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    posted a message on [Originally about Carrots/potatoes] Bring Back Outlines [Poll]
    Quote from Epicness1324

    Lol trust me bro, in a few weeks, you are going to forget the sprites were ever changed at all. Think of gravel

    When the 1.3 snapshot that changed the gravel texture came out, everyone was going "OMG THIS GRAVEL IS S--T!!!!111!1ONE!!!11!!"

    Three weeks later, everyone forgot about and moved on with their lives.

    The same thing will happen here.

    I cant remember but somebody said
    "Time doesnt heal wounds, you just live with the pain"
    Quote from Hybran

    Fan discussion.

    That one got numerous supporters in one day, well over 10x your sample size here. They Twitter-bombed Jeb for it and he listened. Don't whine once you try this and it doesn't work.

    That explains it.
    Lol, i mentioned earlier how most big suggestion threads are only that wasy because they patheticially spam mojang for it. Sometimes it works out, most times it doesnt.
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    posted a message on Ok whose in charge of the textures?
    Quote from Epicness1324

    Trolls aren't appreciated here.

    I wasnt trolling.
    I'm honest to god drinking a capri sun.
    He insulted me for acting like this at 16, but i make a joke about his age and i'm the bad one?

    The rip off head this WAS a joke. want me to explain it?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Blender Rig - Steve With Full Facial Expressions
    This looks kickass. Animation tutorial?
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    posted a message on looking for a skin artists to join my clan (high range ready for him)
    No info?
    No Images of what you can make?
    Are there any other members?
    Do i get anything out of it?
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    posted a message on Ok whose in charge of the textures?
    Quote from KingTrygon

    I just laughed so hard I almost choked on coffee. The image alone of a 16 year old, two years from adulthood, taking the time to create these images to spite people on the internet in an debate about computer game textures is one of the most hilarious things to me. Doubly so when you involve the t-shirt in question.

    I laughed so hard i almost choked on my Capri Sun. This Reply alone is of some guy likely years from adulthood, taking the time to angrily reply to my comment which he couldnt even realise was a joke and wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
    Lighten up, kid.
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    Quote from GerbilCrab475

    This should be locked...

    The intention of the thread is fine standalone, It's the comments that create the mess.
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    posted a message on Doing Lets Plays for your map!
    You should really link your youtube and any info you could add (If you have a good mic/recording software)
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    posted a message on [Request] Simple Mod to Name Our Pets
    There are hundreds of these mods already.

    All it takes is a quick google search ;)
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    posted a message on [Originally about Carrots/potatoes] Bring Back Outlines [Poll]
    Quote from Mattpoppybros

    I like how you believe that those two polls don't overlap.

    Do you actually think that no one voted twice? Do you think YOU make the rules? Listen, you haven't owned anyone, you just ignore when your arguments are refuted and post stupid pictures of you tearing people's avatars in half. Also, you might have noticed this, but you don't have overwhelming support. You had 66% yesterday. You have 57% today.

    I haven't declared myself the winner of this argument, so why should you? You aren't even using logic. If I accept what you say as true, then at most, this is a poll where 0.00002 percent of the total paid players of minecraft have voted. Unlike when you're testing car safety, which is something that is not an opinion, and doesn't even work in the way you seem to think it does, you need a lot larger sample size.

    fun fact: it took a thousand votes to keep emerald. they got it in one day.

    No, actually, compare the old porkchop to the new one. They've been completely redrawn. The bread, however, looks awful.

    Lol, even if they overlap, there is still over 80 votes.

    Are you kidding me?

    I'm done, because you obviously cant grasp the concept of "random sample"

    We're done here, this is too hilariously frustrating.

    If you disagree, not my problem.

    Wasn't the emerald thing an official discussion and not a fan discussion?

    Quote from Mattpoppybros

    Where did the poll go?

    Read back a page or so ago, i mention it keeps disappearing.

    Quote from Knochenbowser

    That's what you got to deal with.
    It's your suggestion > they don't want to change it > why? > It's their game.

    >Implying they ever said they don't want to change it
    They changed it, it's their game, yes. They never mentioned they would refuse to change it back.
    But they thrive off of the community, and if i ran a game i would rather tend to the bigger numbers.

    You must be my biggest fan if you stalk all of my posts and remember what i post by heart <3
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    posted a message on Semi Automatic Tunnel Machine Using The WIther
    ...And when you're done, all you have to do is slay an undead demon flying exploding skeleton and collect the countless cobblestone you will likely not use alot of due to the fact that you have to be pretty far into the game to even summon the wither!

    Good concept though.
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    posted a message on Breaking news: Witches
    I would like if they had a wand with a ruby on the end.

    Give a use for that damn thing :P
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    posted a message on Runescape skins
    Tippy, no gravedigging

    last post was months ago >.>
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    posted a message on How to make mob change Model when agro?
    Bump, would like an answer
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 New Features & Snapshots Compilation - All you need to know about horses!
    Seriously, guy. Update this
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    posted a message on [Originally about Carrots/potatoes] Bring Back Outlines [Poll]
    Quote from Debugman18

    Okay, so don't use a texture pack. Rather, grab the items.png from pre-1.4, add 1.4 items to it, throw it in your minecraft.jar, and voila! You have your outlines back, you don't have to change the game to do it, and no texture pack necessary!

    But in all seriousness, there are only 2 solutions:
    1. People who don't like it, can deal with it.
    2. Mojang can change the textures back.

    Jeb has already acknowledged that some people don't like change. That's their issue. You can say what you like, but at the end of the day, it's Mojang's game, and if they wanted to add drunken prostitutes, they very well could.

    I really wish you would stop treating it like "lol their game deal wit it"

    It's called a suggestion/petition. the point is to change minds.
    You just provided another moderately overused argument.
    Quote from rodabon

    I can't believe this topic is still dragging on. Why does the outlines/shading have to be BLACK and ALL THE WAY AROUND THE ITEM!!??? I like the new textures quite a bit, why can't they do subtler shading using darker shades of the colors of the object itself. Bulkier items that create heavier shadows like armor pieces might have some black shading but otherwise I don't agree at all with the complete black outline camp. And thats what it is, an outline, not proper shading.

    it is not a black outline, it is a darker border of the texture, jsyk.
    Quote from Miner_13

    The TV thing made me laugh. When will i go, "Oh, no outlines! I guess i'm supposed to focus on what is surrounding the item, but not the item itself!1!one!" And I'm pretty sure that you will notice the contrast between black and wherever the TV image starts at. Even the darkest black on a TV screen is very bright compared to the black surrounding it. But on the other hand, it might be a good analogy, because the second TV, in my opinion, is nicer and less cluttered or contrasted, like the new item textures. But if you're saying, "MINECRAFT IS SUPPOSED TO BE UGLY!! OMG" Then I suppose your argument is valid.

    It's the small things that count.

    Sure it might not make you choose the bordered tv, but at the end of the day that subtle difference will be noticeable.
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