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    Thanks for giving me a chance at Guard! I know its going to be tough, but I am going to stick it out and become the best I can!!

    Staff is very friendly!
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    Quote from The_iiStxR

    iiStxR's Chat Mod App

    In game name: iiStxR

    Current Rank: Free

    What is your timezone?: GMT

    Age: 15

    How long have you been playing the server?: 12 Weeks

    Have you ever been banned/muted?: No

    If so, why?: N/A

    What makes you the best choice for moderator?: I have been on this server for about 12 weeks now, so I understand the basics, I have good knowledge on the commands and know what I'm doing. Im on when most people are at school and that seems to be the time when most of the forbidden language is used and there never seems to be anyone on to solve the situation, so by me getting Chat Mod would be a huge benefit as these people would be dealt with quickly and efficiently. I'm also very active and am usually from 4PM to 9:30PM Daily week days and can be on from 12PM to 11PM weekends (GMT).

    Any additional info: As said previously i'm on when most of the bad language is being used and I have on many occasions have sent a PM message to a Chat Mod or Sr Guard regarding the bad language (with evidence attached) which is sometimes dealt with later on in the day but most of the time the player has gone offline so is unable to receive the punishment from the member of staff.


    Nice App! Hope you get it man!
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