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    IGN: TaDaaaah

    Help us build a kingdom, then bring it to life!

    If you can't build, then that's okay. We'll just get you to replicate buildings, but if you can't learn to replicate things, then this isn't the place for you, but always keep an eye on my profile as it might open some day.

    This kingdom will soon become a server, and I've laid down around 20 buildings so far, including a very fancy castle. Join while you can!

    Host: TaDaaaah

    Admin: Badazzledtacos

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    posted a message on Fun new Survival server

    Live in the wild or build a town near spawn.

    Difficulty is in hard

    GT: TaDaaaah

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    posted a message on LAND OF THE GODS [] MCXone Survival mode town

    Also no mic is ok

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    posted a message on LAND OF THE GODS [] MCXone Survival mode town


    I didn't intend to spam, the last forum I uploaded wasn't showing up.

    GT: TaDaaaah

    The land of the gods is a survival mixed with an objective, to satisfy
    the gods, that is. Players must sacrifice blessings into a pit of lava
    by the spawn, or the gods will punish them. I plan there to be a town of
    players living by the temple. The temple is equipped with a beacon, and
    the more you sacrifice to the gods, the more blessings they give to
    you. Blessings include better beacon abilities, rare items, and animals,
    while punishments vary from sieges, burning buildings, or traps.
    color of the beacon depends on the gods' mood. Players are also allowed
    to build houses near the beacon, the nicer your house looks, the bit
    happier gods will be.
    Also, I just want to clarify this: Don't sacrifice yourself or others.

    Red = Angry, bring more sacrifices.
    Orange = Okay, you won't be punished but you won't be rewarded either.
    Green = Happy, blessings are soon to come.
    Purple = You're doing amazing, better blessings on the way.
    ( Blessings also depend on amount of players in the server )
    Black = You're currently/will be punished.
    Blue = Take a break. This beacon usually lasts 2 or 3 days. No need to sacrifice.

    I hope to see you there! Also, make sure you spell my GT right.
    GT: TaDaaaah
    Please send your request over the xbox one, as I won't check this forum often.

    Fire spreads: Usually off
    Host Privileges: On
    Friends of Friends: On
    Attack players: Usually off
    Nether resets every week.
    TNT Explodes: Usually off
    I recommend you live near the temple.
    I recomend you're 13+ to join game party chat.

    Anybody who's played a while in DreamyL's survival server.
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    posted a message on [] LAND OF THE GODS [] MCXONE Survival 12+

    Please send friend requests over the Xbox one, I won't check this forum for a while.

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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival Server - Open to the public, Mic not needed!

    Interested in joining, add me.

    GT: TaDaaaah

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    posted a message on MCXONE Survival town


    Ther is some sort of glitch that is denying players access into my multiplayer games.

    You can friend me, but I'll be waiting one more day to see if this resolves itself.

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    posted a message on MCXONE Survival town

    Just looking for fellow players to play in survival mode with me, and attempt to build a town.

    Hard mode

    Build your own housing

    No host privileges/creative previously enabled.

    13+ Community only

    Mic recommended not required.

    No crappy building

    Moderators can hit players

    I hope to see you all there!

    GT: TaDaaaah

    just started 10 - 15

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    posted a message on [] Kosgrove - Medieval Roleplay | Survival | Army | Dungeons/Quests | Commerce []

    Sorry for the multiple shutdowns, guys. AT&T is a pain sometimes.

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    posted a message on [] Kosgrove - Medieval Roleplay | Survival | Army | Dungeons/Quests | Commerce []
    GAMERTAG: TaDaaaah

    Protect the villagers and players from endless monster battles..
    Become the most advanced farmer in the continent.
    Buy out all the businesses in the city!

    These are just the few of many things you can
    accomplish in one of my newer servers, Kosgrove.
    Kosgrove is a bustling city, in which you never get bored!
    We have a deep RPG feeling, thanks to some of our dungeons,
    jobs, and events!
    The roleplay is so real, if you wanted, you could overthrow me
    from my throne and rule the city yourself!
    This also shows how lenient I am when we play this server.
    I'm sure by now both of us are getting bored of the talking,
    so let us put every aspect of the server into a series of lists.


    -Friends of Friends [ on ]
    -PvP [ on ]
    -Fire spreads [ off ]
    -TNT explodes [ on ]
    [ Nether is reset every week ]
    -Generate structures [ on ]

    -To the west is a HUGE snowy flatland, and can be used
    as refuge if you're wanted by the Kosgrove Empire.
    -Kosgrove/Arynsgale are both in plains.
    -To the southwest are some islands, perfect for anyone's
    pirate gang...
    -Players are allowed to purchase/live in realistic-looking airships.

