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    Now this sounds fun :D

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    Oh, its not youuur fault. I think it just had to do with music, which was something that most people don't necessarily imagine themselves doing cool things while it plays, so it wasn't going to be the one with the most people anyway, and then the instructions were a bit complicated... If anything, its probably MY fault, cause I didn't update my post afterwards.

    I still think he could get something cool out of this. Music is Magic is one of my favorite ideas. It just needs a bit more room on this or that to create characters.

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    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    There's a simple solution to being trapped at a range: Dig or build with blocks. Yes, the spearman will have a momentary advantage, but that's okay. The sword is generally superior when it comes to fair melee anyways. If a person's taken the time to arrange the arena appropriately, they should have the advantage.

    Sorry, didn't see this when it was first made.

    Aaanyway, I suppose that will fix it most of the time, I just know a lot of games where you can't break or place blocks because its a map, and there are other games where the mods are contstantly trying to fix broken traps and situations where people stick another player and then hit them from where they can't retaliate. This just seems to enable that.

    Maybe its not actually such a huge issue, I just don't like moving in that direction. Even in Singleplayer, this would let you farm more things from a distance without getting close than a sword could, which just seems like one of those things that are just abusing the system. While farming Iron Golems is cool, it just seems wrong.
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    I think I see sorta what you mean, and I kinda like it. In Hardcore, dying is the ultimate punishment, because you can't come back. Its definite, and has no leeway.
    But in Easy, dying can even be a reward, because you can get home quickly, and restore your hunger and everything, because of how easy it is to respawn.

    You want to keep the game going with your friend, so Hardcore isn't an option, because dying means you can't keep playing. But you want to get rid of the feeling that dying doesn't matter, you want a punishment for failing to live, a challenge, instead of it just being a click of a button. You still want to fear death, but you don't want it to be something that punishes you out of the game as well as in the game.

    I really, really like that idea. Maybe a way to do it in Singleplayer, as well, though I'm not sure how...

    Anyway, perhaps something involving a player head, or maybe a zombie that doesn't despawn. Maybe putting a player head on two blocks of soul sand.
    To go along with this suggestion, Spectators can be seen by someone holding their corresponding head, to provide a minimal way to interact with the dead person. Maybe. That could be neat.

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    Quote from KazunariAkito»

    Don't know why but it looks like a Pokemon that won't get any evolutions.

    That's what I was thinking, actually. Its big enough and detailed enough that it already seems like a final evolution, and while I would LOVE a Drampa evolution, I think its more likely to have a previous stage, with Drampa being the final evolution, if it gets them at all.
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    posted a message on Ambient (and kinda creepy) Player-Creature Mob

    Yes, this is a Herobrine suggestion. I'll be blunt about that.
    No, this is not a "Make Herobrine that griefs you until you kill him!" Suggestion.

    I don't know about most of everyone else here, but I've always really liked the legends and ideas of Herobrine. No, they aren't real. But its something I've kinda wished was a little part of the game, something out there to be different. But the biggest thing about herobrine that I liked was that he was always in the background. I don't much like the mods that have him running around, building things and trying all out to kill you, that's just too blunt.

    But maybe he could be there as something that you almost never see, with random small signs that he is out there.

    The Suggestion:
    A Herobrine style character (Steve with white eyes) that is never truly seen. A Ghost in the game.

    When it starts:
    Herobrine and his effects do not start until after you have spent at least 101 nights in a world. (sleeping through them counts as well, you don't have to stay up in order to see him)

    What happens:
    After that 101 nights, there is a set chance of certain things to happen. First, above everything else, will be sightings.

    Types of sightings/hearings:
    Eyes: A pair of white eyes, visible for only a second, at a distance, and only appears in very low light levels. Much like a spider with invisibility.
    Footsteps: Footsteps sound behind you, much like a creeper, except player footsteps. Turning around will make the steps stop, and nothing will be there.
    Interactions: When not facing them, chests might randomly open, along with the signature creaaak sound. Doors will open and close as well.
    Player: When dark, a player model can randomly be sighted on the edges of the screen. After a moment, it will quickly move off the screen, even (or especially) when you turn to face it. Always after this sort of encounter, the Eyes sighting will happen.

    After the first couple sightings, a few things might start happening. First, things to do with items:

    Items on the ground, in an open space, when you are not facing them, have a chance to disappear, especially if they are named. If they do, they will always reappear later, in the chest closest to the players spawn bed, after a chest interaction.
    Items in chests might be rearranged a bit, shuffled to be here or there.
    After a sighting, mobs that spawn have a chance to have a positive potion effect, regen or strength, much like spiders already do now.

    Finally, a couple small, simple statues or structures can be built while the player is sleeping. All of these structures will be made of non-valuable materials, will be built near to the player, will only spawn in areas or chunks that the player has not altered, and if removed will not reappear. There is a max to the amount of these structures that can appear, as well, to prevent them popping up everywhere.

