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    We are making a medieval open-world adventure map called "Fall of Darkness," and would love to see your creations added into the map! There are two ways of participating in this; either come up with some kind of lore (featured in books, said by NPCs, etc) or make a creation (house, temple, etc) and upload it to minecraft-schematics.com for us to use!

    If you want to help with the lore part of the map, comment on this thread or send us a private message. This is what you can do as far as lore goes:
    Rumors - NPCs in taverns will have hints and clues leading to caves, temples, or quest locations. Write a sentence up to a maximum of 85 words that an NPC can say to the player so he/she will go search for the cave/temple/dungeon/etc.
    Example: "Did you hear about the little girl who went missing? Last time anyone saw her, she was looking for her lost father around Deepwood Crypt."

    Lore Books - Around the map you should be able to find tons of books that add to the lore of the world. Write a story of a maximum 500 words about a temple, city, NPC, etc. Please note that this will be hard to do until the Public Beta Testing of "Fall of Darkness" is open.

    Build a creation and use worldedit to save the schematic and upload it to minecraft-schematics.com. Make sure it's easy for us to know where we stand when pasting your creation (example: stand on a red wool in front of the entrance). Also, when uploading, please name the creation "Fall of Darkness - CREATION NAME".

    What can you build?
    -House (small, medium, large)
    -Jarl's Palace
    -Empress' Palace
    -Guild Headquarters (Thieves' Guild, Miner's Guild, Bandit's Guild)
    -Guard Tower
    -City Wall Design (maximum 15 blocks long - this will be stacked multiple times around the city)

    The creations can be very detailed, but the scale has to be realistic in terms of Minecraft realism. Example: a guard tower shouldn't be bigger than 5x5x20

    Link to the official "Fall of Darkness" Project Page:
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    Interactive Studios is looking for someone who's willing to work for FREE to make an overhaul to our Zombie Apocalypse II map. What we mean by this is making every building and location, as well as the terrain in this map look more apocalyptic, make sure every community/faction is zombie-proof as well as making it look more apocalyptic at the same time livable, change the loot - if wanted - so it's harder for players to survive, and maybe even add new locations or expand existing ones. You will also be credited as much and on as many places as possible, and choose from a selection what the next map expansion will be.

    How will this work out? Well...
    #1: You download The Zombie Apocalypse II map here
    #2: You do the following:
    -Make the terrain look as good as you can (Required)
    -Make every location look as apocalyptic as you can (Required)
    -Make sure every faction is zombie-proof (Required)
    -Add new locations (Not Required)
    -Expand existing cities and factions (Not Required)
    -Change the loot to make it harder to survive (Not Required)
    #3: You send the map to Interactive Studios on either Facebook or Planetminecraft
    #4: The map will be reviewed, and a winner will be chosen. The winner will be credited as much as possible, and will be part of a huge project.

    In total, all our maps have gained over 200,000 downloads across Minecraftmaps.net alone, and you will be credited on that page and on all current projects at Planetminecraft.

    #1: As much credit as currently possible
    #2: Your Minecraft IGN will be included as part of The Zombie Apocalypse lore
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    posted a message on Fall of Darkness - An Epic Medieval Adventure!

    "Fall of Darkness" is a map set in a fictional world, where a current civil war destroys what Saint Kate has built. Will you join the Enderforge Legion to help destory everything she fought for, or the Mithium Rebellion to stop the uprising against what she fought for?

    Play through tons, upon tons of side quests, a main storyline, a war storyline, and join guilds to complete their storylines and/or jobs! This is a modded open-world adventure map that will include a minimum of 200+ quests! For updates, information, and more, visit the official page!


    We're not sure yet, but we might open up for public beta and alpha testing when we get to those milestones!

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    posted a message on The Zombie Apocalypse II Updates & More

    For news, updates, announcements, and more, visit https://zombie-community.enjin.com/. You can also suggest your own ideas for what to add in the map, and if the ideas are creative and good enough, they will be added!

    At the moment there is a poll up and running! Vote "Yes" if you want mods to be used in the map, making everything so much better, or vote "No" if it's all going to be plain vanilla.

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    Interactive Studios returns with what might be the fourth and final map in The Zombie Apocalypse series, a map that will include a minimum of 200 quests including a main storyline. But the fans can also help develop "The Final Stand" to make it even better!

    Comment what you want to see in the map! Here's the description of it:

    "As tension rises in the heart of the jungle, The Final Stand will not only be the fight for survival; but also the fight for a better future. And who better decide the new society, other than Joseph Blake - the Jungle Raider?"

    To keep up to date with the newest updates for The Final Stand, head over to:


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    I will be working on making a brand new minecraft map, called "The Zombie Apocalypse: Community Edition". The map will be made entirely by the community, so I need people to vote for what they want to see.

    Here is some info on the different timelines:

    1. The Great War

    The Great War was fought in Year 19 AO (After Outbreak) between 15 communities across Adril, Straidal, Estor, and the Anakiin Desert. The war consisted of many bloody battles which you could experience yourself.

    2. The Anakiin Civil War

    The Anakiin Civil War found place in Year 24 AO and was fought between two small armies 5 years after The Great War.

    3. The Medieval Revolution

    The Medieval Revolution took place in Year 100 AO. Some communities wanted to return the world to medieval times, while others wanted it to remain as it was.

    4. Rise of the Murderer's Guild

    After being kicked out of Fort Kiev, Riegel in Year 56 AO the Murderer's Guild fled to Toolee and settled down at their own place. But someone in Toolee had heard about them and their entry to Toolee. Jump straight into a huge battle at The Murderer's Guild HQ and help them defend the huge fortress in an epic battle against the attackers.

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