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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Zipline Mod [SSP][WIP][VC][C]
    OK EVERY ONE !! When i put those mods toghether -> modloader -> GuiAPI -> OptiFog -> Wool to string -> Timber! -> and mod Zipplin (this mods) And i place leather on the ground i have Saving chunks then black screen :sad.gif: PLEASE HELP
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    posted a message on Need More person for a new survival Map!
    Hi Every one ! My Name is Boutchoo And i was asking if someone would join me on a server ( i can host for 30 min cause of ram)to make a survival map called >_> http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/380899-survadv- %E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0beachedhippos-ultimate-survival-maps-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0-played-by-uberhaxornova/page__p__5438273#entry5438273 This forum have 3 map to download and you can choose what you want (i prefert the last one, Tri-Mountain Survival.... Anyway i only need a Hoster (or a cameraman for your channel or mine) and some friend who i can trust (you need to be over 14 years old) P.S I have Skype !! name on skype -> boutchoo96 I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE GOOD FORUM BUT I CAN'T FIND THE NEW TOPIC ON THE REAL FORUM!
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] FancyPack & Stained Glass - Updated11/26/2011
    Can I have the Recipe please ( Idk how to make those chair or table :tongue.gif:)
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    posted a message on Minecraft PC Seed List
    michael jackson 4 president -> Island Far away from civilization (My favorite)

    3666440496532277820 -> U SPAWN IN A Spider Dungeon!!!!

    gargamel -> Epicness!(my 2nd fav)

    Pancake -> Lava And flatgrass (look on the left, A pit of lava !)

    hope u like "my" seeds !
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Conversion's Zombie Map v3.0
    no Pics = No download :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Stackable Tools??
    Quote from Jasper

    I understand but why would you want to have to dig far far down and have to go all the way back up just for another couple of picks... its annoying to me and if you wanted them separate you dont have to stack them... :SSSS:

    If SomeOne have a similar mod (updated) Ill Support it And downlaod it 100 times !
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    posted a message on Closed
    Quote from Decman1717

    These are Zanzanite, not Zanite..

    I really Like this Mod but he's incompatible with multitools OR Redstone Tool (Or Maybe Titanium tools)
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    posted a message on [1.1] Minerraria - The Terraria Mod [V0.9.9.9] [SMP] [Forge] [Bosses! Demon Eyes! Merchants! Eater Of Souls!] [Updating!]
    This Mod (for me) Is in my top 5 BETTER MODZ PACK
    1-Aether Mod
    2-Planes(vehicules) Mod
    3-Minerraria Mod
    4-SDK's guns
    5-More0re Mod
    Those mod Are really Great Each other. I hope It will have Update (more Items, like Purple fallen stars)To This Mod :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Golden Dungeon Help (no chest)
    i killed the Fire man ( Golden dungeon ) But i have no chest to open ! Can some one help me !!! Please

    Thanks :smile.gif: Peace Boutchoo
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