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    Hi, My Server is now on Season 2 and looking for some new members to fill the void! a brand new vanilla SMP server for 1.16 snapshots and eventual full release. This is a server for mature players i'll mainly be selecting players over 16 but there may be a few exceptions for people that aren't much younger.

    This world has been active for a while now but restarted on the nether update. Spawn shops made by players will help you catch up quickly along with help from the other players!

    This server is open to all players who enjoy multiplayer Minecraft, whether you want to set up shops and form a community or travel 1000's of blocks away and create your base.

    Few Datapacks are added such as 1 person sleeping and Mob heads... etc...


    Typical SMP rules apply here such as:

    No stealing, Griefing etc.

    PvP is only allowed where both players agree

    I respond fastest on Discord Bringhammoor#9850

    To join simply fill out this application below:




    Timezone (Optional):

    Whats your favourite/favorite thing to do in Minecraft:

    and send screenshots if you have them!

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    posted a message on Vanilla 1.16.3 Server w/Discord Community

    Looking for people to join our JAVA MINECRAFT SERVER, quite active, looking for mature and relatively decent Minecraft Java players.

    It's called Melon Colony and it's all about having fun in a safe environment with others.

    All we do is play Vanilla Minecraft and you can either do your own thing or work with the community! It is accessible to everyone who owns Java. With that being said, it must be made clear that we would rather have people aged 14+/15+ and mature on the server, (However you can still join if you prove yourself to be mature; stereo typically speaking, any younger and you can find a lot of immaturity)

    So far our server has many good builders that make the place look nice! we welcome goo builders and promise a safe environment.

    About the server itself:

    - We have a shopping area that mainly uses diamonds as currency (how generic)

    -We use discord to communicate.

    -We use quality of life data packs like: one person sleeping, armor stand book, npc heads, a few others listed in the discord.

    -We are quite early on in the world as we have just killed the dragon.

    -We don't support irrational behaviour such as: bullying, racism or any other form of profanity. This WILL result in a ban.

    -We have a WIP nether hub

    If all this sounds good

    Add me on discord Bringhammoor#9850!

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    posted a message on The Regular Server Season 2 (Hermit Craft Inspired)


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    posted a message on The Regular Server Season 2 (Hermit Craft Inspired)



    Our private server is going into season two. After about a year we will be restarting our map along side the release of the Nether Update!

    This is a server with a pre-established community of around 8 active players! (we don't kick for inactivity but prefer if you are committed.)

    we are collecting good builders to keep our server thriving of different culture and ideas. Currently the world has been up for about 10 months. I want to get new players in now and let them get a feel for the community before we restart! I believe that will help the integration when we transfer so people may be more familiar with each other. So far we are a tight group, our priority is the servers honor that it is a safe haven for all who want to play the ideal Vanilla Minecraft (A few non-game altering plug-ins, which will be explained if you are interested). We in no way tolerate hacking, X-raying, Build Bot, so any violation is a permanent because it shows to anyone you cant be trust worthy, and trust is key in this environment.

    Prerequisites: Be 16+, Screenshots of your builds. ( the more the better ), A reason why you want into a community (not just a server). Non-Dramatic & Respectful of others and their things. No Hacking or Third Party Clients (Besides Optifine)

    My Discord is - Bringhammoor#9850

    I should respond fairly quickly.

    If you see this and sounds good to you please send me a message! I hope to hear from you!

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    posted a message on CubeX Vanilla Survival!

    We are a small group looking to form a community for Veterans of Minecraft as well as prestigious builders!
    We are inspired by the Minecraft youtubers apart of Mindcrack and the Hermitcraft server so if you appreciate their server values you'll be right at home on CubeX!
    The server is strictly Vanilla (We have some exceptional server plugins to help the server run smoothly. Will be explained if further contact is made) Aswell as set on Hard.

    The server will be restarting after New years or at the time of the Nether Update (whichever comes second)

    So if you want to get to know the users that have already joined and want to enjoy a nice server DM me on Discord. The community is small and friendly and looking for new culture and builds so if you think you need a nice place to log into everyday this is the place to be!

    *Please have screenshots of your builds ready prior to contacting*


    You can reply here but contact may be slower!

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    posted a message on Join Floppy Realms!

    Hey Awesome im adding you on Xbox One,

    IGN: Bringhammoor

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    posted a message on Join Floppy Realms!

    Looking for some Bedrock edition players to join in on a realms and add their creativity to the surrounding spawn/world

    Survival Only

    Mic Recommended or discord at Bringhammoor#9850

    Add Bringhammoor on Xbox One if interested or the Discord above^

    Small server with about 4 active players so if youre looking to get back into Minecraft this is the way to do it, we have tons of helpful things at spawn to get you started.

    Rules though, dont be a jerk, dont steal or grief or take from farms without replanting, just treat it like a family

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