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    Yes. Physics in Minecraft.


    I thought it would be cool to have some block gravity, and needed an idea on how to make it work.

    My idea is to make it so that a block falls if it is not somehow attached to bedrock. If it isn't, all the blocks that are attached to it will fall as a solid entity group until one of the blocks is somehow touching bedrock. Confused?

    Lets say there is a block of grass on the ground. It is attached to a block dirt underneath it, which is attached to another block of dirt, which is attached to another. If this "chain" of blocks finds its way to a block of bedrock (while avoiding air blocks, water blocks, lava blocks, and "not full blocks") the blocks will stay there.

    Another example. If there is a tree, the leaves won't fall, because they are attached to other leaves which are attached to logs which are touching the ground (which is touching bedrock). If you break the bottom log, the tree will fall as a whole until the log is once again touching the ground, where it will stop and all the leaves will stop with it. If the leaf falls on you, you will be inside the leaf, like if gravel fell on you.

    The entity would be solid (like iChun's companion cube in the portal gun mod) so you could get crushed.

    The game will check all the blocks with the random block updates and manual block updates. If you destroyed the supporting block in a large structure, the block above it (now floating) will try to find it's way to a piece of bedrock, and go upwards. It would scan that there is none, that the piece of land is floating, and make it fall.

    This allows minecraft to be a little more realistic without it being much of a hassle (or lag machine) to players, and allows mapmakers or people in creative to still make floating structures (by placing bedrock).


    In real life, the further you go up, the higher you can jump. This would be a cool feature, though exaggerated in Minecraft.

    From y=0 to y=127, you (and mobs) can jump 1 block. From y=128 to y=191, you can jump 1.5 blocks. From y=192 to y=256, you can jump 2 blocks.


    It's kinda weird how rain falls from >y=256, over 128 blocks above cloud level, right? Once again to make it easier for any (potentially) generous modders, I thought of a way to simplify it.

    My idea is to have 2 layers of clouds: the vanilla clouds raised to y=192 and the storm cloud layer at y=128. The storm cloud would fade in and out slowly from transparent to grey or dark grey depending on if it is a rainstorm or thunderstorm. It would fill the entire sky, and rain would start from there. The black sky you get when you go y=64 would raise to y=128, so there is clear sky above the clouds.

    In thunderstorms, lightning would try to hit the tallest block in the chunk.


    One little bit of fertilizer and your tree is now 6 meters tall! Right? No. Bonemeal should be nerfed to accelerate your plant growth by 2.

    Trees should have 3 stages of growth instead of 2, and grow 2x slower. You should plant the sapling, and when it grows, the trunk would be like a fence post with the tree 3 blocks tall: fence-like log, fence-like log, then a special leaf (with other leaves around the trunk). The "tree" is now actually the special leaf. The leaf block will check 3 blocks down, and the blocks must be: fence-like log, fence-like log, dirt/grass. It will then grow into the tree we all have come to know in Minecraft.

    Growing a birch or pine tree would be the same process.

    Jungle trees should have 4 stages of growth; sapling, small tree, jungle tree, giant tree. You plant the sapling, and it grows into the small tree: 4 blocks tall with fence-like logs, and a special leaf (with other leaves around the trunk). It would then grow into the regular jungle tree, the one you get when you plant 1 sapling, but again have a special leaf on the trunk. This stage would last a long time. It would then grow into a giant tree, with the trunk 3x3 instead of 2x2 (to keep center). The leaf would take a 5x5 area, scan down until there is the first block of dirt, destroying leaves. It would then find the bottommost log and grow the 3x3 tree.

    Giant spruce trees would work the same way.


    Why does the moon move across the sky?!? Simple solution: Move the moon slowly across the sky with proper timed phases, and the stars separate, at the proper pace.

    Thanks for reading this! Please comment to keep this post at the top so hopefully a modder will see this and make it!

    - Brain
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    Lordmau5 has continued this mod. Find his thread at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1123494-obsidiancraft-12/page__p__13790253#entry13790253
    Tiered Obsidian Tools v1.0.1
    By Brain__Cancer

    Please be patient!!! I don't have time to post pics ATM. I suggest using risugami's recipe book to find the recipes.

    Quote from Brain_Cancer »

    I was actually going to discontinue this mod....

    But I went to Ottawa for the winterlude and got bored, so I spent ~7hours and re-coded the entire mod from scratch.

    Just need to adjust some sprites and take some pics and the mod for 1.1 should be out tomorrow.

    EDIT: There is nothing new, just the mod from 1.7.3 transfeered to 1.1, but I added a small config file to change the ID's of the items. Planning to add that to the atributes of the armor ad tools.

    - Brain

    Message to Moderators: I have many 'daily bumps', but have already been reported for them already.

    This mod adds 5 new sets of tools, one resembling each tier of the normal tools.
    The first set is based off wooden tools. Their speed are identical to wooden tools, they last as long as iron tools, and can mine anything that iron tools can.

    The second set is based off stone tools. Their speed are identical to stone tools, they last as long as diamond tools, and can mine anything that iron tools can.

    The third set is based off iron tools. Their speed are identical to iron tools, they last forever, and can mine anything that diamond tools can.

    The fourth set is based off diamond tools. Their speed and harvest power are identical to diamond tools and they last forever.

    The last set is based off gold tools. They are faster than gold tools, they last as long as iron tools, and have a harvest level of diamond.

    When you install the 'Molten Obsidian' option, you can do this, and get obsidian before you find diamonds.

