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    October 1, 2020, I just made a server from Aternos to play with my friends, we use minecraft java launcher on android, because we can't afford a PC or laptop. we started our progress by cutting wood, collecting stones and mining as usual, until 2021, my friend stopped playing minecraft. but i'm still playing the game, a few weeks after my friend stopped playing, things still feel normal, until March 2021, i'm playing on the server alone. but suddenly, my minecraft is delayed, like experiencing lag, but the delay is light and doesn't last long. after playing for quite a while, I logged out of the server, but I forgot to turn off the server. the day after tomorrow, I turned on the server and played again on the server, but when I logged in, the game was very, very delayed, but it didn't feel lag at all, I tried to see my server in the browser, there looks fine, the RAM used is also not cross the line. but i thought it was just a connection problem, when i restarted the wifi modem, and logged into the server again, the delay didn't go away, finally i tried logging out of the server, and logging back in, but the delay was still there, i gave up and played with normal with a very very annoying delay.

    tree leaves don't disappear, I can't destroy blocks, and so on, but just before I want to give up and delete the server, my minecraft experiences framing and suddenly restarts from the very beginning, my items are lost, nothing happens. remaining, I was emotional and left the world and didn't play minecraft for 5 weeks, after that, I tried to return to the server, and wanted to delete it because the file was very large, but, when I wanted to delete it, in the console menu, there it looks something, I clicked on it, and what I saw was an inscription that said "server returned" I immediately turned on the server and quickly entered there, but, when I went in and looked, my things did come back, and when I was walking back home, there my tree house was on fire, all my pets died, and in the middle of everything there, it looks like someone with gray skin, and the head is not there, my character's body is frozen there, can't be moved at all, a few moments later, my screen is framing and finally a black screen After that incident, I deleted the launcher as well as the server, and I won't and don't want to play Minecraft ever again


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