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    killing the ender dragon isnt very hard when you get a pumpkin head
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    very close to being done with a skywars map. its pretty much done execpt the wall. it also isnt the skywars people are thinking of if theyed play pc version. i watched this guy on youtube play one (NobodyEpic) and it looked pretty cool to me and thought it would be fun to make and play with people. Add Brenden567 if you want to play and the first few can help test it out. if its popular enough ill provide a download link. also can someone please provide me a download link for a hunger games map..
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    i thought multiplayer was only up to 8
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    This is a new game mode for the ps3 to play with friends. castle conquest. you are set in an area with 2 castle and 2 teams of 4 (8 total) both teams start out in their base and are given flint and steel to blow up the opposing castle. all rules are in base area for both teams. please follow the rules so people can have more fun.

    DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ry9b2y4ud408b/NPUB31419--131225012830
    remember too put the folder into your PS3/SAVEDATA/(game data folders go here)
    tell me if the link works im new to media fire.....THANKS
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