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    posted a message on Snow golens can now breed?
    so guys, i was looking the Minecraft wiki for the new features that have come in the 1.0.0 version, when i looked the Snow Golem part, have one screenshot from a baby snow golem...
    so, we can breed snow golens now?
    the picture:
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    posted a message on Change the Mooshroom name to Mushcow
    well guys, notch posted some pictures about the new mob in 1.9(or 1.8 or maybe they dont eb placed)

    but i was thinking about the name.

    the name Mooshroom become from Moo(the cow noise) and mushroom, but to much player that will be confusing

    because the mushroons in it back, i was wandering abou the Name "Mushcow", cause that will be a great name for it.

    what you guys think?(in the background appears the new dirt to mushroom biomes)

    he the screen posted of the Mooshroom:
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