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    posted a message on How can I create my gun inside the mod "MrCrayfish's gun mod 1.16.5" mod in its files???

    This is NOT possible with Datapacks. You could try asking the mod developer if they could create a custom item config system, but it is unlikely they will say yes. However, i know THE solution. Install the mods CraftTweaker and ModTweaker. I can provide the links to those mods if necessary. Then you can make a CraftTweaker Script to create whatever you want, ModTweaker allows you to change mod stuff, so that might be helpful.

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    You forgot to rezip the mod it seems.

    Also the only programs that can open .class files (as far as i know) are the 2 mentioned IDEs and Java, which can also run .jar files.

    You could also get a Java Decompiler, those will turn the .class files into readable, editable .java files. Then you can use a Java Compiler to turn the .java files back into runnable .class files, which can be runned by Minecraft.

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