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    This is a great Idea and a great Challenge. Unfortunately i know nothing about making mods for MC 1.16, and i don't know how to make entities (except items), tile entities (which are actually blocks), ore blocks (actually, i can, but i can't make world gen for them), world gen and i have no idea how to modify the villagers without breaking every other mod which does anything with villagers.
    The trains/rail lines would be very hard. An alternative is that a Station Building would spawn in every village if one of these mods are installed (preferring create rails over others) containing some track, station blocks (if using create) and some trains. Then you would have some sort of GUI (which is not pronounced gui, that is completely different because of the caps, changing letter sounds to letter names) which would automatically build rails for you, in exchange for the resources required. The rail network can then be tracked and villagers can be made to actually travel on these trains (at least create ones). Also why do you mention RailCraft when the tag of this post is 1.16? RailCraft doesn't support that version, and you don't NEED a tag of that type to make a post. Create Rails also only exist in 1.18 and higher.

    The Emerald Golem would also be hard, but could be replaced with a market building, where market blocks can be placed. Periodically, each villager would share it's trades with each of the market blocks, and if the market blocks list trading for specific resources (trades can be limited by price to rescoure ratio and the amount of currency in the market block) which the villager also has available, the Market Block would trade with the villager automatically. The Trade Outcomes (and any excess resources) can be collected by hand, and resources can be inserted and extracted with hoppers (but excess resources can't be pulled out automatically).

    The Village Specific Currency is possible. How do i know? Because you can add whatever NBT data you want to any item. You wouldn't even need a mod for adding the currencies, just for everything else about them.

    Villages can't have names (yet) But a list mapping Village IDs to Names is possible, and automatic name generators have been made before (not necessarily in minecraft yet though)

    Villages won't be able to detect which villages are close to them, without a major performence decrease (which CAN'T be fixed by optifine). And the distance between villages is even harder to calculate.

    But, this part of the idea is still possible. You know about the train system above? If we enforce it, (which will require picking a train mod to require for each version of minecraft this mod supports) we can use it to calculate which villages are "Connected" which is much easier.

    New Villages are very possible to create. It is possible to make most villages start out small, and gradually expand out by themselves, with the help of the player, or possibly new villager types.

    I would suggest that the Bankers (or Bankagers as i will now call them) would use their own custom block as a workstation, like a small vault of some kind, although that could also be a new type of chest.

    There is a physical limit placed on the level of villagers. I think it is just like 99 or some other quantity of 9s concatenated together though, and it might be possible to remove.

    I have already seen improvements made to Iron Golems, and the Ender Dragon also has regenerating health. We can make it so that Villagers are used to regenerate Iron Golems, or we could try something entirely different.

    The Villager House Chest Loot can be changed, but i don't think emeralds are reasonable to have there anymore, since the switch to local currencies. The Buildings that the Bankagers work in can still have Emeralds, as well as local currencies and the currencies of connected Villages.

    Seperate Biomes can have different styles of Villages, and some Biome Specific Village Designs in 1.14 and above don't have specific building types. We can add one for each biome selling blocks in the biome at cheaper prices than wandering traders or other sources. We could also try adding one specific Building, like an Adventurer's Hut or something. The Adventurer that works there would sell blocks not commonly found in the biome (or straight up, blocks which CAN'T be found in the current biome) at expensive prices, and blocks commonly found in the biome (or straight up, blocks which make up nearby trees and/or the ground) at low prices. This gives an incentive to stay at specific villages to get uncommon/rare blocks expensively, because of the distances you may have to travel, especially when using the large biomes world type. We can also increment the biome size internally weather the world is using the large biomes world type or not. (stacking with the value from the large biomes world type)

    The Market block can't do EVERYTHING that the Emerald Golem can, but these tasks can be Delegated to other blocks, like a Curing Station, which attracts Zombie Villagers, but not regular Zombies.

    Then if a Zombie Villager stands close enough to the block, and it has Golden Apples + Weakness Potions (Weakness Potions aren't required or used if the Zombie Villager already has the weakness effect). It might also only work if some sort of villager is at the station though. I would hope the attraction that Zombie Villagers have towards Curing Stations is stronger than the attraction that they have towards villagers if the prior statement is true.

