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    Welcome to BroWorld!
    This server is made up of three cities, a working Marketplace, Creative area, Land plots for houses in City walls and much, much more. Currently there are four extremely active OP's and looking for members. BroWorld is looking for mature, respectful members who are eager to build and explore as well as assist other members along the way. Our ages vary from 14-22. Although there is not an age preference we are looking for MATURE gamers.

    Email the following questions along with your answers to [email protected]

    1.) First name, Age and Country
    2.) Why do you want to join BroWorld?
    3.) What skills do you have to offer?
    4.) What is your IGN for Minecraft?
    5.) What times are you able to play?

    After you apply, we will respond as promptly as possible with either:
    -The IP address for the server
    -A denial of your request with explanation
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    Welcome to BroWorld!

    Our server currently consists of two people (including myself). We have a small city already built including a castle, marketplace, bank, jail, hotel and other buildings. This is NOT a roleplaying server, we are just building for fun. We are in need of one or two OP's to keep the server when we are not around. We also need builders!

    If interested, please either:

    Email us at [email protected]


    Reply to this thread!

    We will send you the IP after we hear from you!
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    Quote from KingofStupidity

    I just wanted to know if anyone knew of some small server 3-10 players without many plugins

    Hey man! Just started a new Server, we have several buildings, just 2 members (including myself). Email me at [email protected] for the ip!
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    Welcome to BroWorld!

    BroWorld is a server that has just been started. We consist of a small town, Castle, Hotel, Jail and Marketplace. We have an up and running economy. We are looking for Builders and trustworthy OP's to assist us in finishing the server.

    If interested, email me at [email protected]
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