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    posted a message on Morganite (Diamond might not be the most valuable ore anymore!)
    I'm very little down on the morganite amulet, but I like it. Level 3 is kind of OP, but I still give

    75% Support
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    posted a message on Flaming Arrows
    Redundant, and already in the game with flame enchantment on bows. Mods, please lock
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    posted a message on Stained Obsidian!
    The Stained Obsidian block takes obsidian to the next level, and is pretty good for decoration. They come in just 4 colors (red, yellow, green, and blue). They can be crafted using this shapeless recipe:

    Rose red = red obsidian
    Dandelion yellow = yellow obsidian
    Cactus green = green obsidian
    Lapis lazuli = blue obsidian
    And here's a picture of red obsidian, yellow obsidian, green obsidian, and blue obsidian compared to normal obsidian (large):

    And that's all. If you like this idea, click the rep button.
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    posted a message on [NEW NETHER MOB] The Nethermite!
    As you know, in the recent snapshots, the Endermite mob was added to be included the future 1.8 release, the dots around the silverfish were removed and the color was turned to purple, they ocassionaly spawn when "ender" teleportation happens (e.g. an Enderman teleports or a player uses an Ender pearl). Well what about a Nethermite, another silverfish-like mob that spawns only in nether fortresses.

    Of course, this will not be the texture forever, they are working on another endermite model, and they will also provide some purpose to the endermite.
    No this is not a cheap copy of the Endermite, it is a mix of the endermite and the magmacube for 2 reasons: they emit fire particles (like the magmacube), and you can see it has glowing eyes (like the magmacube). They have a rare (10%) chance of spawning when a big Magma Cube is killed. These mobs don't spawn in the overworld without killing a magma cube. They drop 0-1 xp, and have a 25% chance of dropping 1 magma cream.

    They deal 1 (half a ) of damage, and will temporarily set the player on fire for 1 redstone tick.
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    posted a message on Right clicking on an end portal gives you back the ender eye
    Normally, right-clicking on an End Portal doesn't give you back the ender eye inside. But, what if you could right click on an end portal with an eye inside and it gives you back the eye? That would be a decent idea. Here are the pros and cons.

    * In case you accidentally place an ender eye wrong in the frame, right clicking can give you back the eye.
    * Useful for retrieving naturally generated ender eyes from portal frames.

    * Occasionally, an ender eye can fall into the lava below the portal and get burned.
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    posted a message on How to Troubleshoot Minecraft Texture/Resource Pack Issues

    Hello Minecrafters! So, if you are looking at this forum post then you are probably having trouble with texture packs, or as of 1.6, resource packs. Either you are having problems with textures or the packs lag your game or the packs are not recognized by Minecraft at all. This tutorial/guide will teach you how to fix that issue. Not only will this guide teach you how to fix the issue, this guide will also teach you how to use packs. So, let's begin!

    Make sure the texture pack is installed correctly.
    Make sure the texture pack is compatible with 1.5.
    If the texture pack is not appearing, contact the owner to check if it is not compatible with your version of the game.
    If you use HD packs, reduce lag by turning off Smooth Lightning, turning the render distance down, changing the graphics to Fast, and trying a mod like OptiFine.
    If you are getting pink/black 2x2 checkerboard patterns on blocks as textures, consider this post.

    How to Use Texture/Resource Packs
    Texture packs and resource packs allow players to customize the look and feel of the game. So, you probably missed the pre-1.5 days when to open a texture pack, all you had to do was exit the world, click on the "Texture Packs" button on the main screen, and scroll down and select your pack. Click Done and you're good to go. You are also good to go if you use 1.4.7 or earlier.

    Unfortunately, 1.5 Redstone update "ruined" everything. Mojang removed the texture packs button from the main screen and instead moved it to the Options menu.

    So if you use version 1.5 or later, then there is the advantage you can switch packs in-game without exiting your world. Press Esc while you have your world open, go to Options and then click on Texture Packs, and then just go on from there, pretty much.

    Now if you use version 1.6 or later, the button is changed to Resource Packs when Resource Packs were added but it works the same way.

    To install a pack, just download and then copy-paste the pack's folder or zip file into the pack folder the game provides you; it's as simple as that.

