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    I really like your works, my favorites are the ones where it's just a scene. Such as "Desk" or "Swamp".

    On the ones showing off characters, I think you put in the backgrounds just to make contrast more with the page, I know this takes longer but I think you should put in more backgrounds.

    Currently I think the backgrounds are not done as well as they could be, but they work for now, just like how the blank backgrounds work for modeling pictures. I.E. In "Greek" the background could be the inside of a temple, or the Parthenon if you want to invest that much time into it.

    And I was wondering if I could make a request. You can PM me your availability, and if available I'll send the request.

    One thing I love about your work is the quality, and your mind-boggling quickness. If only BlueMonkey were a quick animator like you :3.

    Thank you and,
    Miłego dnia (hope Google Translate did a good job)
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