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    posted a message on SychoMC KitPvP! Early Alpha! Needing Staff!

    Hey everyone, SychoMC as you may of known went down for about 2 weeks but now, not to worry, We are back! Now with only KitPvP at the momment.

    We have made a unqiue kit pvp server with 16gb of RAM (Alot for 1 server :P) and have amazing (pretty much infinite) customization to do!

    Come check it all out at sychomc.com. If you'd like to apply visit http://sychomc.com

    Also you can join our discord https://discord.gg/vpkHz4t

    Please note that we are in early access alpha and you WILL experience glitches and bugs with the custom plugins. Please do report them on the website or by messaging 1 of the 3 previous owners from the network!

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    posted a message on sYchO PriSOn OFFICIAL OPEN ALPHA release! Needing ALL STAFF!

    Hello there! Welcome to the sYchO PriSOn alpha thread.

    We are trying to make a realistic and old school prison server for the OG prison lovers out there! At the momment we have been in closed alpha for about 2 days. We have built the main prison section with cells (no plots). If you'd like to join the IP is

    Features include, 8 Tiers with 5 ranks each equalling to "45 ranks". As well as prestige 1-10.

    Dedicated staff only are wanted, only allowed to be staff on our server if you are NOT on any other server. Also NO staff hunters.

    Anyone interested in applying for staff can post their application below or contact me on skype: live:brendob99

    Last Updated: 5/11/16
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