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My guidelines for judging suggestions:

-Is the suggestion detailed enough for me to understand it? If it isn't, you can't support it, right?

-Is there anything that needs to be cleared up? If so, ask about it.

-Would it be possible to implement into the game as it is? If it needs several rewrites of game mechanics, the suggestion might become to complicated or time-consuming to be worth implementing.

-Is the suggestion redundant? Don't give support to an idea that has been suggested before. If it is, say so. If possible, link to previous suggestions so the OP can see for himself.

-Would this suggestion fit into the game? Mainly think about balance here, since Minecraft doesn't really have a general theme. If something makes other items or mechanics obsolete, it should not be implemented.

My current Minecraft skin:

It's Robin, from Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Gaming, reading, and every animal that looks really weird.

Location Windmire, Nohr

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