    Secret recipes! Open at your own risk...
    You really want to know?
    Just 20 more, I promise
    Ha! I lied! But you're almost there.
    Only 10 more to go.
    0! Wow, nothing.
    Ha ha, LOL coming soon
    Thanks to ItzCrazyGuy for this video(4:41)
    Thanks to KaijHatesCurse for this video with comentary(8:13)
    Thanks to hungoverfurball for this installation video(6:42)
    Planned features
    - Armor effects
    - Everything in the poll
    - Hardrock Breaker(breaks obsidian and false-bedrock extremely fast)
    - Configuration file
    - Harder-to-make magic obsidian
    - Where-ever(below level 5)there is no bedrock, there is false-bedrock
    - Powered tools open iron obsidian doors/trapdoors
    - Obsidian mobs(see 2nd post)
    - Possible volcano biome with ObsiDirt, Cobblestone, and frequent lava pools.
    - Obsidian flower that is harvested with a sword and drops 0-2 obsidian stuffs
    - Obsidian and Steel(makes purple fire, glows light level 16)
    - Obsidian bow and poison arrows
    - Achievements-leave you suggestions or changes!

    - Acuire hardware(smelt an iron ingot)
    --- Mining god(make a diamond pickaxe)
    ----- It gets no love(mine some obsidian)
    ------- Ouch! Shards are sharp(make an obsidian shard)
    --------- Tier 1 acuired(make any of the shard tools)
    --------- Refined(smelt a large obsidian shard)
    ----------- Tier 2 acuired(make any of the ingot tools)
    ----------- Iron hardened(make an obsidian chunk)
    ------------- Halfway there-Tier 3(make any of the chunk tools)
    ------------- There goes the diamonds(make a powered obsidian)
    --------------- They're useful!-Tier 4(make any of the powered tools)
    ------------- Do you believe in magic?(make a magic obsidian)
    --------------- Supa speed-Tier 5(make any of the magic tools)


    Poll results(aproximate)
    I should focus on this mod ~75%

    You can until I am more experienced for multiplayer ~50%

    You don't think the magic tools are overpowered ~ 60%, Thugh I changed the durability to iron because the durability is closer to wooden than stone.

    Five tiers are enough ~55%

    ObsidianCraft! ~80%
    Yay! A test mod!
    I made this mod to test out the different abilities that you can cause, and set everything to happen when you switch to peaceful. (basically enhanced abilities when you switch to peaceful)
    >>Download Betterpeaceful<<
    Let's start from the base.
    Notch (and Mojang AB) - for their amazing game
    - for inspiring me to buy minecraft
    All my real friends - Same as above ^^
    MCP - Couldn't have started modding without them
    Davidr4yt(X) - mentioning wanting to have an obsidian pickaxe that lasts forever and mines like diamond
    The Zeestream/HenryTheCoder - for their awesome video tutorials
    ZidMC - for their awesome written tutorials
    Cowmonkey - for letting me decompile his mod
    And everyone who commented/voted - because if I had no input, I would've quit

    Be sure to leave this post a (or is it an?) if you liked it.

    - Brain
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    Reserved for update info

    Please input your opinion if you can!! Comment or Vote or tell your friends because not many people like more obsidian tools mods!

    Due to popular demand, the next update(with updated graphix, harder magic crafting) will make the shards use only 5 obsidian(to match the picture), and large ones only require 4 more. there will also be a secret recipe alowing easier crafting of these items. If you find them, I will post the image in the secret recipes and give credit to you.

    Quote from Brain_Cancer

    No replies?

    May add a new mob based on the aether's bronze boss. Still until you hit it.
    Small mob: 16x16x16(pixels), 1.5x speed, 1 heart attack, 4 hearts, drops 1 obsidian
    Medium mob: 32x32x32, normal speed, 2.5 hearts attack, 16 hearts, drops 8 obsidian
    Large mob: 48x48x48, zombie speed, 5 hearts attack, 24 hearts, drops 27 obsidian
    XLarge mob: 64x64x64, half speed, 9 hearts attack, 48 hearts, drops 64 obsidian

    There, My daily bump!

    Quote from Brain_Cancer

    No replies?

    If you have any suggestions for secret recipes, PM me, and I might add it.
    The recipes have to make sense, but a shortcut.

    There, my daily bump!
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    Quote from Harry_Turney123

    Nooooooo....... This cant be :ohmy.gif: :sad.gif: :SSSS: :SSSS:

    I know, sad, but true.

    Things happen for a reason right? So maybe my code was bad and...
    You know what? Screw thaat superstitious crap.

    I'm done all the recipes now though.

    There, my daily bump!
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    No replies?

    1.8.1 probably today, but I don't have time to test it, please report bugs.

    There, my daily bump!

    GOD DAMN MOTHER F(many bad words and cursing later)
    MPC just deleted all my work!!!
    I will work on it over the weekend and hopefully it will be ready for 1.9
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    I tried to fix the error, but failed :sad.gif:

    I'm planning to get a Mac Pro, and out of curiosity, I selected all the upgrades, and it would cost 20k

    Quote from Harry_Turney123

    Yeah i think i deleted it by accident while i was deleting something else but i will remember to check next time :smile.gif:


    There, my daily bump!
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    1.8.1 is almost done! but I have an error on a class that I didn't modify. Lol

    Quote from Harry_Turney123

    In 1.8 there will be only the armor effects, almost done.

    The obsidian bow will be made of obsidian ingots.
    The obsidian door will be made of 2 obsidian chunks, and will only be opened by powered obsidian tools/item

    kk Thanks for the update :smile.gif: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Your welcome.

    Next time, keep the /quote :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Necrofear

    i just made a powered obsidian pick.
    i died and i lost it :SSSS:


    It's funny 'cause nobody Rofl's in real life.

    - Brain
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    No replies?

    There, my daily bump!
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    Quote from Blueblade11

    Ehmm...instead of bumping, try working on something else?

    [There, my erratic bump!]

    I am, trying to complete the armor effects.
    They are almost done, and I have someones help.

    there, my daily bump!
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