writing "About Me"s, if there's anything else just ask
    Nice app, I'm pretty sure you'll get in ;)
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    Quote from CRiMS0N_D3V1L

    :Diamond: IGN (In game name): CRiMS0N_D3V1L

    :Diamond: Age: 15

    :Diamond: Job(s) you want (Listed Below): Assassin and/or miner.

    :Diamond: Why you want that job and the experience you've had in it: I've played on many raiding servers and have raided many bases. I have acquired many necessary skills from watching raiding videos. I am also very sneaky and stealthy. I can also mine efficiently.

    :Diamond: How long you've had minecraft: About 7 or 8 months.

    :Diamond: Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, I've been in TeamDynamite and DTK.

    :Diamond: About Yourself: I'm looking for a good clan to join and have fun playing in.
    Thanks! :D - CRiMS0N_D3V1L
    I'm not the one that decides but I'm pretty sure you won't get accepted by the lack of information in the app..
    Put some extra text maybe? not to hard ;)
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    Quote from Nanou

    Yes, that could have sufficed, but im SICK of people who just DONT READ WHAT IS NESSESARY TO GET IN!

    Thank you :)
    Yes we are active, especially me xD, im a european, so yes, that would be european time xD.
    Awsome :P I added you on skype and I would like to talk to you about the clan.
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    Quote from Nanou

    First, denied because of the lack of details. Second, denied because of the lack of photos for scientist. Third, denied because of the lack of photos for builder. Fourth, denied because of the lack of photos for engineer. Fifth, denied because you actually might think this will get you in.
    I just loved reading that post ^_^Btw are you guys active?
    especially for european time?
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    posted a message on 12w25a Desert Village / Temple / Jungle
    No blacksmith? :o
    That's it I'm not going to try the snapshot :D
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    posted a message on Mushroom Biome Seed! 1.2.5 Spawn in front of biome.
    I don't really think mushroom biomes is that good.. I know you can get alot of mushroom stew but you could just as well eat something else..
    It's just rare so many people want to find one, and just right clicking a cow and get infinite food is far too cheap for me.
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    posted a message on Mushroom Farming Questions
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    posted a message on What's your best Cave Loot?
    Wow :o that's a nice cave!
    I've maybe only gotten 13 diamonds of one at most! You're one lucky guy ;)
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    posted a message on Most useful potion?
    I like healing potion the most because I have a skeleton xp farm and I also like speed potion because you can run so fast..
    The fire resistance I haven't really got any use for yet. I haven't used fire.. strength.. or harming
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    posted a message on Eagle Imperium Recruiting! [Squads] [Ranks] [Organized]
    In game name: Bozohimself, don't mind the bozohimself on newgrounds that's someone else I tried to google myself and he was all over the front page..

    Age: I'm 13 years old, but don't worry I'm pretty mature for my age and I will take the clan seriously.

    Timezone: I'm from Norway so that's GMT +1

    Desired Position: I would like to be a soldier, or an archer if that's needed, I could do either one of them I'll take whatever position between soldier and archer that is the most necessary for the clan.. And for the peacetime job I could do uhmm.. Alchemist because I know all the recipes and I'm fairly good at it, or if farmer is needed I could take that, you decide ;)

    Previous Clans: I've been in alot of clans I started in clans for maybe 1 year ago or somewhat like that, first it was semper novum but in a weird situation and didn't really know what was happening and noone was able to tell me about anything so I left the clan.. I then moved over to another clan over the same server which was called SOM I think don't really remember too much of them now, it was on the qonquest server (great server). Then I left SOM or whatever it was called because I was the only one online at my time because they were all from america so I switched clan to a semi european clan called something with ghastholes or something, don't really remember why I left them but I did. I then joined some clan called Markham or something around those lines, and I was in for maybe 2-3 months don't really remember and then left because it was kind of a military fanatics clan that took the whole thing to serious. And then I joined a little clan which I don't really remember anything of for 4 months since maybe (?) and noone could tell me anything so I gave up and then since I couldn't remember the name of the clan I couldn't find the page and post that I was leaving them, but because of my inactivity I asume they've kicked me by now. That's it for my clan history as you see I've been in alot of clans and got some great experiences but many of them just didn't fit me. I'm looking for a clan that raids has fun and just doing things together but also taking the clan bit serious, hope it wasn't to much for your eyes to read ;)

    Current Clans: I'm not in any clans for the moment, but I hope to join yours :D

    Why Us?: I was browsing the clans forum looking for a clan with decent amount of members and cool people, and by looking at the posts I think I've found the clan I would like to attend in and just make friends.

    How active will you be?: Maybe abit too active, I'm on everyday 3-5+ hours a day and would be on the server most of that time. Once I get into something I really focus on it and just chill out on teamspeak..

    Do you have TS3? If so will you be active?: Yes, I do have teamspeak and I will be there pretty much most of my time when I'm online.

    Do you have a mic?: Yes, I do have a mic, but take in concideration that I'm only 13 years old and English isn't my first language even though I sometimes know more English than Norwegian ^_^ But I will understand what you guys will say and I guess I will talk too.

    Location: I'm from Norway outside Oslo.

    A little bit about your self: I'm a 13 years old boy, I come from Norway and I love minecraft clans and getting to know people, and especially raiding :P I've been in clans for over a year now and I really like being in a squad and getting to know the people in the squad. I just woke up and I can't make up anything to write here :/ Hope this is enough for you.

    Suggestions: I see you guys don't have a server at the moment so if you don't have you should maybe make a skype group or something, they had that in GhastHoles and it really helped everyone to keep up to date.

    Anything Else: Yeah, about the rules: I'll maybe get back to that later..
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    posted a message on ForsakenCrafting [Recruiting][YouTube]
    I don't think I can though :/
    Are the videos recording of a skype call with all of us talking?..
    And I'm only 13 years old, english isn't my first language and I can't record, But... if you guys still just needs someone in the call and just help the gameplay, then I might give it a shot ;)
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