    Texture or Resource Pack Won't Appear In List
    If you cannot find the texture or resource pack in the list, that means Minecraft is not recognizing the pack.

    First of all, make sure that the pack is in the folder and installed properly. You can find instructions above.

    If the pack is still not appearing, then you may be trying to download a resource pack, but have actually downloaded a texture pack. In that case they must be converted to be compatible with the game.

    If it is still not appearing, you may want to ask the pack creator to see if the texture pack you are using is not compatible with your Minecraft version.

    Also make sure that the resource pack has a "pack.mcmeta" file that is configured correctly (Tip from user Sketch). If not, then the pack won't appear.

    Resource Packs Lag the Game
    HD texture packs can cause a little bit of lag because they have to map large images to the blocks. Minecraft is a voxel-based video game, voxels are blocks that need images or colors on them. These images, depending on their size, can either lag the game or decrease lag. Using 8x8 "Mini" packs can decrease lag. I sometimes call these packs "lag packs" because they can decrease lag. So Yeah. If you use HD packs, then you can reduce lag by turning off Smooth Lightning, turning the render distance down (if your render distance is at Short or Tiny then bring a clock with you because you can't see the sun or moon), changing the graphics to Fast, and trying a mod like OptiFine.

    Pack Appears In Red And Says "Incompatible"
    1.5 users may have this problem. Texture Packs meant for 1.4 and earlier are no longer fully compatible with snapshot 13w02a (1/10/13), and then finally 1.5 (3/13/13). This update changed the terrain.png and items.png files into their own image files in their own image folders in the "textures" folder in the minecraft.jar. If you see this message on a particular pack, it means that pack still uses the old terrain.png and items.png files, and does not use the textures folder. This means that the textures for the blocks and items remain unchanged. In that case just delete the pack, install a 1.5 updated version of the pack, and reinstall that new updated pack. If there is no new 1.5 version of the pack, then sorry.

    Textures Are Problematic
    There can be several causes and problems. First of all, make sure the back you are using is compatible with 1.5 and uses the new texture system from 13w02a. Any pack that uses terrain.png and items.png will not work in 1.5 correctly. If you are having graphical glitches, then you should consider getting a new graphics card.

    If you are getting pink/black 2x2 checkerboard patterns on blocks as textures, consider this post.

    I don't know how to fix any other texture problem, so please reply to this forum post if you have any other texture problems and I can figure out how to fix 'em.

    SO YEAH. That was how to fix texture/resource pack problems. Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on How Big Is A Minecraft World?
    What is the limit of Minecraft world generation?

    At X/0, Y/0, and Z/0 is the Void. Typing /tp 0 0 0 in chat will bring you the Void because Z/0 = 1 block below the last layer of bedrock.

    At X/12,550,820, the terrain is severely distorted. One side effect of this distortion is that the map shakes while the player is moving. This distorted land was called the "Far Lands". It was removed in Beta 1.8.

    At X/12,550,820 and Z/12,550,820, you will travel to the corner of the map. It's called the Corner Far Lands. Once again, removed from Beta 1.8.

    At X/30,000,000, something unexpected happens. Instead of this being the end of the world, chunks are generated, but walking on them will cause you to fall into the Void and be killed. Instead, using Creative flying will allow you to "walk" on these so-called "fake chunks", and you can dip below them to see cave systems, lava lakes, and maybe even abandoned mineshafts, dungeons, or even strongholds. No mobs spawn here.

    At X/32,000,000, this is commonly talked by Minecraft users as the "end of the world" but we will get to the the hard limit later, and as of snapshot 12w25a, is the farthest region of Minecraft that can be accessed without mods. Fake chunks generate, and entering this boundary will cause the world to crash and be "disabled". A disabled world always has the X/Z coordinates at this boundary, and the player cannot move any direction.

    At X/2,147,483,648, no more chunks appear to generate. Going about 1 block further will cause the game to crash. Thus this is the maximum amount of world the player may access in-game (without mods).

    At X/34,359,738,368, no more chunks generate anymore. Due to the game crashing at X/2,147,483,649, this boundary is pretty much impossible to reach.
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