    The Home Village of a Villager should be able to change (because it is not possible for it to not be able to change, because commands can be used to change nbt data, but also because of the following reason), That way if 2 villagers breed outside of their Home Village, their Home Village can be changed to the new village, not just their child.

    It is possible to detect when a player is inside a Village or not, and also the Village ID and other properties about the Village, since i have seen this done before.

    This is a massive idea, and i wonder why i hadn't thought of this prior. It is the best idea i have ever seen, other than Notch making what would eventually turn out to be Minecraft.

    I can already start to think of what the concept art for the GUIs would look like!

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    1. Of course.

    2. Not so sure.

    3. Should work fine

    4. Disadvantages? None.

    5. You can spawn the cat as Invulnerable, which means it can only be killed by the /kill command. You can also try spawning the cat at your feet.

    6. Use a Mob Head. Mob Heads (but not Dragon Heads or WIther Skeleton Heads) Will scare mobs. If you don't want to use a Mob Head, then you need a mod.

    7. Requires a Mod or Datapack.

    8. Requires a Mod.

    Note that you can make both Piglins and Hoglins afraid of Air Blocks with a datapack. If you add a datapack which does this, then all the Piglins and Hoglins would run away.

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    Y: 40 is not in the air. It is underground or part of a ravine.

    Carpets are used to decorate (Most of the time) and make things look NOT terrible, so using those will make it not look terrible.

    There are no mods which are "Too Old". You just need the right version of Minecraft.

    It can't be made as a resource pack, but it might be able to be made as a datapack. They are similar to Resource Packs.

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    Mojang and Xbox Live Accounts are completely unrelated. You can create an Xbox Live Account with the same name as your Mojang Account. If it is erroring, you have to report it to Microsoft.

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    Mojang don't check here. You need to go to the suggestions page on the offical website. Plus this is in Requests/Ideas for Mods, not Requests/Ideas for Minecraft

    And 1.20.5 IS the correct tag, since this part of the forum is for Minecraft Java Edition.

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    Remove all mods that have continuity as an include dependency as listed on forge.

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    The install script is trying to access a website of some kind, but failing because it is an old website and the script uses a much later version of the internet access api that it is using, which enforces websites to use HTTPS. This website doesn't support the HTTPS protocol, so you will have to talk to the website owner about it (but it will most likely be an old website, so the website owner might not respond, or might say no in favour of the newer alternative)

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    Change the port forwarding to use the new IP and leave the Server IP Address blank. (this is ok, AS STATED ON THE WIKI)

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    Quote from Nergami»

    Internet connection is fine but the problem persists. connection between the server and the client too

    Has the host of the server changed router? If so, you will need to port forward the server again, like when you were first setting up the server. Your server may also have been blocked by your ISP, which would also cause this problem.

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    Use CraftTweaker.

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    Use a repeating command block with the /item command in it. If you understand how to setup a server, you should understand commands much better. Just constantly replace a slot with a diamond. If you want something more complicated, where each player can only obtain 1 Diamond from the chest, you will need a datapack, the Lootr mod and some commands.

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    If you want to use mods which aren't on fabric, use the better ModLoader, FORGE instead. Fabric will never get as many mods as forge will, since it is many, many, many times easier to write a forge mod, than it is to write a fabric mod which does the same stuff.

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    They both mean the same thing. Libraries and APIs are used so that developers of mods don't have to rewrite their important code 1,000,000 times, and also to make other mods trying to use that important code easier to make, since you don't need to depend on all the other, unimportant (to that mod) stuff that the non-library dependency does.

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    Use optifine. It fixes everything and breaks nothing (much). If a mod doesn't work with optifine it is that mod's fault.

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    It doesn't matter, you shouldn't be using that program. But no, it is NOT malware. (IF YOU GET IT FROM THE OFFICAL SITE)
    Don't use tools like MCreator, you should be using ACTUAL CODE. :)

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