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    Hidden in the Mist:
    A Simple RPG Experience

    Hidden in the Mist is going to be a simple resource pack that takes some influence from early Japanese art styles (like cartoon rpg-ish with a blend of early Japanese art) and expresses them with soft colors and mild shading. Hopefully I can keep focused this time around but so far it seems like I will keep working hard to make this pack a reality. Comment and critique below. Also, I am using Steelfeathers Palette from the simple pack showdown with a few minor tweaks used for shading. Hope you enjoy!


    Main World

    Forest Biome

    Snow Biome

    Mushroom Biome

    Example Blocks:


    Sample Wood:

    Ores Example 1:


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    I've been texturing up a storm today. Here is the furnace, and the wood door, as well as, the crafting table. Any feedback would be helpful.

    Updated Pics as of 8/8/15

    Crafting Table:


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    Quote from Panther

    I'm sorry but from what I see you just don't have the art style that frenden has. The textures that you created just don't feel very similar to his in the slightest. His are very bold simplistic design, and yours just seem a little over-detailed. His texture pack works as 16-bit because of his simplistic style. When I see your textures, I see textures that would look better as 32-bit because of all the detail, which in 16 looks a bit blurry.

    I find what you say to not only be vague but it is not helpful in the slightest. If you want to say something about the textures, point out the ones that you think do not look as good. I don't mind criticism as long as people actually refer to specific things, in which case, you have not
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    Firstly, I want to say that I was very happy to see that this pack was completely released to the public on github and was more than happy to take a stab at updating it to the current version of minecraft so we can all enjoy some of the best made 16x texture packs out there. I hope you like my work (even though it is minuscule compared to Frenden's)

    All of the credit for the textures (minus the few that were missing) go to Frenden and the user Andyhoi for the inspiration for the chiseled sandstone. All other work done is my own and I hope you enjoy. (Please ask if you want to use any of the textures I made for the pack, other than that I do not mind letting people use them, just ask first)

    Credits and Copyrights (even though it is free)

    Frenden-I have no copyright. I gave it away. It's totally free. Just attribute me as a source. That's all. Easy!

    Here are some pics!!


    Mediafire with original wood planks--http://www.mediafire...r1m0c0f21b0t4sr
    Adf.ly- http://adf.ly/D7It4


    Mediafire without original planks- http://www.mediafire...2eibs4y7cp2d3ds

    Please feel free to comment and let me know if there is anything I can work on to change. I like both admiration and criticism. Thanks and Enjoy!

    Brandon White

    *There are a few placeholders in the Mobs only because I am in the process of finishing them. Check back for updates. I also went back to the original wood planks. Hope you like them :)

    (If you want to donate via PayPal you are more than welcome to. Being a poor college student while doing this can be rough at times.) Thanks for all your support
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    Here is an image of the stone I am thinking of using.

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    SleekCraft v1 (for 1.3.2)
    Hey Everyone! I have been inspired as of late to create my own texture pack and I have just finished all of the terrain and I am hoping you will all enjoy it as much as I do. I have a few mobs done as well but there is still much more to do. I am posting this pack because I want you all to appreciate, or at least try to enjoy what I have put some hard work into. Thanks for supporting me through the creation process. I only had about 15 days to finish all the terrain so I had my work cut out for me.

    ~Brandon White~

    This is an HD Texture pack and does require the MCPatcher or Optifine, whichever is easier for you to do. Those can be found on the main page of the texture packs forums.

    Here are some pictures of the pack so you can get a good idea of what it looks like beforehand. (More pictures are in the Spoiler)

    I have worked hard to try to make the best pack possible for you all. If you like the textures, let me know (the same goes for any criticism or even bugs you may find). Also, these are all original textures I made using Adobe Illustrator CS6 and I hope you like them (especially since I have never worked with CS6 or any program like that. I had to learn on the fly).

    Downloads for Minecraft v1.3.2:

    Ad.Fly if you want to support me http://adf.ly/CTwbX
    Mediafire if you just want the download http://www.mediafire...qjsacz9ks8519w4

    Downloads for Minecraft v1.3.2 (Alternate Terrain Ideas):

    Please Comment and Enjoy SleekCraft :)
    I also plan to finish all the textures including mobs, gui, and things of that nature. Check back regularly for updates.

    *I own all the rights to the textures created in Sleekcraft and they are not to be used without my permission.
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