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    posted a message on I am building an adventure map and I need a build team

    I will gladly help! I love building, especially medieval/fantasy builds, but I can build other styles as well!

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    posted a message on Craftite SMP HermitCraft-Like Modded Server Looking for Dedicated and Fun Players!

    1. IGN: patrick11223344

    2. Skype and Optional Email: [email protected]

    3. Why do you want to Join? I really enjoy SMP servers

    4. Are you interested in learning more on our vanilla server? Not really. I am interested to be a part of the community and building though.

    5. Optional Age - 17

    6. How Mature do you think you are? Do you believe you are mature enough to cooperate in a community environment? I think I am mature enough to cooperate in a community environment.

    7. Have you ever been banned from a Server and Why? No

    8. Do you agree to our Rules. Yes.

    9. How much time do you think you can spend on the server daily? About 1-2 hours.

    10. What time zone are you in? UTC

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    posted a message on new server needs builders, mods, admins, and others (not 24/7)

    1. IGN: patrick11223344

    2. age: 17

    3: skype: I don't have one at the moment.

    4: what position are you applying for: Builder

    5: what makes you better than others: I have lots of experience and I can do exact copies (If someone wanted a specific build I could build it exactly if I was looking at pictures.)

    6: how will you help the server: I will be able to build for the owner and anyone else who would like help/build main buildings.

    7: on average, how much time will you be able to be on the server a day: About 1-4 hours on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. About 1-2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

    8: what is your experience level on a scale from 1-10: 8

    9: if 6 or higher, how are you experienced: I am a main builder on about three other servers.

    9: anything else to add: I am a fantasy/medieval builder.

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    posted a message on [Closed]

    IGN: patrick11223344

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    posted a message on KINDRED - Small community/OP builds - looking to add a few players


    1 IGN: [b]patrick11223344[/b]

    2 Age (it doesn't matter, so just be honest): [b]I just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.[/b]

    3 Skype (Send me a PM if you’re not comfortable to put it online): [b]I don't have one at the moment but I may be making one soon.[/b]

    4 What time zone/part of the world are you from? [b]UTC/ London, England[/b]

    5. Are you going to school (and what type) or are you working (what's your job)? [b]I just graduated from high school recently. I work at a cafe.[/b]

    6 Have you been banned on a server before(wont effect your chances, so just be honest)? [b]I have not.[/b]

    7 A little about your life: [b]I was born in London, England and have grown up there. I still live in London today. I love to draw, game, and listen to music. My favorite kind of music is Metalcore.[/b]

    8 What’s your experience with Minecraft? (when did you start, how long have you been playing?) [b]I have been playing for about five years.[/b]

    9: what are some great stuff that you built, What would you say your best at? Redstone? big buildings? etc.? [b]I'm rather good at building fantasy buildings.[/b]

    10 How often will you play? Are you daily? once a week? and for how long? [b]I will play daily for about a week. I am going on holiday with my family to Italy next Friday. When I get back I plan to play daily/weekly, it depends on how busy I am.[/b]

    11 If you have a YouTube channel, please post it's info here.(how often do you upload, subs, etc. etc.)

    12 Past experience on other vanilla servers? [b]I do have past experience on other vanilla servers. I have been part of two recently and many on the xbox.[/b]

    13 What is your favorite block? [b]Mossy Stone[/b]

    14: Anything/extra information? Feel free to post pictures of your past builds here!

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    posted a message on [Closed]
    Where are you from?: England

    Age: Just turned 18 a couple weeks ago

    Why should you be accepted?: I'm a pretty decent builder and I'm pretty good at redstone. Other than that I don't grief or steal or anything of the sorts. Etc. (I'm bad at these questions, please forgive that.)

    Any questions?: None at all.
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    posted a message on Can't log in

    Okay, so when I playing yesterday I exited out of a world to go into a different world. A message then came up saying that it failed to connect to the server.

    So I exited out of Minecraft and then restarted it. The same thing came up whenever I tried to enter any world. So I logged out to log back in and a message came up saying Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers. Please make sure that you are online or Minecraft is not blocked.

    So after awhile of trying to log in and restart it I went to www.minecraft.net and uninstalled it and then reinstalled it to see if that would work. It didn't. So can someone please help me with this?

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    posted a message on [SMP] [1.8] Brand new SMP server, now accepting!

    1. What is your Minecraft IGN?:

    2. How old are you?

    3. Do you have a skype? [Not required]


    4. Do you have a YouTube channel? [Not required]

    5. What do you hope to contribute to our server?

    I hope to build a shop or two and build my own house, etc.
    6. What is your favorite thing about Minecraft?

    7. Rate your redstone skills 1-10 and why:

    5, I think this because if I want to get something done with redstone then I can figure it out in my own way (it may not be the fancy neat way but it'll do)
    8. Rate your building skills and why:

    9, I would consider myself a good builder. I'm a pretty good artist in real life so when I build that creativity flows into the game.
    9. What is your greatest skill in Minecraft?

    Building, building secret entrances, etc.
    10. How often will you play on the server?

    about everyday
    11. Will you follow all rules, and report others if they are not?

    12. Last but not least, tell me why I should accept you!

    (I hate these questions xD) I think you should accept me because having more people on the server would help the server progress and thrive.

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    posted a message on SMP Community Server!

    This server has already stared a little bit. A spawn has been made, a couple shops have been built, etc.

    It will be survival, no creative whatsoever.

    We will build a spawn (in a plains biome of course) and there will be currency, etc.

    It will not be 24/7, unfortunately.


    -Have fun

    -No duplicates of shops or items

    -No stealing

    -Must build your house away from spawn, keep in mind that over time spawn WILL expand so don't build your house to close to it.

    -Respect others shops and homes.

    -Pay for the items at shops, do NOT just take them


    -If your shop is not finished within 10 days of the server being up your shop will be demolished.

    -If you have not been on the server within 10 days and has not given a good reason to not be, you will not longer be on the server.

    -If the rules are broken multiple times the server will end for a short amount of time. If the rules continue to be broken from then on the server will end permanently.

    Pranks are allowed, just nothing to crazy.

    PVP is allowed as long as the other person is okay with it.

    Currency will be diamonds, sometimes iron (if the price is to low to be diamonds)

    -To join-

    Message me the following (please message because I will most likely not be checking this page to see your information, etc.)

    Time zone:


    Specialty (Building, redstone, etc.):

    How long you think you'll spend on the server:

    and anything else you think you'd like to include.

    My GT: Hotmomma71611

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    posted a message on Creation world(looking for good builders)Anything from pixel art to redstone to house etc

    I'm a builder and somewhat good at redstone.

    GT: Hotmomma71611

    I share this account with someone else (my roommate) and she was the one who made that GT so please excuse it.

    If you do add me I would prefer to be called Alex instead of "Hotmomma".

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on New SMP server looking for players.


    (Sharing with a friend, might be making my own soon)

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    posted a message on New little community survival | White-list |

    Name: Alex
    Ign: Patirck11223344

    Age: 17

    Why would you want to join? I want to be a part of a community server.

    Have you ever griefed or stolen on a server like this? Not at all.

    Are you mature enough to be apart of a small community server? Yes

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    posted a message on Looking for huge plains biomes

    Okay, thank you.

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    posted a message on Looking for huge plains biomes

    I just switched from xbox 360 to PC and I really want to build in a huge plains biome but I can't find any.

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