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    Idk if this post is still relevant as it is from 4 years ago, but did you get an answer?

    If not I found an addon that adds a feature like that it's called "ProjectEX" it adds a book that let's you share your knowledge with other, although expensive it's still a solution.

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    I know its 2 years, a couple versions late and that the game is already dead but I have finally figured out the problem. Zivicio is so high because when you give minicio EMC it automatically gives the stones and then the next tier of essence (bad memory) is given the emc of 4 minicio essence and the emc of the stone. Instead what you have to do is manually calculate the emc of minicio × 4 + the emc of the stone divided by its max durability. And then zivicio has an EMC value of about 4M (more or less I'm pretty sure).

    BTW try mystical agriculture it's way more balanced and already has emc set.

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