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    Quote from Ascendents»
    Windows 7 64 bit SP1 , Minecraft_Server 1.8.3

    Java 8 Update 31 (64 Bit)

    Vanilla Minecraft

    I'm using this batch command for more RAM to the server

    java -Xmx10240M -Xms8196M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui.

    I Just want to make a Batch command to place in the startup folder to launch the command above from the minecraft server folder in my documents.

    Don't really matter your Os type.. if your really serious about dedicating your PC to just straight server work then.. All you have to do is create a shortcut to your batch file... in the local folder containing your server contents..

    Just go to your folder right click and create shortcut.. it throws it on your desktop or your local folder you just did it in depending on your os.. Then drag that into your start up folder.. I do this all the time..

    Also just so you know... IF your not going to have a GUI.. then your going to be forced to logging into your own server to shut it down using the stop command. Do you really want to Hide your GUI? I Normally keep mein open. after all i dont do anything else on the server.. its just a server :P and if forwhatever reason you cannot log into your own server but the server is running.. your going to need to externally command the Console to stop it or give it commands for certain things anyhow. Depending on your plugin listing/setup and mods setup.
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    THIS IS awesome thanks for the resources!
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    It has come to my attention that via a reliable source (From a Friend of mine whom is a Microsoft employee) has just informed me that if microsoft DOES in fact get the deal: then FORGE MOD users and Server runners running cauldron and other different types of Forge versions will no longer be supported. In other words.. ALL FORGE TYPE CLIENT AND SERVERS WILL CEASE TO FUNCTION!

    I am a Server runner 1.6.4 with the latest Cauldron forge based Java environments:
    Within three days.. My Friend (Dusk); whom works with mincrosoft: will be confirming these findings with Forge usage being rejected and restricted and to see if these findings will be infact true that microsoft intends to remove such functionality and create restrictions!

    THIS Is what he has stated so far and i quote:

    [7:38:30 PM] Dusk: they have no attion of letting forge take part in there systems rather due to they dont get any profit from them

    [7:38:45 PM] Dusk: so it will be going down the drain in the toilet

    [7:40:19 PM] Dusk: why do good companys sell out?
    [7:40:29 PM] Dusk: mostly to fricken microsoft
    [7:40:34 PM] Dusk: its how i got stuck working for the damn thing

    [7:40:52 PM] Dusk: i got in to working for skype then mirocsoft bought skype
    [7:41:17 PM] Dusk: my boss just said hes not part of the main deals but there thing is Money talks bull walks

    I am clearly disturbed by this and most certainly upset as not only my self but thousands of other users whom use client forge or Server Forge environments will no longer be able to have users use the new Microsoft Minecraft servers as they will be rejected.

    This is a terrible terrible decision on Microsoft's part. A Very large Player base of minecraft still uses Forge type environments for Minecraft ranging from 1.6.4 to 1.7.2 for example

    This would be a drastic hit to the Minecraft community and this completely destroys my heart as I have spent so much money on errecting a server for my friends and possibly be opening to the general public.. People around the world would be affected: Their creativity and time will be wasted, hundreds to nearly thousands of dollars would have been wasted within the community as Microsoft ends support for Forge and God knows what else.. Bukkit? . others? Who knows what else could be affected and with the minecraft community being so huge and drastically involved; (Minecraft is famous!) With these changes this could spell impending doom in the minecraft community. Imagine... ALL of you creators, script writers and end users.... ALL that time. and effort.. Money.. and LIFE SPENT.. resources.. Everything.. all going down the drain... I am severely upset that if Microsoft does snag Minecraft from Mojang.. this would spell the end of Minecraft in many areas that we couldn't even begin to imagine!

    This means that with some mod creators and scriptwriters whom stopped production on their versions like with for example Minecraft comes alive (MCA) 1.6.4 is no longer maintained and in development for 1.6.4 Servers running Forge/ Cauldron will no longer work; you won't be able to use Forge mods at all anymore: and Forge was an amazing addon to the community!

    This means that an entire half a years worth of work, player data, and the likes will all be lost!

    IF Forge is not going to be supported: Then forge users expect your favorite forge servers "VANISHING" and are unable to connect to them because.. PORTING through Microsoft is REJECTED for that type of version (Forge) Running on the server side of a Minecraft server hoster.

    This .. Terrible thing has happened with a community called Tribes Universe.. Which I have been a part of since 1999 -

    Starsiege Tribes was the first game that I ever worked witih and did community scriptwriting, then Tribes 2 and Aerial assault and the likes.

    I am known as Screwloose in many of the T1 and T2 servers; and what happened to Tribes was the master servers (Sierra) Shut down as they went out of business. They were bought out, and Tribes was never made anymore.

    Luckly I and a bunch of other users and scriptwriters was able to work together to form a new master server for people to host their servers and players are able to connect and find servers to play to their liking the end result is here: http://www.tribesmasterserver.com/ Our new Master Server

    ... What about Minecraft though? I strongly think we should consider working together to create some new master server somehow for users to continue their good experience; there has to be a way to... be able to still use our FORGE stuff.. .. I'm sure we would have to re script stuff to make it work yes?

    This greatly spells disaster: is anyone even ready for such a change? Will users have to start reprogramming everything for their mods to work with what "Microsoft requires" ? .. Will this divide the entire community?

    I am greatly disheartened by this shocking news: Look at what happened with GOOGLE When they purchased youtube.. Now youtube is updated every few freaking months and works worse then it ever did before with each update. Everything was FINE until Google started making changes: who is to say that Microsoft won't?

    Also I wish to share my feelings with the community: The server that I put together with my friend Jexy's help, is a home to me; it was a nice place for my friends and family to join in and hang out with me during early nights after work or school, to just relax and have fun.. But all of that is going to be destroyed just because Microsoft is not going to go with Forge being used on their "Servers".

    I think anyone else whom has put time and money into putting together a server that is Forge based due to the available awesome mods around the community to be used, is going to be heart broken as well.. and in some ways feel "Ripped off and screwed over"...

    Sincerely yours,


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    Quote from Kadah»
    Well there goes Minecraft off in to the hollow wastes of Microsoft to become a shadow of its current self.

    I hope isn't true. MS ruins everything they take over. We'll never see a modding API and likely see modding in general banned and DMCA'd in favor or paid DLC only.

    here here!
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