    The following lists jobs most players can be.
    -Mayor, king if you're an active citizen.
    -Fisherman / Hunter / Farmer
    -Miner / Lumberjack
    -Thief / Assassin ( Yes, you can be bad, if you're not caught )
    -Builder / Construction worker
    ( Currently the highest paying job, but you must be VERY good at building. )

    -Siege | Monsters attack the city, and this is where the soldiers' come in.
    -Drop party | Self Explanatory
    -Execution | If Thieves or Greifers are caught by guards, they'll have a public execution
    then get banned for a day. Don't get caught fellas!
    -Rebellion | At least three players must be present.
    Soldiers and citizens fight for their lives and freedom.
    If you die, you're put into a "lobby", until the battle is done.

    Dungeons - These are actually rewards given by the king, TaDaaaah, to good and active players of Kosgrove.
    The prizes are worth the effort...
    Arena - More specific rules in-game. Fight monster in front of your friends and earn lots of money for every round you make it through!

    -No greifing ( Automatic execution and ban )
    -No stealing ( Guard must hunt you down, either execution or jail time )
    -No killing ( Guard must hunt you down, then execution, unless it's 2+ in a row then automatic ban. )
    -No assault/battery ( On citizen, jail time. ) ( On guard, execution but with no ban after that. )
    -TaDaaaah will NOT help you if you die. Tell a guard.
    -No being an idiot ( Dieing, respawning, then killing people multiple times = 2 day ban )
    -NO PUBLIC MIC CHAT WHATSOEVER - just join a party instead. Public mic chat is reserved for political figures ONLY!
    -Use common sense ( depends )

    Please notice the server is NOT OPEN YET!
    It will open 6/28/2016,
    6:00 A.M.
    But send me a friend request in the meantime, my gamertag is
    Just like that.

    See you all soon!
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    posted a message on Kosgrove | Medieval City roleplay | CIVIL WAR

    Hello there, lad! This is my sixth or seventh time posting a forum about Kosgrove, but I finally have something special this time! There's a rule in this server where if the kind dies three times, he's out! And a rebellion is about to occur! We had many assassination attempts to the king already, and the best solution to these lawless beasts seems the force of a rebellion. If you're not interested in fighting, you have Nada worries! We offer many other ways of gaining our precious currency ("NG") such as
    -Owning a shop
    -Providing service to the military

    Every job provides you with currency called NG. Originally, it was GN, and stood for Golden Nuggets, but NG was easier to pronounce. Of course you're probably asking what ways you can spend NG on. For starters, we have property. You can always visit the property shop in Arynsgale if you want a custom-built house, or head to Kosgrove and buy a pre-owned home. I'll also let you buy ships if you're too fancy for a house!
    ANother major factor of Kosgrove is the keep-inventory, which sadly, is on. Every once and a while some idiot kills everyone in the server and tons of people rage because their precious NG and diamonds get lost!
    My GAMERTAG is "TaDaaaah" <-- CASE SENSITIVE! And without the quotes.
    If you're interested in this rebellion you heard earlier, you have to find the purple dagger group!
    Your only hint is that it's somewhere in the city...

    Here are some of the extra activities you can do!
    -Fight rounds in the arena!
    Win round 1, you get 50 NG.
    Win round 2, you get 100 NG.
    If you die, I take ALL your items and give them to the crowd!


    Want to join? Good for you!
    Here's my gamer tag, which is Case-sensitive correct.
    See you there!
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    posted a message on Arynsgale | Survival! | Jobs! | Rebel the empire!

    Hello, traveler!
    Welcome to Arynsgale, a pecaeful city where you
    can find your most desirable needs and wants!
    There are so many things you can do-
    Get a job!
    Become a rebel!
    Buy Warships!
    Live the life of a bandit!
    Just join us,
    and you can live the life in
    a mid 1700's town!
    Let me explain the details, shall I?
    Aryngale is a Colonial-themed game where players
    get to choose their own lifestyle, in a realistic
    gameplay experience. Earn your ranks from settler
    to an officer of the guard!
    From Beggar to a wealthy businessman!
    I'm not exaggerating, either.
    Yes, there are rules against killing in the city,
    greifing, stealing, and so on.
    But another interesting thing about this server...
    We won't ban you!
    It gets better..
    If you're not caught, you can get away with ANY crime!
    This offers you the chance to be a feared outlaw or expert theif.
    There's even a bank you can rob! But nobody has robbed it since..
    I'm sure lots of you saw
    "Buy a Warship!"
    and I'm not kidding.
    In this game,
    ships generate you money each day.
    Not only that, but you can live on them too!
    Not only that either, but they make you look awesome!
    We have a large variety in ships such as Schooners, Frigates, and those cool looking viking ships.
    But as you would've imagined, they are sadly VERY expensive...

