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    On the seed 6002849270665063591, at coordinates 3672 70 3928, there is an igloo in a mesa biome. It is for Java Edition.

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    The seeds -6749206504952224905 and 2421248236280947575 both have very similar spawns.

    Edit: This is for Java Edition...

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    Nice Seed!!!!!!!

    This is Perfect for Survival!

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    posted a message on How common/rare are ALL BIOMES in minecraft? THE ULTIMATE ANSWER (0.4 Update!)

    The Rarity of Minecraft Biomes is already known, and you were close about the Rarity of some Biomes.

    Rarity of Minecraft Biomes
    0 ocean 13.7%
    1 plains 10.0%
    2 desert 4.84%
    3 extremeHills 7.50%
    4 forest 9.54%
    5 taiga 4.59%
    6 swampland 4.22%
    7 river 4.30%

    11 frozenRiver 0.0806%
    12 icePlains 1.40%
    13 iceMountains 0.451%
    14 mushroomIsland 0.0209%
    15 mushroomIslandShore 0.0137%
    16 beach 2.92%
    17 desertHills 1.33%
    18 forestHills 2.59%
    19 taigaHills 1.00%
    21 jungle 1.26%
    22 jungleHills 0.429%
    23 jungleEdge 0.118%
    24 deepOcean 11.2%
    25 stoneBeach 0.433%
    26 coldBeach 0.118%
    27 birchForest 3.12%
    28 birchForestHills 0.890%
    29 roofedForest 3.09%
    30 coldTaiga 0.428%
    31 coldTaigaHills 0.0984%
    32 megaTaiga 0.675%
    33 megaTaigaHills 0.303%
    34 extremeHillsPlus 1.74%
    35 savanna 3.00%
    36 savannaPlateau 0.751%
    37 mesa 0.464%
    38 mesaPlateau F 0.238%
    39 mesaPlateau 0.105%
    129 Sunflower Plains 0.635%
    130 Desert M 0.203%
    131 Extreme Hills M 0.325%
    132 Flower Forest 0.491%
    133 Taiga M 0.190%
    134 Swampland M 0.134%
    140 Ice Plains Spikes 0.0625%
    149 Jungle M 0.0612%
    151 Jungle Edge M 0.000781%
    155 Birch Forest M 0.144%
    156 Birch Forest Hills M 0.106%
    157 Roofed Forest M 0.142%
    158 Cold Taiga M 0.0181%
    160 Mega Spruce Taiga 0.0356%
    161 Redwood Taiga Hills 0.0354%
    162 Extreme Hills+ M 0.210%
    163 Savanna M 0.129%
    164 Savanna Plateau M 0.0885%
    165 Mesa (Bryce) 0.0258%
    166 Mesa Plateau F M 0.0131%
    167 Mesa Plateau M 0.00559%

    Source: Layer Summary


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    I like Jungle Edge M's too. I have been finding seeds with Jungle Edge M's for a few Months and have found over 50 of them. I have devoted my seed finding into finding Jungle Edge M Biomes! I have even added more Info on Jungle Edge M's that i have observed when studying them, and this seed will help me in my research. I have already made the discovery that jungle Edge M Biomes can generate even without a Jungle M on the edge of it.

    Check out some of my observations here: Jungle Edge M Generation

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    posted a message on 12 Totally Perfect Seeds For 1.13! All Biomes In 2000x2000 Blocks, Spawn At Coast.

    Nice! I have only seen a Double Mansion once in my life

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    It isn't a Mesa, it is a Savanna Plateau M and an Ice Plains Spikes. but the Seed is 757347845067 and the Coordinates are 510 370 (I used admidst to get the coords so it doesn't give me the y coord).

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    I have found a seed (4734) that is very amazing! 4734 spawns you on an island, and if you /locate Village, then tp to that village, then you will come across a Acacia Village in a Jungle. The shaders I used are Wisdom Shaders, and I used 1.13 Amidst for the Images.


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    Nice! I havn't seen something like this in a while.

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    posted a message on Ocean structure outside ocean? Lol!
    Quote from BigAlanM»

    It's considered polite (unwritten rule) to post seeds in the text of your thread so people can, without error, just copy and paste it into Minecraft.
    Usually in double quote marks to prevent copying an invisible space character.

    Trying to copy a 19 digit number without error is extremely difficult.

    To get an exact text copy of your world seed.
    Open your world.
    type /seed and hit enter.

    Then close the world and use explorer to view your logs folder for minecraft.
    Since I declare different folders for each major Minecraft release that is this for 1.13:

    Use a TEXT EDITOR (not a word processor) to view the file "latest.log".
    Near the end of that file will be a line like this:
    [07:53:04] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Seed: [-7679855557326687803]

    That's not your seed, it's a world that I was playing.

    Just copy what's inside the [] and paste it into your thread.

    You can also use NBTExplorer to inspect the level.dat file in the save game folder and copy the seed from there.

    You can actually just click recreate world, and then go to the seed bar click on it, then do CTRL+SHIFT+ or → and it will instantly highlight the seed, then press CTRL+C to copy it, and then you can paste it anywhere u want! Hope this helps.

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