    As a player model, there is a couple ways to hurt herobrine. One, he can activate tripwires. This is included in the random encounters, but only after the structures appear. This means he can be hit with arrows or potions or such, but only when you aren't looking.

    Second, TNT will also harm him, if you can hit one of the encounters with it.

    Third, the Eyes Sighting can he hit with projectiles.

    Managing to hit Herobrine will do a few things.

    Give you a hidden achievement: Legend Hunter
    While you can't kill herobrine, hitting it has a chance of dropping a random, semi-valuable item, such as a partly degraded diamond pickaxe.

    The biggest thing to remember about all this: None of it would happen regularly. The idea is to make something that would not affect your normal gaming life in any way aside from the rare chances to hear noises, maybe breaking down a three block high tower of stone that spawned randomly in one of your fields, or randomly finding that named sword, (that you lost in a ravine,) in your bedroom chest.

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    posted a message on Accessories: An Armor Alternative

    So, we have four tiers of armor. But right now, armor is the only way to go. If you don’t have it, you are missing a major benefit.

    I would like more options, directions to go, things to use instead of armor sometimes. So… Accessories! Since these would be used in place of armor, they would go in the armor slots. We already have one accessory, with Elytra, so I’ll use that as the base. Wearable items that you can only find, and that, when they run out of durability, instead of breaking they simply stop working, until they can be repaired.


    Slot: Chest
    Found: End Ships
    Durability: 431. Loses durability when in use. When it loses all its durability, it gains a tattered texture and cannot be used until it is repaired with leather.
    Use: You can use it to glide around and be an awesome bird/bug person.

    Already in the game, and I am using it as the basis for all the other accessories.

    Potion Belt

    Slot: Legs
    Found: Jungle Temples and mob dungeons
    Durability: 200. Loses durability the same way armor does. When it loses all its durability, it cannot be used until it is repaired, using rabbit leather.
    Use: When equipped, it gives you an extra 4 slots over top of your hotbar, that only hold potions.

    Preeetty simple. When you open your inventory and put this on, an extra 5 slots appear that can only hold potions and bottles. To access this hotbar, simply hold Alt, and that will move the selected slot up to the potion hotbar.
    Taking it off or breaking it when potions are in the slots will drop the potions on the ground at items, so no infinite potion storage!

    Goggles of Vision

    Slot: Head
    Found: Jungle Temples and Strongholds
    Durability: 300. Loses durability from use. When it loses all durability, it cannot be used until it is repaired, using glass panes.
    Use: Lets you know more about the world around you, details and new things.

    Shifting while wearing a pair of Goggles will active the inspection vision, and begin to use up durability, at the rate of 1 per second.

    Specific things you can see better while inspecting:

    Potion effects on mobs and players are much more obvious, with large and many particles.
    Projectile Trajectories are prominent, white lines depicting where the projectile is headed, including projectiles you are about to throw or shoot.
    Light levels are sectioned off to be more obvious, with specific shades.
    You have a Night Vision effect while using the Goggles, meaning the goggles are also a direct counter to the Cloak of Shadows.
    Nearby mobs are given the spectral effect.
    You can see footprint trails from up to a minute ago.


    Slot: Legs
    Found: Desert Temples and Igloos
    Durability: 200. Loses durability the same way armor does. When broken, it cannot be used until repaired with leather
    Use: Provides a second hotbar that can be filled with arrows.

    The Quiver, when equipped, gives you a 4 extra hotbar slots, on top of the other, that can be filled with arrows. Drawing back on a bow will automatically give you one of these arrows, but pressing Alt will let your scroll through your hotbar as well. This can be used effectively with the F hotkey to choose whichever type of arrow you want to shoot next.

    If used with the Belt as well, both hotbars appear next to each other.

    Cloak of Shadows

    Slot: Chest
    Found: Nether Fortresses
    Durability: 150. Loses durability the same way armor does. When it loses all durability, it gains a tattered texture and cannot be used until it is repaired, using black or grey wool.
    Use: The Cloak of Shadows, when worn, would turn both you and your other worn objects (armor or accessories) invisible.

    There are 4 factors that contribute to your Cloaking wait time.

    Nearby blocks
    Nearby plants and vegetation
    Light Levels
    Armor Type

    You must remain standing still until the invisibility has taken effect. It takes 10 seconds to Cloak yourself, but at least one of these requirements must be met if you are to turn invisible. Certain variables of the three factors can reduce your wait time until you become Cloaked.

    Nearby Blocks.
    Two solid blocks, one on top of the other, directly adjacent to you, will reduce the wait time by 3 seconds.
    Simple version: Standing next to walls or trees will hide you.

    Nearby Plants and transparent blocks
    In a 3 block radius around you, plants and vegetation will contribute to your invisibility. 4 blocks of plant will qualify to let you become Cloaked, and every 4 blocks will reduce your wait time by 1 second, meaning that the max amount it can be reduced using plants is 4 seconds. (3x3x2 area around you, divided by 4, the amount of plants needed to reduce the wait. There need to be at least 16 plants.)
    Simple version: Lots of plants hide you better.

