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Welcome. If you're here, you obviously want to know how epic I am.
Yeah. That's why you're here.
Anyway, my name is Boyde712, a veteran CTM map player and amateur CTM map builder trying to make his way in a world of blocks. My laundrylist of victories are as follows(Just for the record, I play on normal difficulty):

For Vechs' Super Hostile series:

  • Sea of Flame II
  • Infernal Sky II
  • Kaizo Caverns
  • Nightmare Realm
  • Sunburn Islands
  • Spellbound Caves
  • Waking Up
  • Currently LPing Inferno Mines...

I've also beaten Uncharted Territory #1.
I'm currently working on making my own CTM map series "D00MLANDS", for which the first map, Apocalypse Ow, has just been released. Here's the link: http://www.minecraft...ting-apply-now/
I am also in my first year of college studying vidya games and how to make them. I'm a real person, ask me anything.
Interests Uh, Minecraft? Duh. :P And Lego. AND STARGATE FTW!

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