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    2-Age (wanted for more mature community):
    I'm 16 (17 in Nov.)
    3-When did you start Minecraft?:
    I started Minecraft around four years ago.
    4-What is your favorite pastime in MC?:
    My favorite pastime in Minecraft is making Redstone machines, mining, or just talking to others.
    5-What are your strengths in MC?:
    I'm really good at Redstone, and I can terraform because I don't get bored by that stuff.
    6-What are your weaknesses in MC?:

    7-Is a strong and mature audience important to you?:
    Yes, because that tells you if people are gunna just quit after a week or stay.
    8-How active would you be if chosen?:
    I will be active all the time except om the mornings, because I play football and work at Publix.
    9-Example of previous builds?:
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    In game name:
    16 (17 in Nov.)
    Are you willing to use voice chat over discord yes or no? (optional)
    Yes I will use discord and I will use voice chat because its bae. My Discord is ItzBrandon_#1773
    Name at least one hobby you have:
    My hobby's are playing Football and making new friends.
    What are you most excited for about joining in a new Minecraft server?
    I just want a good server that will last a long time, I want to build Redstone Machines and Build to my hearts content.
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    1.Your IGN (In Game Name) :
    2.Age :
    16 will be 17 in Nov.
    3.Tell us a bit about yourself :
    Hi, my name is Brandon I live in Florida, USA I play football for my school and I work at Publix. I enjoy Redstone and Building what I can. I love meeting new people. and uhh "Potato"?!?!
    4.What kind of Minecraft player are you? :
    I like making useful Redstone machine's and like doing community builds.
    5.Why do you want to join this Minecraft Server? :
    I want a server that's not giant but still has member's that play and don't get bored.
    6.How will you contribute to our community? :
    I will help terraform anything that needs to be and I will make Redstone machines. Also if I get accepted one of the first builds I'm going to make is a Casino. hope to see you guys soon.
    7.Discord ID
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    1. IGN:
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    1. Minecraft IGN: ItzBrandon_
    2. Age: I'm 16
    3. How often/how dedicated will you be to the server? As much as I can between job and practice
    4. Do you agree with rule 4? Yes I agree, people who use x-ray or any other cheats shouldn't be allowed
    5. Speaking of rules, have you read, understood, and abide by all of them? Yes I do
    6. Do you have any questions in regards to the server? What is the rule on afk fishing, and what is the currency
    7. Tell us about yourself! Well I'm 16, work at Publix as a bag boy and I play football for my high school
    8. Are you able to use Discord, and if you are; what is your Discord name (Name and #Number) Yes I am ItzBrandon_#1773

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      1. What is your Minecraft IGN : ItzBrandon_
      2. About Yourself : I have a job at Publix and I play football at my high school, My dad isn't doing the best right now but I'm trying my hardest to help out. Oh and um Lamp posts are awesome?!?!
      3. My Age : 16
      4. Timezone (GMT +/-) : EST, I live in Florida, USA
    1. What is your experience with the game? I've played for a couple of years on some servers just haven't found the one I guess.
    2. What is your favorite part of SMP servers? Playing a part in a community is my favorite part. Just because I like the fact of contributing to something.
    3. Why do you want to join Vulcan? I want to play to have a fun time, while also meeting some new friends along the way.
    4. Do you agree with our rules? Why Yes I agree to these hear rules.
    5. How Active will you be on our server? I will be as active as I can but I don't know when work will call me in or if my dad might need me those are my number concerns.
    6. Can you send some screenshots of your builds? (Not Required) Unfortunately I don't have any of my builds on hand and I'm not the best builder I'm better with Redstone.
    7. Do you have any other questions that were not answered in the FAQ? Just one question will we be doing server events?
    8. What is Your Discord ID? : My Discord ID is ItzBrandon_#1773
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    My IGN: ItzBrandon_
    Age: I'm 16
    Do you consider yourself mature: Most of my friends say I'm mature
    Talk a bit about your self: I work at Publix and I am a wide receiver for my high school.
    Why do you want to join us?: To make some new friends and have fun at the same time.
    How active will you be?: I'll be as active as I can but morning's wont really work.
    What other games do you enjoy playing: Player unknown battle ground and ark are all that I play besides this.
    What's your Skype and will you speak on calls?: Yes I will speak, just look up my email, [email protected]
    Where are you from? (Country) : United states of America
    Why shall we pick you: I'm a very chill and relaxed guy and I think everyone would like me if they got to know me
    Will you play on community events? (like UHC's for example): Of corse I will that's part of being in the community
    Time Zone (Use GMT , Do not use other timezone classification please): Est
    Anything else you would like to say or ask? : My Dad is very sick so if I'm not on I will either be working or be visiting him. And I also like discord way better than skype.

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    Hey I would be interested in joining sadly I'm not 18 but I'm 16 and I'm not immature like a little kid, but anyways I can be on most days if I don't have to work.


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    ...I also live in the US...

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