    So join us!
    Arynsgale awaits you!
    Xbox Gamertag: TaDaaaah
    Remember, GT's are CASE-SENSITIVE!
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    posted a message on Kosgrove | Pvp Survival and Roleplay



    Hello, human!
    I know for a fact that you either know Kosgrove as
    "Kosgrove? That's a stupid name."
    "Ohmigod a rainbow thread!!1!"

    If you din't read the title, we're a mix of survival, pvp, and roleplay!
    We use the Natural resource pack. If you don't own it, just get the trial version.
    It says you can't save, but I'm the host, so technically it's free.
    There IS in fact a small town at spawn, so you can either live in the town or go right through to the survival.

    We have leniant rules (Mostly against greifing and PVP in town),
    but there is one rule in particular that makes us special-
    We aren't allowed to ban or kick!
    To give to your experience, we have the newest biomes and terrain, with tons of building space!

    We also have a currency system-
    Our currency is called "GN",
    short for "Golden Nugget".
    Of course, many other objects can substitute for golden nuggets.
    This includes:
    Diamonds - 32 GN
    1 GN for every 3 logs
    1 GN for every 8 Cobblestone/quarried stone
    Emeralds - 32 GN.
    For more information, report to our financial center in-game.

    Still not sure about joining us?
    But there's so much to do!
    For example:
    Overthrow the king (I'm still an administrator, but I don't own the spawn town)
    Steal from or murder players, and hide from the guards.
    Or just become the guard..
    Own a shop.
    Own a house.
    Own a WARSHIP!
    (Yes, with cannons)

    Yes, Kosgrove has slaves. Don't worry! Only the prisoners do forced labor.
    You still have to get a slavery license of course, but prison slavery is a good eye for an eye thing.
    Unless you are the slave..
    You could either
    Buy your way out of slavery, which you get ALL your items back-
    Or ESCAPE! If I see you are finally free, I'll cut off your "Shackles"
    and I'll allow you to build and mine.
    Then maybe get your revenge on that mean slave owner...

    Administrators only enforce
    "No PVPing in town"
    "No greifing".
    All other rules are up to the guards to enforce.

    Friends of Friends - On
    Trust players - off
    Fire spreads - On
    Daylight Cycle - On
    Weather Cycle - off
    Resource pack - Natural texture

    Difficulty - Normal

    My Gamertag is "TaDaaaah" without the quotes.

    Send me a friend request to join the server,

    if the friend request glitch affects you, message me that over

    Xbox LIVE so I can add you instead.

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    posted a message on KOSGROVE | PVP AND CURRENCY

    Also, I spelled administrator wrong! I meant to say administrator, not administer!

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    posted a message on KOSGROVE | PVP AND CURRENCY

    A server made for hardcore players.

    Hello there! Welcome to Kosgrove!
    Kosgrove is a survival server with a
    variety of things to do.

    -It's against administer rules to ban!
    Only jail and execution.
    -Assassinate people, and hide from the guards!
    -Earn diamonds for building cool houses!
    -A property market, buy your own ship or mansion!

    AND A

    TaDaaaah (HOST)
    Walkerkiller44 (ADMINISTER)
    The first person to join..
    Gets 3 diamonds!

    -Pvp IN or NEAR the village and town at spawn
    (Depends on severity)
    -No greifing AT ALL.
    -No innapropriate stuff.
    -If you want me to hear your mic, join the party.
    (Minecraft's online audio systems is horrible)
    -No asking for flying abilities/moderator/etc.
    You'll never get the rank you asked for.
    -Don't be mean :(
    -Don't be stupid :3

    Still not sure it sounds like your game?
    Here's a bunch more information about our
    settings, and RANKS!

    Friends of Friends - True
    Fire spreads - True
    Weather cycle - False
    Daytime Cycle - True
    Difficulty - Hard

    PLAYER - Join da game..
    CITIZEN - Stay for a while!
    PATRIOT - You've stayed for quite a bit!
    EXPERT - You've made a discovery, or built a nice house.
    COUNCILMAN - You're a very respected community member!
    KNIGHT - When Knighted, a special ceremony is held!
    ROYALTY - Administrators and builders only! Show me an
    amazing creation, and I'll let you into the royalty rank.

    Last, and maybe least-

    When an event is about to happen, all players will egt notified, so they can prepare.
    The events can be negative or positive!
    Here are some examples:
    -Drop party

    (When a bunch of zombies and skeletons attack
    the spawn village)
    There is only ONE rule, and it's against greifing. Pvp is allowed everywhere!
    -Forest Fire

    I hope you're ready to join now!
    My Gamertag is "TaDaaaah" without the quotes
    (These --> " )

    Sorry for misspelling "Administer" Lol.

    I meant to say ADMINISTRATOR!

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