    Light levels.
    Light levels of 7 or less will qualify to let you become Cloaked, and every two light levels below 7 will reduce your wait by 1 second, meaning at a light level of 1 you would have to wait 3 less seconds. You cannot turn invisible when standing next to a light source, even if the other requirements are met.
    Simple version: The darker it is, the easier it is to blend in.

    Armor actually does the opposite, and makes it take longer to cloak yourself.
    Leather armor doesn’t add any wait time at all.
    Chain armor provides a third of a second wait time for each piece.
    Iron armor gives you another half a second wait time per piece.
    Gold and Diamond armor each make you wait another second for each piece.
    Other accessories do not provide any wait time.

    If every one of these variables is met perfectly, that means you would disappear instantly. Once Cloaked, you can move by sneaking.

    There are a few ways to lose your Cloaked effect, at least temporarily. All these actions would reset your invisibility countdown.

    Moving without sneaking.
    Unequipping the Cloak of Shadows
    Shooting a bow.
    Throwing a potion.
    Placing a block.
    Mining a block.
    Running into another player or mob.
    Basically anything that involves the world around you.

    Players with the Night Vision effect can see you through the Cloak of Shadows effect.

    Sticky Boots

    Slot: Feet
    Found: Jungle Temples and Abandoned Mineshafts
    Durability: 250. Loses durability from use. When broken, they gain a tattered texture and cannot be used until they are repaired when using Slimeballs.
    Use: Sticky Boots let you walk on walls, and half fall damage.

    To use them, simply jump toward a wall and you will stick to the wall. Holding the forward button when you hit the wall will let you climb up two blocks before losing your momentum. Running at a wall sideways and then hitting it will move you along the wall, up to four blocks, before you lose momentum. Pressing the jump button again will launch you away from the wall.
    Basically running at a wall will keep you moving in the general direction that you hit the wall at.

    This combination of momentum and jumping off the walls will allow you to jump up two walls adjacent to each other, and run down a corridor, jumping off the walls.

    Glass Helmet

    Slot: Head
    Durability: 50
    Loses durability the same way armor does. Repaired when broken by using glass panes. (alternative: Crafting it with sand, then smelting it in a furnace)
    Use: Gives you better visibility and lets you breath underwater.

    When underwater, this helmet gives you much much better visibility, and lets you breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of time.

    More to come soon!

    Tell me what you think, both of the idea itself and each of the accessories!

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    posted a message on Chest Improvements: Make 'em organized (and bigger)!
    Quote from jtpetch»

    I remember figuring out that if you click an item, picking it up, then double click on another stack of the item in your inventory, it sends everything to the chest, and vice versa. I'm not quite sure how it works for anything but lava buckets though, which are all one item per stack, so....

    Anyways, the suggestion. I kind of like the idea of easier to organize chests, but I also don't. I mean, it would be nice... but these buttons to auto-organize are literally on a simple wooden box with a lid. What exactly is causing it to be able to move items around at incredible speeds? I don't really like messy chests either, but I think a simpler way to fix that would simply be to improve the above action, a way to move a bunch of the same item at once. That makes more sense to me, because I think manual organization is more how the chests should work anyway. It makes sense that you could pull all the same items out, just by looking for them, but I think its kinda weird (and a bit OCD of the character) to have a command to automatically sort items.

    So, Partial Support. I like the idea, but I think this makes it TOO easy. Organization is a good skill to learn to stay on your toes in this game.
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    posted a message on Riding Double on Horses

    Well, I like the idea. I don't think a double saddle is needed though, people ride in pairs all the time using a single saddle.

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    posted a message on Armor Customization

    So, first off, I've got to say that I love the idea of making a small symbol on your chestplate or helmet. Simple and awesome.

    Second, I like the idea of being able to dye other armors besides leather. Gold and Iron are probably the most sensible for just how they work, but I think it would be better to let all armors be dyable. But not by simply recoloring, as that would look strange and might be confusing.

    I've seen some people suggest things like the main chestplate be colored, while the arms or the legs remain the right color, so you can still tell what it is. But I think the color should be more like a highlight, rather than the main thing. For the Chestplate, only the arms, or the tops of the arms, would be colored, like a cloth placed over them. The helmet would have colored spots or a colored spot, but not all of it, the leggings would have a belt or such, and the boots would be topped with the color. This should work for basically every armor, even chain. Leather would stay the same though.

    As to the "this takes away leather armors only unique and neat feature", I think that coloring is a horrible feature to make unique to one type of armor, not just because its not really a reason to choose leather over anything else, but also because its limiting mapmakers ability to use different armors for different things. If there was a team game, and the mapmaker was using armor color to show who was on each team, they would be limited to using different colored leather armors, even if they wanted something like different kits or classes, which they might want to have different armors.

    I'm actually working on a thread/idea that might give leather more of a use, a reason to choose it, rather than simply coloring it. Leathers uniqueness should be better than colors.

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