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    Great maps! I've only downloaded False Survival so far, it's very different :D .

    I'll post my progress as I go along in this first post.

    My Progress:

    1. Build a Cobblestone Generator without burning any wool. This one's pretty much required :P
    2. Tame the wolf. Hehe, I MIGHT have accidentally on purpose killed it before I took a look at the challenges...
    3. Build your own home.
    4. Grow some wheat.
    5. Obtain 64 wheat.
    6. Grow some REAL trees.
    7. Create a Tree Farm and get 64 wood.
    8. Plant a Sugarcane.
    9. Obtain 64 Sugarcane.
    10. Create a Cactus Farm and obtain 64 cactus.
    11. Plant a Pumpkin.
    12. Create a Pumpkin Farm, and obtain 32 pumpkins.
    13. Plant a Melon.
    14. Create a Melon Farm and obtain two stacks of melon slices.
    15. Explore the surface all the way up to the clouds.
    16. Explore Underground some.
    17. Dig up 10 of each ore except diamonds.
    18. Find a Diamond.
    19. Find the Dungeon.
    20. Make the Dungeon into a trap.
    21. Find the Portal.
    22. Complete all Challenges above.
    23. Reach the Nether.
    24. Collect 20 glowstone Blocks.
    25. Collect 3 Magma Cream.
    26. Kill Zombie Pigmen to obtain 10 Golden Nuggets.
    27. Defeat all of the Nether dungeons.
    28. Reach all of the floating Islands.
    29. Collect a Blaze rod and create a potion.
    30. Give me some new ideas for the map :D

    Here's a pic of my progress so far
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